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SYHDE (Sharing Your Hustles & Dreams Everywhere) is a podcast about you. It’s a snapshot of a moment of time in your life.


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SYHDE (Sharing Your Hustles & Dreams Everywhere) is a podcast about you. It’s a snapshot of a moment of time in your life.

    Vivek and Vikram Nayar: The Two Robbers - Desire to Take Risks (Part 2)

    Vivek and Vikram Nayar: The Two Robbers - Desire to Take Risks (Part 2)

    Welcome back to SYHDE. This is the second part of the interview with Viv and Vik Nayar-- the Founders of Two Robbers. If you’re just joining us, go back and listen to part 1 of the episode

    In part two, the twin brothers talk about their new flavor that’s launching soon, the inspiration behind all of the Two Robber’s flavors, and the importance of focusing on quality when creating new beverages.

    The conversation transitions into personal stories about Viv and Vik as they reveal one thing that they don’t usually share with people in their lives.

    It's a fascinating conversation with two creatives who are really pushing the boundaries and limitations of what it means to be a new age brand, especially in a competitive space. There's lessons we can all take away from their journey. We hope you enjoy part 2 of the episode with the Two Robbers.

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    Vivek and Vikram Nayar: The Two Robbers - Desire to Take Risks (Part 1)

    Vivek and Vikram Nayar: The Two Robbers - Desire to Take Risks (Part 1)

    Today we’re dropping part one of a two-part episode with Vivek and Vikram Nayar. Viv and Vik are twin brothers, their parents are from South India and their family has lived in Toronto, New Delhi, New York, and Chicago.
    Viv & Vik live in Philly now and are the founders of Two-Robbers--a fast growing craft hard seltzer company based in Philly. In two years, they’ve taken an idea that came from Viv wanting a healthier alternative to beer and transformed that idea into a company & life-style brand.
    If you’re in eastern PA, the greater Philly area, and NJ, go get a six pack of Two robbers. And I'm sure they will be available in other places soon. Go follow their story on IG @two_robbers. 
    Jeremiah sat down with them at their office in Bok Building--a converted high school in South Philly that is a space for Philly businesses and community services. It’s a laid back, creative environment. You will hear the hustle of the place in the background during the episode.
    In part 1, Viv and Vik talk about where their desire for creativity & entrepreneurship came from and how 2 robbers got started. They also speak about their family and how their older brother and parents have inspired them. At the end, they’ll take a break to crack open a few more 2 robbers. We'll have the second part dropping next week. We’re excited for you to hear their SYHDE.”


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    Viva Shastry: A Force to be Reckoned With

    Viva Shastry: A Force to be Reckoned With

    Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 2 of SYHDE. This season, we’re interviewing people who are pursuing their creative passions and I’m really excited for you to hear from Viva Shastry. Viva is a dancer & actress who’s been heavily involved in both for most of her life. She comes from a family of artists. Her father, in particular,  was in a drama group in Bangalore, India called Benaka that still exist today--he also started a drama company in when he came to the U.S..

    Viva has charted her own path, though. She works in a hospital and is passionate about mental health and women’s health. She draws inspiration from the many people in her life and the many places she’s lived, which includes  in India, Dubai, Italy, and the U.S.

    Her episode dives into more about her cultural experiences and passion. Check it out!

    Niranjan sat down with his good friend recently to talk about the art & cultures that inspire her passions and the people who’ve supported her along the way. As you’ll hear though, Viva doesn’t need too much help. She’s already a force to be reckoned with.

    • 24 min
    Abhi Kanakadandila: Finding Peace with Identity

    Abhi Kanakadandila: Finding Peace with Identity

    On Season 2 of SYHDE, we’re interviewing people who are pursuing their creative passions. For our first episode, we have Abhi Kanakadandila: an artist who has roots in Hyderabad, Chicago, and St. Louis. Abhi (Dandila in the rap game) sat down with Jeremiah recently to talk about his journey growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis, being a part of the NYC underground hip hop scene, & creating new art in LA. He recently dropped a new single and music video titled Melanin in the Hamptons--go check it out! Here's the link to his latest demo as well: https://youtu.be/xBs9MRKb6Yc .  

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    Season 2 Intro

    Season 2 Intro

    Welcome to season 2 of SYHDE--the podcast that captures a moment of time in your life through audio. On SYHDE we interview people and get them to share their story for the purpose of inspiration, motivation, and human connection. We want to capture a moment in the interviewees life becuase we believe that the people around us have impactful stories, and we want to bring those stories to the world in a clear, relatable way.

    Last year during season 1, we interviewed 7 people giving them the space to reflect and share their story--where they were from, where they were at the moment of our interview, and where they wanted to go. This season, we’re sticking with that relentless focus on capturing people’s now, but we’re adding a small twist.

    On season 2, we are focusing on people who are building--people who have creative passions and who are working hard to achieve their hustles and dreams; artist, entrepreneurs, travelers, and creatives. You’ll hear their stories here. Welcome to Season 2 of SYHDE.

    Intro Song Credit: Rendezvous - Jaeden Camstra w/ Engelwood

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    Season 1 Recap

    Season 1 Recap

    A quick recap of Season 1 of SYHDE. Listen to this to quickly refresh your memory about the 7 amazing individuals we interviewed -- this a snapshot of the snapshot!

    1. Jordan Mickens

    2. Ritesh Desai

    3. Chaitra Betageri

    4. Jesse McGleughlin

    5. Ebenezer Kwame Gyasi

    6. Akshai Ajit

    7. Fumnanya Ekhator

    Season 2 is on the way!

    • 9 min

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True democratization of storytelling.

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Good perspective

Really interesting stories I’ve heard so far. Interested to see where they go with this

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