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"The Art of Not Making It" is a weekly Podcast with new episodes every Thursday. Talking with the best in show biz, we have intimate conversations that break down individual journeys in this Industry, battling insecurities, and what to do when you realize that the top isn't any more glamorous than the bottom. ⁠

The Art of Not Making It: with Tiffany Springle Tiffany Springle

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"The Art of Not Making It" is a weekly Podcast with new episodes every Thursday. Talking with the best in show biz, we have intimate conversations that break down individual journeys in this Industry, battling insecurities, and what to do when you realize that the top isn't any more glamorous than the bottom. ⁠

    Jovon Outlaw

    Jovon Outlaw

    Today's episode is a good friend of mine: Jovon Outlaw. ⁠

    He does his own thing, and I absolutely love that he is 100% authentic in everything he does. ⁠

    Jovon Outlaw is a New York City-based, multi-disciplinary artist. A graduate of the SUNY Purchase College Film Conservatory, Jovon’s primary occupation is as a freelance Director of Photography and Director. Jovon has worked on numerous projects, notably for CollegeHumor, NBC, Marvel, Juilliard, Microsoft, Assembly.com, Josh Ruben, Micheal Almerayda, Celia-Rolwson-Hall, Kassia Miller, Chris Osborn, Mitski, Eigil Bryld, and Anu Valia.⁠

    Jovon is also an Improvisor and studied at the Upright Citizen Brigade, the former Reckless Theatre, and IO Chicago- for which he was invited to attend as a recipient of the James Conklin Memorial Scholarship. Jovon marries improvisation to his work as a DP and director as he feels it has strengthened his skills at shooting, writing, and directing by enabling him to become more flexible and adaptable to new ideas. He brings this fluidity and creative energy to all aspects of his work.⁠

    This episode is going to be the last one for the Season, and "The Art of Not Making It" will be coming back better than ever in January. ⁠

    The next season will be even better, and I can't wait for you to see the changes happening. The guests already on the lineup are SO. GREAT. ⁠

    I'm always looking of ways to improve. Just like everything, the Podcast is continuing to grow and find it's voice. Send me a message or leave feedback on what you are enjoying and what you'd like to see more of! Subscribe and follow so you don't miss the 2nd Season Launch in January!⁠

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    Meghan Pulles

    Meghan Pulles

    Today's episode is Meghan Pulles. Singer-songwriter, her music has touched people all over the world! And just like all my other guests, she still hasn't "made it." 

    Meghan is a classically trained opera singer and theater actress who transitioned into a singer-songwriter 7 years ago, after moving to NYC from Orlando. Not planning to pursue music as a career, her path shifted when she became awakened to the musical healing, and spirituality of songwriting. Learning to love the tribulations of life through processing by creating music, She believes that songwriting is cathartic; an emotional band-aid to help heal, and to overcome past obstacles…. Working towards the “small miracles” of joy to help change the world, she hopes to share her instrumental music to help heal, soothe, motivate, and inspire others enduring pain, by giving fans a musical hug and making them feel uplifted and connected to their inner-selves, whilst listening and through introspection.

    Really loved sitting down with Meghan. As a friend, it's very comfortable for us to just let our guards down with each other and be an open book. On this episode, we talk about sexual harassment we dealt with in our previous work environment, and how Meghan used these traumatic experiences to fuel and motivate her art. Please note, we do discuss sexual harassment in case this is a triggering topic. I really admire Meghan's bravery to talk about this openly. When we experienced this, there was no #MeToo movement. We felt very much alone, and like we had no where to turn to. Glad things are changing, and women are now finding they can speak up and report such instances (and that their reports will be taken seriously). 

    Please check out Meghan's EP, "Keep The Light On," on Spotify, Itunes, and any other location you listen to your favorite Indie Bands. 

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    You are good enough. See ya next week. 

    -Tiffany Springle 

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    Nate Brown

    Nate Brown

    On today's episode, I have one of my favorite improv teammates, Nate Brown. 

    We met in comedy, but Nate Brown has an extensive career in film and television. He is currently working as Studio Floor Director on "Chris Gethard Presents" and Studio Floor Supervisor on "NY1 News." 

    I truly love how honest and raw Nate is on this episode. It's really heartfelt, and we talk about battling our insecurities, disappointments, and what is truly considered "successful." If you are working two successful t.v. shows simultaneously, wouldn't that be considered "success?" And if it's not, is there ever a point where you are going to feel you've "made it?" Nate's episode epitomizes everything this podcast is about. I'm so glad he came on and I think you are going to love it. 

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    Nate is wonderful, and so are you. 


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    Anthony Logan Cole Part 2

    Anthony Logan Cole Part 2

    Greetings! On today's episode, we listen to the second half of my conversation with Anthony Logan Cole.

    In the first episode, we discussed Anthony's past. How he got to NYC, his first Agent, making mistakes and learning through them... as well as hot mess musicals based on American Presidents in puberty. Yea. You know, standard stuff.

    The second half of the conversation is about Anthony's present.

    An Actor, Producer, Director, Singer, and Immersive Theater Artist, Anthony was most recently working in an Off-Broadway Musical, Camp Morning Wood: A Very Naked Musical. As the name suggests, it's a heartfelt musical comedy where the actors got, title-correct, very naked.

    Anthony found himself in the middle of an industry media scandal when a well-known Reviewer decided to body shame the actors via an Audio Platform. There was no review in sight, but lots of insults on the actors' looks, private parts, and personal hits for being willing to show their bodies. This Reviewer insulted the entire cast, but focused specifically on Anthony. It is important to note the Reviewer only stayed through the intermission of the show, and didn't even see the show he was reviewing. The clips have since been deleted, and public apologies have been stated. Unsurprisingly, the theater community was outraged and Anthony found himself in the middle of something he never asked for. We still have a long way to go in this industry, but I am so glad things like this are no longer being tolerated.

    I'll save further details on this event for Anthony to discuss in his own words. Very grateful Anthony was willing to speak up and have an honest dialogue about this. He's a beautiful person, inside and out, and I am so happy the theater community spoke up for him when this came out.

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    See ya next week. You are good enough. 


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    Anthony Logan Cole Part 1

    Anthony Logan Cole Part 1

    On today's episode, I sit down with Anthony Logan Cole.

    True story: this was actually the first episode I ever recorded. We hung out in my bedroom, with me completely new to my podcast equipment. Anthony and me have known each other for years. He played my Dad in the first show either of us did in NYC. A musical about Abraham Lincoln dealing with puberty. Yep. This show really existed.

    Anthony is an Actor, Producer, Singer, Director, and Immersive Artist. One thing I really love about Anthony's episode is how honest he is about both the good and bad in the industry. We all make mistakes, and I appreciate that Anthony can openly talk about moments he isn't the most proud of, but how he grew as a person and artist through them. He's a good egg. Isn't that a weird phrase? Ah well, too late I used it.

    The episode has been broken down into two parts. This week's episode is part 1, where we talk about his past and how he got to where he is currently. Next week's episode is more focused on the present, and a recent reviewer scandal Anthony found himself suddenly in the middle of.

    It's a great episode, and I think you will enjoy!

    Opening song by Sofie Zamchick, and episode is sponsored by Theatrical Index. You can find more on Sofie's EP here. 

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    Chris Evan Simpson

    Chris Evan Simpson

    Today’s episode I sit down (and drink) with Chris Evan Simpson. 

    Chris is a great guy, and it was a blast talking with him. He’s an example of how being a likable person can actually lead to good opportunities. 

    Actor/Comedian/Singer, Chris and I met performing on Musical Megawatt at Magnet Theater. Improvising entire musicals, Musical Megawatt showcases some of the best in the scene. Chris is one of the longest performing players on Musical Megawatt. It’s not surprising. He’s a cool and funny dude, and he commits hard on stage. 

    We spoke right before the final performances of “Puffs!” ended it’s Off-Broadway run at New World Stages. "Puffs," or, "Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic," is a Potter inspired comedy for anyone who has ever felt like a secondary character in someone else's story. Hilarious and surprisingly heartfelt, it really is a magical show. Chris talks about his time there as the swing for “Cedric / Oliver,” as well as navigating through this industry and the many ways musical improv is amazing.

    He also deals with me getting tipsy off one beer.  

    If you like the episode, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss one in the future! And if you could rate or review, that also would be wonderful. Cheers!

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5.0 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Hawkguy316 ,

Truly Stellar!

This podcast is really really fun. Amazing guests and a wonderful host. Do yourself a favor and listen!

Budafly20 ,

Digging the fresh concept & vibe

A clever idea for a podcast that I feel is easily relatable for not just artists, but really anyone! We are all on an ever evolving journey and I dig Tiffany’s approach to delving into what defines “making it” in life! A fun intro! Will tune in again! Ciao!

SamhainB ,

Tiffany is a gem!

Great first episode! Excited to hear the upcoming interviews. But do you *really* read every review? Needs more WAY shoutouts

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