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Exploring every chapter of the award-winning Nickelodeon series AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER and THE LEGEND OF KORRA.

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Exploring every chapter of the award-winning Nickelodeon series AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER and THE LEGEND OF KORRA.

    Episode 49 - The Avatar Returns Returns

    Episode 49 - The Avatar Returns Returns

    Guess who’s back, back again…
    A little flying lemur told us it was the 15th Anniversary of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and we thought, “Hey, we liked that show.” So here we are, Team TARP together again. We discuss our memories of the series, how it’s influenced pop culture, and whether or not that Netflix live-action series is ever gonna happen. We also talk about all the various ways this podcast could reincarnate in the future, be it for books, comics, or other animated series. 
    Also, our resident boozebender Eric Sipple creates an Avater-themed cocktail. (See the recipe below.)
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    Total Run Time: 01:40:55
    00:00:45  - Intro
    00:09:45  - AtLA 15th Anniversary
    00:43:33  - Netflix live-action update
    01:05:16  - Books & Comics
    01:10:30  - Animation
    01:20:06  - Speculating about new podcast projects
    01:37:20  - Outro / Next

    “Avatar: The Last Airbender (Intro)” by Jeremy Zuckerman (2005)
    “Airbending” by Mak11, Airbending (Single) (2019)

    Wyrd Crafts Chit-Chat Episode 2 - Jessie Flower
    Hoopla - Streaming Audiobooks, Music, Video & eBooks
    Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Rise of Kyoshi (The Kyoshi Novels Book 1) by F. C. Yee

    1 oz London dry gin (Air)
    1 oz Campari (Fire)
    1 oz Punt e Mes (Earth)
    Fill an old fashioned glass with ice (Water). Add all ingredients to the glass and stir. Garnish with a thin slice of orange.

    • 1 hr 40 min
    Episode 48 - The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars, Part One

    Episode 48 - The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars, Part One

    We’re back for a brand new year with a brand new comics series! Following on the successful heels of their Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels Dark Horse Comics introduces the official Legend of Korra continuation series. The first story arc is called “Turf Wars” and it’s written by original series co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino with art by Irene Koh. To go along with all the new we here at The Avatar Returns are trying a slightly new format in that we’ll be reviewing these books as they are initially released rather than waiting for the hardcover Library Edition collections. So in this episode we tackle Part One (of Three), and I confess that we struggle just a little bit. Picking up immediately where the animated series left off we follow Korra and Asami on their getaway into the spirit world, and while it’s wonderful to see these characters again the return isn’t quite as smooth as we may have hoped. Paul and Arlo are worried about a seeming return to Book One hotheaded impetuous Korra; Koh’s art is a significant change from Gurihiru in the ATLA books; there’s talk of the Dumbledoring of Kya; and Eric will not condone a course of action that will lead us to Turf War. (That’s a joke, he actually loves this book.)
    The Breakdown
    Intro / Banter (00:00 - 04:00)
    Main Topic (04:00 - 1:11:23)
    Outro / Next (1:11:23 - 1:13:50)
    The Ungrounded Turf Wars of Legend of Korra

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Episode 47 - North and South

    Episode 47 - North and South

    We’re baaaaack. But there’s no cause for celebration as we’re forced to bid a sad farewell to our beloved comics creative team. One last time writer Gene Luen Yang and art duo Gurihiru spin a tale of Team Avatar for the official tie-in graphic novel series from Dark Horse Comics. Vol. 5: North and South sees Sokka and Katara return home to the Southern Water Tribe for the first time since setting off with Aang to end the Hundred Years War. But what they find may not be the quaint, egalitarian village they remember. As each volume before it, North and South explores issues of modernization, nationalism, societal and technological development. But for the first time our hosts don’t all necessarily agree on the quality of the story and/or art. One of them may or may not spend much of the podcast talking about loving the book while consistently nitpicking practically everything about it. Which one of them is being an Arlo? Press play and find out!
    Also, there’s talk of “therapybending,” David Lynch’s inevitable contribution to the World of Avatar, spoilers for Lion King(?!?), and Tattoo Watch is officially over as someone earns their ink.
    Next: there’s a change coming as the boys talk about how to continue the podcast in light of the glacial pace of new comics being released. There’s quite a bit of discussion at the end of the episode about what to do about that, but I’ll go ahead and spoil some of it for you now and let you know the next thing we’ll be discussing will be the first individual volume of the Legend of Korra graphic novel series Turf War. Date TBD.
    The Breakdown
    Intro / Banter (00:00 - 15:15)
    Main Topic (15:15 - 1:48:15)
    What Does the Podcast Become Now? (1:48:15 - 1:57:05)
    Outro / Next (1:57:05 - 2:00:12)

    • 2 hr
    Episode 46 - Wrap Party

    Episode 46 - Wrap Party

    Goodbyes are hard. That’s why we drink. In this episode your sad hosts are sad. In the absence of new Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra chapters to discuss, we get slightly inebriated and try to make it a party. There’s trivia, “Who Said It” challenges, lists (because everyone loves lists), and lots of self-indulgence and time-wasting. We really do go out on the top of our game.
    In all seriousness, we have had a tremendous time sharing this journey with each other and with all of our listeners. No one could have predicted how important this silly little project would become for all of us, and so reaching the end and having to step away is truly bittersweet. We’re all proud of what we’ve done, but we’re going to miss coming together every week to have these discussions. We will of course return from time to time with new episodes as the graphic novel series collected editions come out, so this isn’t goodbye forever.
    Thanks to each and every one of you who has joined us along the way. It’s been an honor and a pleasure.
    “The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation.”

    • 3 hr 32 min
    Episode 45 - Day of the Colossus / The Last Stand

    Episode 45 - Day of the Colossus / The Last Stand

    The secret is out! The truth about all of the crazy breaks and pauses and hiatuses The Avatar Returns has endured over the past year-and-a-half can finally be revealed. The truth is…we didn’t want this to end. But end it has, and we must fight our way through the heartache and the pain to discuss, one last time, these final chapters of The Legend of Korra. Chapter 412, “Day of the Colossus” sees all our gathered heroes marshaling what resistance they can against Kuvira’s Platinum Gundam of Spirity Death. There’s a marriage proposal; Hayao Miyazaki makes a surprise (if short) return; and Meelo bends with something other than his butt. And then in chapter 413, appropriately titled “The Last Stand,” Bolin throws a building at Kuvira; Mako bends his shirt off; and Korra and Kuvira have possibly the most viscerally satisfying battle in the history of the series. Plus that marriage proposal leads to an actual wedding, and our beloved Avatar indulges in some very significant hand-holding.
    And now, at the end of all things, we finally, FINALLY try and give the extraordinary series composer Jeremy Zuckerman his due. (In case we don’t make it clear in the episode, he is one of the most amazing and criminally under appreciated composers working.)
    Next: the shows are over but you still get one more podcast from us. Join us as we laugh, cry, and probably drink our way through a look back on the long, strange journey we’ve taken through these amazing shows. There could be games; we might try and stump each other with pop quizzes; it’s almost guaranteed we’ll argue over “Imprisoned” or “The Swamp” again. You’re all invited to The Great TARP Wrap Party!
    The Breakdown
    Intro / Banter (00:00 - 07:00)
    Main Topic (07:00 - 1:40:35)
    Outro / Next (1:40:35 - 1:45:40)

    • 1 hr 45 min
    Episode 44 - Operation Beifong / Kuvira’s Gambit

    Episode 44 - Operation Beifong / Kuvira’s Gambit

    It’s the ante-penultimate episode of The Avatar Returns and the boys are a little punch drunk. Paul shares a Star Wars/The Legend of Korra mashup that goes over like a lead balloon; Arlo makes a Thelma Schoonmaker joke that gets crickets for a response; and Eric makes a Step Up All In reference that goes completely over Arlo’s head. Oh, and there are chapters to discuss, too. In 410, “Operation Beifong,” it gets all Paul Simony with a genuine mother and child reunion between Toph and Lin, while Opal introduces us to Juicy (yeah, Juicy), and Bolin eats noodles like a boss. And in chapter 411, “Kuvira’s Gambit,” the Great Uniter has herself a Megazord, and Meelo has gas. (Hashtag Defend the Fart.) 
    As a particularly sad bonus, this episode features the very last time Arlo will get to make predictions based on upcoming chapter titles. The end of an era. 
    Next: all good things must come to an end as chapters 412, “Day of the Colossus” and 413, “The Last Stand” put a punctation mark on The Legend of Korra. But will it be a question mark or an exclamation point? Tune in and find out.
    The Breakdown
    Intro / Banter (00:00 - 07:30)
    Main Topic (07:30 - 1:17:08)
    Outro / Next (1:17:08 - 1:22:50)

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4.7 out of 5
63 Ratings

63 Ratings

unicornlife2811 ,


I love Avatar sooo much I have watched both series seven time and this is what I needed

Thefaintingvillager ,

Lucky to find!

I just started watching Avatar(both series) the past 2 months and this podcast was so perfect to listen to. I’ve actually gone back to watch both series and listening to this podcast to go with it. This podcast provides great insight to a wonderfully written(and animated) show.

RWagner62 ,


Very surprised this podcast is still live and so glad you guys came back on. My nostalgia over Avatar brought me to randomly find this podcast a couple months ago and I listened to both shows commentary all the way thru in a couple weeks (i was very nostalgic). Please keep putting out content as I’m cautiously optimistic about the Netflix remake. Also love the bojack pitch, he’s got a similar character arc to Zuko which may be why I loved horseman so much. Anyway, I’m off to order Eric’s drink creation. Thanks guys.

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