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The difference between stagnation and success lies in the decisions you make in the moments that matter. This podcast is about those turning points -- the single decisions in life and business that changed everything because the difference between stagnation and success lies in the decisions you make in the moments that matter. Gay and Mike will talk about business, relationships, limiting beliefs, and creating freedom and from time to time, you’ll also meet some of their favorite thinkers, thought leaders and celebrities and hear about their Big Leaps.

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The difference between stagnation and success lies in the decisions you make in the moments that matter. This podcast is about those turning points -- the single decisions in life and business that changed everything because the difference between stagnation and success lies in the decisions you make in the moments that matter. Gay and Mike will talk about business, relationships, limiting beliefs, and creating freedom and from time to time, you’ll also meet some of their favorite thinkers, thought leaders and celebrities and hear about their Big Leaps.

    Donkey Smuggling and How To Turn Your Life Into A Movie

    Donkey Smuggling and How To Turn Your Life Into A Movie

    What kind of donkeys are you smuggling?

    Confused?? Mike was too when Gay asked him the same question. To explain…

    Back in the middle ages, there was a donkey caravan that would come to the same border crossing every week. The border inspector would go through the caravan each time looking for contraband but he could never find anything. Week after week, for 30 years, the same man with the same donkey caravan and the inspector could never find anything. When it came time for the inspector to retire he finally asked the man, “you’ve got to tell me what you’ve been smuggling all these years!” The man replied… DONKEYS.

    The moral of the story… the man was smuggling something in a way that nobody ever thought of because it was so intrinsic to the story that was being told. No one ever suspected that it was the donkeys themselves that were being smuggled!

    Today on The Big Leap, Gay and Mike are going to talk about how to turn your life into a movie that someone else would really want to watch, especially YOU.

    They talk about sharing your Big Leap message within movies, TV, novels, and more because both Gay and Mike have done just that. Gay has written many books, including a novel, (some of which are slated to be on TV or in movies) and Mike has done a feature film and written 13 books.

    They’ll also talk about not only thinking about your life through a completely different lens and growing your message and what it is you're doing in the world.

    The takeaway from the donkey story is that everyone that is creative and wants to market to the world is smuggling donkeys in one way or the other.

    For Gay, the reason he started writing mystery novels 10 years ago was to work in relationship themes that he wanted the world to know about. Maybe it was something about self-esteem, or the Big Leap or the Upper Limit Problem. He is “smuggling donkeys” by writing stories, and making movies around things that have big ideas he wants to “smuggle” to people who might not ever read a self-help book or pick up a copy of an Eckhart Tolle book.

    For Mike, he is in the business of inventing “donkey smuggling” strategies for people to elevate and amplify their message. He teaches people how to tell transformational stories that allow them to get their message out, get more attention, and package their products and services so that they're seen as the premier authority in their area of expertise.

    What he's actually doing is teaching people how to value themselves, how to release their attachment to old traumas and identity challenges that prevent them from being worth more, and accepting and receiving more. That's the deep psychology of it.

    It doesn't matter if you're a billionaire… you've got self-worth issues. Chances are you're not telling effective stories that connect with an audience. You're probably talking about yourself too much. That’s been a thematic message that Mike helps people hack in order to get more attention and be seen as is a transformer.

    To hear more about how you can “smuggle donkeys,’ and turn your life into a movie that EVERYone wants to watch, listen now!

    If you prefer video, click here to watch the episode on YouTube!

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    Discover Your Big Leap Life Purpose

    Discover Your Big Leap Life Purpose

    Do you ever wonder… what’s the point? Why am I here? What am I really meant to do? What’s my PURPOSE?!

    Maybe you’ve been there, done that, know it’s time to reinvent yourself but you don’t know how to start, where to begin or feel as though it’s too late or too hard...

    What would you give to be able to FINALLY figure out what your life purpose is OR your “next purpose”?

    You are not alone. Many, MANY of us have struggled with the very same questions and it can be SUPER frustrating, anxiety-filled and frankly, pretty depressing.

    Don’t worry… Gay and I are here to help guide you through the process and figure it out.

    Today on The Big Leap podcast, Gay Hendricks is going to tell you about the moment he finally figured out what his life purpose was and how it’s affected every moment of his life since. Needless to say, it was a major turning point.

    Mike is going to share some of his big leaps and some of the reinventions that he's gone through throughout his life because for him, he hasn't had just one big leap... he's had a bunch.

    Their goal is to give you the tools, resources, and guidance to get you to where you want to be, so let’s dive in!

    The moment Gay figured out his life purpose happened at a time where from the outside, it looked like he had it made. He had jumped to a “new level” in life, (but as he points out in The Big Leap book,) oftentimes when you have a big upsurge of love, money, or fame, it trips old mechanisms inside that bring up fears and then you shut yourself back down.

    Since Gay was 15 years old, he wanted to be a university professor but didn't know exactly what he wanted to teach. When he was 22 he was bitten by the psychology bug, got his master's degree in counseling, then his Ph.D. from Stanford, and landed his first job as a university professor at the University of Colorado. He had made his dream come true.

    And yet, a week before he was supposed to start his new job, (he had already moved to Colorado, rented a cabin in the woods, and was having a great time communing with nature.)

    he had a panic attack when he realized, “Oh my God, I know all the textbook stuff but I don't know anything in my heart about what it takes to have human beings transform their lives.”

    In graduate school, he learned dozens of different marriage counseling techniques, and dozens of different anxiety treating techniques but he never had a real person sitting with him where he did his own, natural work and had them change. That’s when he knew there was something missing.

    Then he had a once in a lifetime experience. Standing out in the woods, he said out loud to the universe and himself, “what is the essence of human transformation?” What is it that we do that darkens ourselves rather than enlightens ourselves? He stood there for a while and felt the question rather than trying to work it out in his mind… then the magic happened.

    He got this amazingly powerful roar of energy through his entire body and mind that seemed to come from the ground up. It was like a freight train of white light and it felt good. Like a rolling wave of energy that passed through him and after it did, he realized that it had answered his question.

    The information it left behind was this; the thing we do wrong as human beings that keeps us stuck, is we resist what's going on inside ourselves and the feedback that's coming in from the outside. We take a stance of resistance towards the world and out of that stance, our experience gets rougher. Life starts to treat us more harshly, simply because we closed down that part of ourselves. We’re not open to learning.

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    Kara Goldin - The Founder of HINT Water

    Kara Goldin - The Founder of HINT Water

    Have you ever looked at a super successful entrepreneur and thought, “man, they’re so brave and fearless to be doing what they’re doing. They must have so much support!”

    MOST successful people will tell you that it’s not rainbows, unicorns and kittens. There are plenty of bumps, bruises, self-doubt, fear, haters, and mistakes along the way.

    But if you want to succeed you have to push past all of that and become UNDAUNTED.

    Gay Hendricks and Mike Koenigs are excited to share a very special guest with you today on The Big Leap podcast. Her name is Kara Goldin, she’s the CEO and found of HINT water, and just released her first book, Undaunted on October 20th. (Gay and Mike have both read it and you’re going to want to pick up a copy, asap...hint hint.)

    HINT is the largest, non-alcoholic beverage in the country that doesn't have a relationship with Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or Snapple.

    Where did the title, “Undaunted,” come from? Kara looked in the rearview mirror at what she had been through in building her company and realized that a lot of people would say, “you're fearless, you don't have any doubts or doubters.” That's when she knew she needed to write this book and share her stories because her journey absolutely had doubts, (from both herself and others) failures, and fears. But Kara says, “we need to learn about those in order to really get out of the gate and break down the walls in our own lives.”

    As Gay and Mike always do here on the Big Leap, they asked Kara what some of her biggest leaps were that got her to this point in her life and career.

    Her first Big Leap was when she hopped on a plane, (uninvited) to try and get a job at Fortune Magazine. She marched into the HR office and shared a letter she received from the editor, (a Dear John letter saying, “if you're ever in the New York area, let us know”) that she took very literally.

    She didn’t get the job at Fortune Magazine but it led to her landing a job at Time Magazine, which never would have happened if she hadn’t taken that first Big Leap.

    Another major, Big Leap was, of course, starting the HINT water company. She had no beverage experience and had never been an entrepreneur before. BUT… she was a consumer of the product that she wanted to be on the market and just decided to go for it. “I think sometimes Big Leaps are not allowing yourself to focus too much on how big of a leap it is or else you won't do it.”

    After her amazing corporate career, Kara was starting her family and wanted to focus more on health. She had gained weight, developed terrible adult acne, and her energy levels were very low. She was drinking a TON of diet soda so she decided to give up her addiction and start drinking plain water. She quickly knew she wouldn’t be able to stick to plain water because it was so boring. That's when she came up with the idea for HINT.

    As mentioned above, HINT is the largest, non-alcoholic beverage in the country that doesn't have a relationship with Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or Snapple. They’ve done things very uniquely in building the company, including the fact that 55% of the business is direct to consumer.

    In the end, all of her previous Big Leaps ended up coming together. Kara always says, “the dots always eventually connect.” Sometimes you don't know how they're going to but they always do in the end.

    To hear the rest of Kara’s story and more about her new book, “Undaunted,” tune in here! If you prefer video, click a href="http://www.MrBz.

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    Neil Patel - Traffic and Marketing Expert

    Neil Patel - Traffic and Marketing Expert

    Are you under the impression that you have to be “perfect” to be a successful entrepreneur?

    Are you stuck in Analysis Paralysis, Perfectionism or maybe even Imposter Syndrome?

    Our next guest is here to tell you that’s just NOT true.

    Start now. Start messy. Make mistakes. Learn from them, but just START.

    Today on The Big Leap podcast, Gay Hendricks and Mike Koenigs have a special guest for you. His name is Neil Patel and they’re really excited for you to meet him. They’ve respected Neil for a very long time. He’s a BRILLIANT marketer, entrepreneur and SEO expert who’s built an amazing personal brand for himself.

    But today they're going to be doing something a little different. They're not just talking about marketing stuff… they're also talking about the Big Leaps that got Neil to where he is today. Keep reading to hear about his path to success.

    Neil freely admits that he made a ton of mistakes in the beginning, but because of this he’s learned what NOT to do then eventually… what TO DO. “When you start off your career as entrepreneurs, the early years is where you typically make the majority of mistakes but when you do something long enough, you get decent at it.”

    One of the main premises of the Big Leap podcast is asking guests what their Big Leaps were that got them to where they are today, so of course they asked Neil that very question;

    Neil decided that he wanted to make money and be an entrepreneur when he was just 16 years old, (instead of focusing on school and college,) so he went after it by trying to figure out how to make money on the internet. Looking back he knows that if he never took that leap at such a young age he wouldn’t be where he is now.

    Another big concept of the Big Leap, is something Gay calls the Upper Limit Problem, which is how you transcend barriers to get to where you are.

    At the beginning of Neil’s career, location was a big barrier that he had to overcome. There were a lot of “tech” opportunities happening in San Francisco at the time but not so much in LA, where he is located. Zoom and Skype weren’t really around so it was very hard to start a business, whether it was raising venture capital or hiring employees in a virtual or web based environment. It was a huge hurdle early on. Nowadays, that problem doesn't really exist. You don't even need an office for most businesses.

    Curious as to what Neil’s personality traits are that have both helped AND hurt him on his journey to success? He’s admittedly very persistent, stubborn and does whatever he wants. If he believes in something, he goes for it and doesn’t care what people say, never giving up. (which can be a bad quality sometimes because he’s lost a lot of money because of it.) He’s also very analytical and data driven, constantly thinking about numbers. It’s something he can’t turn off. Neil admits he’s a really terrible manager too but luckily technology has evolved to make things a bit easier these days.

    A quality Neil possess and practices that we really admire is his ability to say NO. He’s not afraid to say no to something that might look like a giant money opportunity if it doesn't feel right. He's not attached to the money outcome and that’s a skill a lot of entrepreneurs need to develop.

    To hear how Neil discovered the “key to success,” (it’s not what you’re thinking) PLUS his evolution as an innovator and creator, his process for creation and where he gets his inspiration and motivation from, tune in here!

    We’d love to know what your Biggest Leaps have been? - would you text “BL” to (858) 434-5316 and share yours?

     If you prefer video, click here to watch the episode on YouTube!

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    Getting Unstuck

    Getting Unstuck

    Do you feel like you’re trapped? Stuck?

    Like your life is going absolutely NOWHERE?

    Like you’re wearing cement shoes, completely and utterly STUCK in every aspect of your life? (Money, relationships, health, business...)

    How much would you give to be able to escape that paralyzing feeling or situation and actually be free?

    You’re in luck because today on The Big Leap podcast, Gay Hendricks and Mike Koenigs will give you everything you need to get UNSTUCK. Getting both your own mind and helping a spouse or partner get unstuck with you. Plus Gay will teach you about your two personality types.

    Learning about your two different personalities can save you a lot of pain by knowing what elements of both personalities are and how they show up in relationships. Grab a notepad because there’s a lot of juicy stuff in this one!

    Every single human being needs to know how to get UNstuck. Both Gay and Mike have had their trials and tribulations with the issue... and they still do. It's part of the human experience and okay to get stuck. Everybody does now and again.

    The question is, what resources and tools get you unstuck?

    What Gay has found over the last 40 years of working with many different people is that some are actually unconsciously committed to staying stuck and have a vested interest in keeping themselves unenlightened.

    Let’s talk about the two different personality types. (Once you understand them it makes it a lot easier to forgive yourself for being stuck.)

    When we come into this world, for the first six months or so, the only thing we have to do is to exude being. We usually have people around us that when we smile at them, they smile back. The whole intent of the first six months of life is to make friends, to bond, to get close to another human being or “union.”

    The second six months of life you start “individuating.” You begin to crawl. You crawl away from your mother or father, you crawl into another room and then crawl back to home base, so it's about exploration.

    We have these two things called “union” and “individuation” that will go on throughout your life. Some of us are more inclined to “union.” We like to hug and get close to other people. Some of us are more about individuation. We don't like to be hugged too much and spend a lot of time by ourselves. Most of us work out a combination of union and individuation.

    Number one is largely based on what can I do to get recognition and positive input. For the first six months of life we learn to smile and giggle and make people like us because that's the intent of personality. Personality number one is the outgoing part of us.

    With personality number two, there's a failure of personality. With number one you smile at your daddy when he comes home from work then one day, he's in a bad mood, growls at you and swats you across the rear. Suddenly there’s a failure to please and then the intention shifts. Instead of an intention to be outgoing and connect in a positive way, you decide this is “not a safe place for me.” I have to be careful about personality.

    The intention of personality number one is, “what do I need to do to get positive recognition.” When that fails, personality two kicks in with a very different intention, which is, “how can I avoid pain?”

    What happens when we get stuck is that personality number two gets a grip on us and we don't know how to get out of it. This show is dedicated to how to get out of the grip of personality number two, and get back into the flow of personality number one again.

    You’ll love yourself more. Others will too.

    To hear all about our resources, tools and tricks to move forward and get you unstuck, tune in here! You won’t regret it.

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    Plant Medicine

    Plant Medicine

    Imagine if you could completely and totally connect with God.

    What if you could experience the deepest most profound sense of love, connection and bliss you have ever imagined?

    Mike's done it and he can tell you what he’s about to share could be both uncomfortable and VERY controversial, so fasten your seatbelts and keep reading...

    Gay Hendricks and Mike Koenigs have a real doozy episode for you this week on The Big Leap podcast... This is Mike's most vulnerable episode and public share to date.

    Here's what Mike had to say.

    "Three months ago, I wouldn’t consider publicly sharing this - but it’s too important not to.

    A few weeks ago I was invited to join in a very sacred ceremony led by several medical doctors and shamans on ancient Native American grounds in the New Mexico desert.

    It's an experience called 5-MeO-DMT. This is a psychedelic of the tryptamine class found in a wide variety of plant species, and at least one toad species.

    What was it like?

    Terrifying. Awe-inspiring. Beautiful. Pure love. A direct connection to God or creator. Out of body. Complete elimination of a sense of self and ego. Melting away any emotional and physical pain. A rocketship to pre-creation. In the “mind” of God. Before matter, time, space and light. Then...

    I woke up to a blood curdling, primal scream of emotion. Of love, fear and awe.

    That scream that woke me up… It was ME.

    It was as if my “animal” was reuniting with its spirit.

    All of this happened over a period of 25 minutes.

    Imagine pouring an entire planet into a thimble.

    That’s what that scream was - the human brain and body simply cannot contain a universe that’s billions of years old in it’s “container.”

    Intellectualizing this experience is a disservice to something very ancient and very sacred.

    As I sobbed and laughed and cried and laughed some more, I never felt so much divine love and connection than in that moments that had just passed.

    It was the most profound experience of my life.

    There's a tremendous reawakening and resurgence of psychedelics, entheogens and other plant based materials that is attracting the world’s leading scientists, physicists, astrophysicists, doctors, quantum scientists and the medical community.

    If you do some research, you’ll find major colleges and hospitals are investing heavily in using psychedelics to reduce or eliminate mental illness. Tim Ferriss donated $3mm to the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research and Imperial College London.

    I don't regard 5-MeO-DMT as a drug. It is a profound sacrament and if there was ever something that was divinely created it is this.

    Despite the world’s governments and leaders creating the “War on Drugs” and associating “drugs that kill you” (alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine and much of the pills that are consumed) with “drugs that can save and change your life” (5MEO, psilocybin, MDMA), this is ancient.

    Amazonian natives have been using entheogens, so did the Greeks, Egyptians, Vedics and other cultures for millennia.

    When I was 18, I tried smoking marijuana and it sent me into an absolute pit of terror that to this day I still have massive trauma associated with it. I stayed away from all substances. But to my uneducated mind that didn't know the difference between a recreational drug and something that's deeply spiritual, like 5-MeO-DMT… I didn't have the ability to discern and I didn't want to trigger an old trauma.

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5.0 out of 5
627 Ratings

627 Ratings

It'sDeeDee ,

The Love Hour

Great interview!!


Many gems in every episode

This podcast is amazing. I take notes. I listen multiple times, especially to the unstuck episode. I feel so empowered and inspired listening to all of this valuable expert advice. I feel as charged up as I do after an incredible seminar. I so appreciate the generosity of the hosts and the clear invitations to change for my enhanced experience of ease and fulfillment in the world. My favorite podcast by far!

MindRehab ,

Great Follow up from the book

The Big Leap Podcast is a great follow up from the book.

I am using it to make sure I got the main concepts from the book so I can apply them to have some of my biggest leaps!

I definitely recommend this podcast and the book if you are looking to make some serious improvements in your life.

Jameen Willis, Author of Mind Rehab

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