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Vision Australia\'s Senior Adaptive Technology Consultant David Woodbridge talks with Stephen Jolley about the latest from the tech world from a blindness and low vision perspective.

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Vision Australia\'s Senior Adaptive Technology Consultant David Woodbridge talks with Stephen Jolley about the latest from the tech world from a blindness and low vision perspective.

    Talking Tech 21st January 2020

    Talking Tech 21st January 2020

    AT Helpdesk and the Vision Store Reminder Opening Hours
    Vision Store up to 9PM, and the AT Helpdesk up to 8PM ESDT on 1300 847 466.
    Guide Connect with Remote
    A Chat about how the simple Guide Connect software for getting online works with a physical remote.
    Guide can be purchased from the Vision Australia Vision Store at http://shop.visionaustralia.org
    Latest Podcast from Me - InsideOne demo 2
    In this podcast, I show folks how to switch between the simple Home, and NVDA or JaWS.
    Just Purchased a Another HomePod - Must Say Most Forward Smart Speaker to Install
    Courtesy of a gift card from my Son’s Karate, I purchased a 3rd HomePod, was again amazed how easy it was to install, and now will be my party speaker for entertaining outside.

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    Talking Tech 14th January 2019

    Talking Tech 14th January 2019

    CES 2020
    CES 2020 seem to be mainly about Connected cars, Smart Home and the Internet Of Things, and AI.
    Code Jumper to be demonstrated at this Weeks SPEV Conference in Adelaide
    Besides being shown off at CES 2020, Tony Wu from Vision Australia will be demonstrating Code Jumper at the SPEVI conference for educators.
    Code Jumper Website:
    Still waiting for a release date, it is hoped to be Feb or March.
    Completed the MacBook Pro 16 Podcast
    I did complete my MacBook Pro 16 podcast, and I still think this is the best MacBook Pro ever for quite a long time, just the keyboard and sound are amazing.
    A Note About the Extended Trial  of the Vision Store and AT Helpdesk Operating Hours
    For Jan 2020, both the Vision Store and the AT Helpdesk can be contacted by phone up to 9PM for the Store, and 8PM for the Helpdesk ESDT BD via 1300 847 466.

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    Talking Tech 7th January 2020

    Talking Tech 7th January 2020

    January 4 2020, Celebration of Braille
    Yes it is still around, yes it is as important as ever, and advances in technology are making it more relevant.  As myself and others keep saying, It Is Not Going Away.
    The Bush Fires
    Stephen and I hope you all stay safe over this trying and awful period with these horrific bush fires.
    Here are 3 apps in particular that may assist in allowing you to keep track of what is going on, and contacting emergency services.
    The Fires Near Me NSW iOS App
    Whilst not fantastically accessible, you can at least set watch zones including around your current area,  get notifications when a bush fire starts near you, and change the view to List to get a list of all the Bush Fires in NSW.
    This has come in handy a few times for my family over the Christmas New Years break.
    Fires Near ME NSW iOs app:
    To cover the rest of Australia, the Fires Near Me Australia app works much the same.
    iOS version of Fires Near Me Australia:
    Have a Battery Operated  Radio with You
    Its been pointed out that having a battery operated radio especially if you are near any Bush Fires is the best way to stay in contact with emergency announcements in case the power goes out, your mobile phone is out of service  etc.
    Especially if your travelling and you need to switch frequency’s to the local ABC, the Sangean Accessible Radio isn’t a bad idea: this is the very reason why I purchased mine before Christmas.
    Accessible Sangean radio link to the Vision Australia Vision Store:
    My podcast on the Accessible radio itself:
    Some News Items from the Vision Australia Vision store and the Assistive Technology Help Desk
    Vision Store phone line will be open to 9PM AEDT business days for the Month of Jan 2020.
    Phone 1300 847 466.
    Shopping from the online
    Vision Store, enter the Promo Code WELCOME2020 (in all caps) when you check out to get free shipping on a specific order.
    A reminder from last weeks show, for the Month of Jan 2020, the Assistive Technology Help Desk from Vision Australia will be trialing extended hours to 8PM AEDT business days for the Month of Jan 2020.
    Phone 1300 847 466.
    Code Jumper to be Released at This Weeks Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020
    Finally will be not only announced but be available via Humanware world wide.
    I will go in to more detail about Code Jumper in next weeks show, and also share the link to my evaluation of this amazing product.
    I’ll also do a bit of a round up of CES 2020 as well.
    Code Jumper website:
    Code Jumper tutorials from APH Youtube links (already available):
    The Hub
    The Code Jumper Windows 10 app
    Play and Pause Pods
    Selection and Merge Pods
    Loop Pod
    Extension Cable and Nested Loops
    Adding Custom Sounds
    Now for my Newest Toy:

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    Talking Tech 31st December 2019

    Talking Tech 31st December 2019

    In this weeks Talking Tech, Steven and David catch up with Damian Mcmorrow who looks after the Assistive Technology Service at Vision Australia.
    Damian goes through what the service offers, how to contact for an assessment or assistance, and outlines the new trial of the AT Helpdesk for January 2020 with extended operating hours up to 8PM Eastern Day Light Time Monday to Friday.

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    Talking Tech 24th December 2019

    Talking Tech 24th December 2019

    In this weeks Talking Tech, Stephen and David have some suggestions for entertaining yourself over the Christmas and new period, plus some suggestions for getting help with your Apple, Microsoft, and Google products.
    David’s Last Tech Friday for 2019 in Newcastle Was a Great Day
    With more than 25 attending, we had a great chat about my current tech toys.
    Just an item that I did show was the Dot Smart Watch.
    Plans for the new year for Tech Fridays - cycling through Newcastle, Gosford, Parramatta, Ashfield, Carringbah, and perhaps Wollongong VA offices as well.
    A note - Aira Free Shopping (either online or physically) Offer Until the 10th of Jan 2020
    Great Numbers to Have Over the Christmas and New Years Period
    Apple Accessibility 1300 365 083
    Microsoft Disability Help Desk 1800 283 300
    Google Accessibility Help Desk available via the free Be My eyes app.
    Apps You May Want to Try Out
    The free Be My Eyes app, and the Aira app.
    Remember that besides catching up with Talking Tech, you can always catch Vision Australia Radio on your Smart Speaker:
    Just say “Magic Words: and then “Play Vision Australia Radio Melbourne” or “Play Vision Australia Radio Adelaide”.
    Recommended Entertainment from Me for the Holiday Period
    Audible Books
    Alison Brownstone series
    By Judith Berens
    10 books in series
    The Last Survivors  Box Set: The Complete Apocalyptic Series (books 1 to 6)  
    By Bobby Adair 
    The Chronicles of William Wilde
    By Davis Ashura
    5 books in series
    Demon Accords series
    By John Conroe
    18 books in series
    Monster Hunter series
    By Larry Correia
    10 books in series
    The Revelations of Oriceran
    by Martha Carr and Michael Anderle
    24 books in series
    The Temeraire Series
    By Naomi Novik
    9 books in series
    Most if not all of the Audible books have Kindle versions as well where you can either save on the purchase of the Audible book if you buy it first or just by the Kindle book which most of the time is cheaper than the Audible book version.
    Remember you can always access books, magazines, and Newspapers from the Vision Australia online library.
    The best author I can suggest on Apple Books is Terry Brooks, he has written some amazing series.  Check out for example the Black Elfstone: Book one of the Fall of Shannara.
    Applevis Podcasts
    Dot To Dot
    iSee Using Various Technology’s from a Blind Persons Perspective
    RNIB Tech Talk
    Talking Tech
    Talking Vision
    Daily Tech News Show
    iOS Today
    MacBreak Weekly
    TWiT News
    Vector with Rene Ritchie

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    Talking Tech 17th December 2019

    Talking Tech 17th December 2019

    In this weeks Talking Tech, Steven and David catch up with Rebecca Clark from quantum Reading Learning Vision (RLV).

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