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Technically Speaking is a podcast by Harrison Wheeler about BIPOC designers, entrepreneurs & technologists sharing their unique stories of triumph and resilience at the intersection of product design.

Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler Harrison Wheeler

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Technically Speaking is a podcast by Harrison Wheeler about BIPOC designers, entrepreneurs & technologists sharing their unique stories of triumph and resilience at the intersection of product design.

    Designing for safety with Eva PenzeyMoog

    Designing for safety with Eva PenzeyMoog

    Eva PenzeyMoog is the author of "Design for Safety," the founder of The Inclusive Safety Project, and the principal designer at 8th Light. She is a strong supporter of protecting the weakest, particularly when it comes to interpersonal violence. In this episode, we addressed design ethics, how technology may harm other people, and the most frequent and alarming violations. Join along and learn more about how the Process for Inclusive Safety may be able to resolve the problem.
    Jump straight into:
    (01:43) - Introducing Eva Penzey Moog: Her journey to protecting the most vulnerable and how technology contributes to domestic violence.
    (06:36) - The possible technological angle for policy is to begin connecting vulnerable groups with technology.
    (10:02) - Eva's book 'Designed for Safety' explores the uncomfortable topic of people in technology causing harm and how to address this issue through a safety process.
    (16:40) - The most efficient and quick method of implementing the process for inclusive safety.
    (19:24) - The three most common and very concerning tech violation issues.
    (23:07) - New technologies like Metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrency have the potential to reproduce injustices in a system without regulations.
    (26:24) - More about Eva’s Inclusive Safety Project: a space to educate about preventing tech from facilitating domestic violence and other interpersonal harm.

    Episode Resources:
    Connect with Eva through https://twitter.com/epenzeymoog (Twitter) and https://www.linkedin.com/in/evapenzeymoog/ (LinkedIn).
    Eve PenzeyMood | https://evapenzeymoog.com (Homepage).
    The Inclusive Safety Project | https://www.theinclusivesafetyproject.com (Homepage).
    Book https://abookapart.com/products/design-for-safety (Design for Safety)

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    Recognizing transferable skills and creating equitable out comes with Chris Thoms

    Recognizing transferable skills and creating equitable out comes with Chris Thoms

    Episode description
    In this episode of Technically Speaking, the Experience Designer at NWEA (and my Clubhouse friend) Chris Thoms joins the show to unravel the events that led him into the creative business after dedicating his life to soccer coaching. We touch upon the value of transferable skills and creating safe spaces to reframe the conversations inside a work environment. Plus, he shares how he got in touch with the children and communities that he is designing for and how that is part of his purpose.
    Jump straight into:
    (01:18) - From soccer fields to experience design: Discussing biased preferences and systemic racism within sports coaching, design industry and entrepreneurship.
    (11:23) - The offseason: Get to know more about Chris’ life and the events that led him to the creative business.
    (21:01) - Switching industries: Why it’s important that all companies recognize transferable skills?
    (25:48) - The landmark work: How does Chris approach design and the creation of equitable outcomes?
    (32:32) - Safe spaces in business: How does Chris enable safe spaces for opinion and power inside his work environment?
    (36:42) - Aggressive collaboration and teamwork: On locker room communication, reframing conversations and individual success.

    Episode Resources:
    Connect with Chris through https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisvthoms/ (LinkedIn), https://www.instagram.com/chrisvthoms/ (Instagram) and https://twitter.com/chrisvthoms (Twitter)
    https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/mismatch (Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design) by Kat Holmes
    https://www.nwea.org/ (NWEA)

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    Chaotic good with Timothy Bardlavens

    Chaotic good with Timothy Bardlavens

    Timothy Bardlavens is a Product Design leader that works to combat misinformation and harmful content inside Meta apps. In this episode, Timothy has some interesting advice and views around chaotic-good leadership, transparency and accountability. Join us while we discover more about how integrity manifests itself organizationally and within a product inside Meta!
    Jump straight into:
    (01:13) - Introducing Timothy Bardlaves: Learn how this chaotic good soul is battling misinformation and harmful content on Meta platforms.
    (10:40) - A celebration of Black art: How is Timothy approaching his new house renovation?
    (14:39) - Where are Timothy’s aspirations focused on? What attracts him to leadership roles?
    (20:06) - The multiplier effect: What are other ways to evaluate good leadership impact that aren’t necessarily based on deliverables?
    (24:07) - The balance between being a counselor and a coach: What’s Timothy’s best advice for aspiring managers?
    (26:05) - Transparency and openness: How does integrity manifest itself organizationally and within a product inside Meta?
    (30:39) - Safe for the individuals (and the leaders): How does Timothy envision building equitable organizations in 2022? How does that show up in Meta?
    (37:30) - Building an All-Black team: How was it for Timothy to demonstrate to the world the power of a work team formed exclusively by black people?
    (41:18) - Timothy's advice for people looking to find their voice (and why he finds his job so energizing).
    Episode Resources:
    Connect with Timothy through https://www.linkedin.com/in/bardlavens/ (LinkedIn), https://www.instagram.com/ithink_idesign/?hl=en (Instagram) and https://twitter.com/ithink_idesign (Twitter)

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    Designing your career and embracing the individual contributor role with Catt Small

    Designing your career and embracing the individual contributor role with Catt Small

    Catt Small is a cat lover, karaoke singer, writer, and gamer. She’s currently leading the design of Goals at Asana and in this episode, we go deep into her vision of design management and the key elements to building a successful design team, as well as senior designers’ leadership. Do you want to know what the day-to-day work inside Asana’s Goals Product Team is like? Get ready to join this interesting conversation and discover it.
    Jump straight into:
    (01:19) - Introducing Catt Small - How does she get to be so consistent with all her hobbies and work?
    (06:57) - Game design: How many games has she designed and what are the genres that they fall into?
    (12:42) - When digital design was just a niche field: Catt shares memories and lessons from her first years as a designer.
    (18:56) - On design management, the importance of having a senior designer around and what Catt’s notion of career growth looks like.
    (24:46) - The need for a vision: What does Catt’s day-to-day work is like inside Asana’s Goals Product Team?
    (31:23) - Think about potential: Where is Catt’s main focus when it comes to building a team with values aligned?

    Episode Resources:
    Connect with Catt through https://www.linkedin.com/in/cattsmall/ (LinkedIn) and https://twitter.com/cattsmall?lang=en (Twitter)
    https://cattsmall.com/ (Catt Small) | Homepage
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eHIHrM8TF4 (Catt Small TEDx Talk)

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    Creativity, Building SuperFriendly, and Design Systems with Dan Mall

    Creativity, Building SuperFriendly, and Design Systems with Dan Mall

    The Creative Director Dan Mall joins the show to talk about his career path and the moments that led him to start SuperFriendly, his own agency that is all about design systems. Dan shares his ethos and explains why he considers himself as an intentional person. We explore some of the key moments within the foundation of SuperFriendly and we talk about the practices that companies value the most when it comes to working with agencies. Listen and discover what design agencies and Hollywood movies have in common!
    Jump straight into:
    (01:33) - Introducing Dan Mall: A family man and professional leader who believes that everyone is creative.
    (06:52) - Icebreaker questions: A day in Dan’s life, his latest obsession and why people describe him as intentional.
    (13:52) - “People value design”: Dan’s background, influences and events that got him into design.
    (19:35) - What is SuperFriendly? Get to know Dan’s agency model and why it’s similar to Hollywood.
    (22:48) - A decade in the business: Exploring some of the key moments within the foundation of SuperFriendly.
    (31:54) - “Narrow positioning draws more clients”: What is SuperFriendly's main focus in 2022?
    (36:19) - A centralized-package-managed-version-controlled-software-product: The evolution of SuperFriendly’s concept for design systems throughout the years.
    (43:01) - Try to help people: What is Dan looking forward to in the following years? When is his next book being published?

    Episode Resources:
    Connect with Dan through https://www.linkedin.com/in/danmall/ (LinkedIn) and https://twitter.com/danmall?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor (Twitter)
    https://danmall.me/ (Dan Mall | Homepage)
    https://superfriendly.com/ (SuperFriendly)
    https://daneden.me/blog/2021/thinking-is-work (Thinking is Work - Dan Eden)
    https://articles.uie.com/design_rendering_intent/ (Design is the Rendering of Intent - Jared M. Spool)

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    New Principles, Open Environments and Design Beyond Screens with Jasmine Orange

    New Principles, Open Environments and Design Beyond Screens with Jasmine Orange

    Jasmine Orange works as UX lead at Ernst and Young. In this episode, we talk about her background in industrial design and her passion for designing beyond the screens. Jasmine shares her vision on design principles that need to be fixed and the value of open communication within design environments. Join us and connect with Jasmine’s philosophy of hard work (and taking breaks)!
    Jump straight into:
    (02:15) - Breaking the ice with Jasmine Orange: Meet the talented designer and current UX lead at Ernst and Young.
    (07:38) - Context over consistency: Ultramarathons, sign language, quantum computation and the need to improve accessibility guidelines in UX design.
    (14:59) - Industrial design (with some digital aspects): Jasmine’s development process to become a lead designer.
    (23:31) - Commitment or visualization? What was Jasmine’s intention when she decided out-loud to take the UX design path?
    (24:38) - Better research for new principles: How is Jasmine’s Masters program adding value to what she is doing now (and what she wants to do next)?
    (28:03) - AR and VR’s missing layer: What are some other areas of design that Jasmine is passionate about?
    (30:43) - Start a conversation: What’s the motivation behind Jasmine’s courage to do a lot of talks? What are the topics that she has covered?

    Episode Resources:
    Connect with Jasmine through https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasmineinux/ (LinkedIn) and https://twitter.com/jasmineinux (Twitter)

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

Row Kiefer ,


This podcast was recommended to me by a fellow bootcamp graduate. I LOVE listening to the discourse about design, how people got to where they are and how design is relevant and changing in today’s world. The job search process can be lonely but I feel so inspired learning about how all these accomplished designers got to where they are now!

ajkim0822 ,

Amazing podcast!!

This is one of my go-to podcasts to listen to when I’m driving! The cadence of Harrison’s interaction with this guest is great. Normally, I play podcasts at 1.5x the speed because the conversation can be a bit slow, but not with this podcast. Harrison has such a wealth of knowledge and experience and I’m so glad that he created this podcast to share it with all of us! I love the versatility in the topics that Harrison discusses and the different dynamic and personality of each guest. Can’t wait to listen to future episodes!

Bill in Pgh ,

Solid guests & topics on design, UX, etc

Thoughtful interviews that don’t dodge the details, and are conducted in a natural and cheerful style.

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