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A podcast where we discuss life, love, and lessons after 30.

The 30+ Podcast The 30 Plus Podcast

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A podcast where we discuss life, love, and lessons after 30.

    A Year Of Love, Life, And Lesson - It’s Our Anniversary

    A Year Of Love, Life, And Lesson - It’s Our Anniversary

    Join us on this special episode of the 30+ Plus Podcast as we celebrate a remarkable year of growth, laughter, and wisdom. In this anniversary edition, we take a heartfelt journey through the moments that defined us, sharing stories of love, lessons learned, and the richness of life's experiences.
    Along with navigating the challenges of the past year, our hosts guide you through a reflective exploration of the podcast's transformative journey. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as we revisit the most memorable conversations, revisit personal anecdotes, and unveil the invaluable lessons that have shaped us.
    As we pause to appreciate the incredible community that has supported us along the way, we invite you to reminisce with us about the laughter, the tears, and the shared wisdom that has made this podcast a source of inspiration for our listeners. Whether you've been with us from the beginning or just joined the 30+ Plus family, this episode is a celebration of the power of storytelling and the connections that make life truly extraordinary.
    Tune in for a touching, insightful, and entertaining episode that captures the essence of our podcast's journey over the past year. Thank you for being a part of our community, and here's to many more years of love, life, and lessons together!
    Also Happy Birthday Nneka X!
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    I Wanna Get Down But Not The First Night

    I Wanna Get Down But Not The First Night

    In this episode of The 30 Plus Podcast, the hosts dive into a provocative discussion about the dynamics of engaging in sex on the first date, particularly for individuals over the age of 30. The lively conversation features the perspectives of Nneka X, Cookie, Kim Kim, and Mike T.

    The hosts explore the question of whether having sex on the first night with someone alters the way one perceives that person. They delve into the complexities of intimacy, dating norms, and how societal expectations may influence individuals, especially in the context of being in your 30s.
    Throughout the episode, the hosts share their personal experiences and insights, offering a diverse range of opinions on the topic. They may discuss how different people approach relationships and whether societal judgments play a role in shaping perceptions about individuals who engage in sex early in a relationship.
    The conversation likely covers a spectrum of viewpoints, allowing listeners to gain a deeper understanding of the varied perspectives on this intriguing and sometimes controversial aspect of dating and relationships after the age of 30. Overall, the episode aims to provide an entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of the complexities surrounding sex on the first date in the context of adulthood.
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    When The Past Comes Back To Haunt You -Spinning The Block

    When The Past Comes Back To Haunt You -Spinning The Block

    In this episode of The 30 Plus Podcast, the hosts Nneka X, KimKim, Cookie, and Fly dive deep into the intriguing topic of "spinning the block" and how it looks after turning 30. As the dating landscape evolves and becomes more complex, they explore the question of whether it's worth trying to rekindle past relationships and whether the familiarity of the "devil you know" is better than venturing into the unknown.
    The hosts engage in a candid and thought-provoking discussion, delving into the following key points:

    The Dating Pool After 30: They reflect on the challenges and opportunities presented by the dating pool for individuals over 30. How has it changed, and what factors should be considered when navigating it?

    Revisiting Past Relationships: The hosts explore the idea of rekindling old flames. Is it a wise decision to try to get that "old thing" back? What are the potential benefits and pitfalls of reconnecting with a former partner?

    The Devil You Know vs. the Devil You Don't: The age-old debate of familiarity versus the unknown is examined. Is it safer to stick with what's familiar, even if it has its flaws, or is the allure of something new worth the risk?

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: The hosts discuss the age-old adage and whether time apart truly makes the heart grow fonder. How does distance impact one's perception of a person or relationship?

    Throughout the episode, personal anecdotes, expert opinions, and lively banter keep the conversation engaging and relatable for their 30-plus audience. Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and consider the complexities of navigating the dating world as they age. "Spinning the Block: Is the Devil You Know Better?" offers a deep dive into the emotional and practical aspects of mature dating, leaving listeners with valuable insights and food for thought.
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    So Much Trauma I Need A Bandage

    So Much Trauma I Need A Bandage

    In this episode of "The 30+ Podcast," the hosts delve into two crucial topics that many individuals in their 30s and beyond may relate to - trauma bonding in relationships and the phenomenon of relationship burnout. With insightful discussions and personal anecdotes, the hosts aim to shed light on these complex dynamics and provide guidance on navigating them.

    Trauma Bonding in Relationships:
    The hosts kick off the episode by defining trauma bonding and its significance in adult relationships.
    They explore the origins of trauma bonding, highlighting how past experiences and childhood traumas can affect our adult connections.
    Listeners gain a better understanding of the signs and symptoms of trauma bonding, enabling them to identify it within their own relationships.
    The hosts share personal stories and anecdotes related to trauma bonding, creating a relatable and empathetic atmosphere for their audience.
    Strategies for breaking free from trauma bonds are discussed, including therapy, self-awareness, and building a support network.

    Relationship Burnout:
    The conversation shifts to the topic of relationship burnout, a phenomenon that can affect long-term partnerships or marriages.
    The hosts explore common causes of relationship burnout, such as work stress, lack of communication, and the challenges of raising a family while maintaining a romantic connection.
    Listeners receive practical advice on how to prevent or address relationship burnout, including the importance of self-care and setting boundaries.
    The hosts emphasize the value of open and honest communication in sustaining a healthy, long-lasting relationship.
    They also discuss the concept of "relationship check-ins" to ensure that both partners are on the same page and continue to nurture their connection.

    Throughout the episode, the hosts maintain a supportive and relatable tone, creating a safe space for listeners to reflect on their own experiences and seek ways to improve their relationships. By addressing the topics of trauma bonding and relationship burnout, "The 30+ Podcast" offers valuable insights and guidance for its mature audience.
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    Let The SHIP Sink! Death To The SituationSHIP

    Let The SHIP Sink! Death To The SituationSHIP

    Podcast Episode Summary: In this lively episode of "The 30 Plus Podcast," the full crew is reunited as Nneka X, KimKim, Cookie, and Fly delve into the intriguing world of "situationships" and dissect how they evolve after the age of 30. With their unique perspectives and candid discussions, the hosts provide valuable insights and relatable anecdotes on this contemporary dating phenomenon.
    Key Discussion Points:

    What is a Situationship?: The episode kicks off by defining what a situationship is and how it differs from traditional relationships. The hosts share their own experiences and anecdotes to shed light on the ambiguity that often characterizes situationships.

    Life After 30: As the title suggests, the episode primarily focuses on how situationships change as individuals enter their 30s. The hosts discuss the evolving expectations, priorities, and emotional dynamics that come into play in this stage of life.

    Navigating the Grey Area: Situationships are often characterized by unclear boundaries and undefined labels. The hosts explore the challenges of navigating these grey areas and share strategies for effective communication and setting expectations.

    Emotional Complexity: The podcast delves into the emotional complexities of situationships, such as dealing with jealousy, insecurity, and the fear of commitment. Listeners will gain valuable insights into managing these emotions while in a situationship.

    Practical Advice: Throughout the episode, the hosts offer practical advice for listeners who might be in situationships or contemplating entering one. They discuss the importance of self-awareness, communication, and personal growth

    Age and Maturity: The hosts explore whether age and maturity have an impact on the dynamics of situationships. They share anecdotes that illustrate how perspectives change as people grow older.

    The Future of Situationships: The episode concludes with a forward-looking discussion on the future of situationships, including how technology and changing societal norms might influence dating dynamics.

    This episode of "The 30 Plus Podcast" offers a thought-provoking and engaging exploration of the dating phenomenon known as situationships, shedding light on how they evolve and are experienced after the age of 30. It provides listeners with both practical advice and relatable stories, making it a must-listen for anyone navigating the complex world of modern relationships.
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    Cold Summer ”Hot Girl vs. City Boy Summer After 30: Is It Still a Thing?”

    Cold Summer ”Hot Girl vs. City Boy Summer After 30: Is It Still a Thing?”

    Title: Cold Summer "Hot Girl vs. City Boy Summer After 30: Is It Still a Thing?"
    Podcast: The 30+ Podcast Episode Number: 20
    Hosts: Nneka X, KimKim, and Fly
    Summary: In this episode of The 30+ Podcast, hosts Nneka X, KimKim, and Fly engage in a lively discussion about the concept of a "Hot Girl Summer" or "City Boy Summer" after the age of 30. They delve into whether this popular cultural trend should even be a thing once you've crossed the age threshold, and how it might look different in your 30s and beyond.
    The hosts explore several key questions:

    Is Hot Girl/City Boy Summer Still Relevant After 30? The episode kicks off with the hosts debating whether the carefree, party-centric ethos of a Hot Girl or City Boy Summer is suitable for people in their 30s and beyond. They reflect on the changing priorities and responsibilities that come with age, such as careers, family, and personal growth.

    How Does it Look Different in Your 30s? Nneka X, KimKim, and Fly share personal anecdotes and experiences, discussing how their perspectives on dating, socializing, and self-care have evolved as they've gotten older. They highlight the importance of balance and the significance of self-discovery in this phase of life.

    Could You Date Someone Still in This Phase of Life? The hosts also consider the dynamics of dating someone who might still be fully immersed in a Hot Girl or City Boy Summer lifestyle. They explore the challenges and benefits of dating someone with different priorities and examine whether age discrepancies in this context can lead to compatibility issues.

    Throughout the episode, the hosts bring humor, wisdom, and authenticity to the conversation. They stress the importance of embracing change and growth while remaining true to oneself, no matter your age. Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and perspectives regarding this cultural phenomenon, shedding light on the complex and evolving world of dating and self-identity in your 30s and beyond.
    The 30+ Podcast continues to provide insightful and relatable content for its mature audience, addressing topics that resonate with the realities of life after 30.
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