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The Big Leap is about two main things; one, The Upper Limit. How much we can accomplish or achieve? How much love and abundance we can receive? And two, Discovering Your Genius. The difference between stagnation and success lies in the decisions you make in the moments that matter. This podcast is about those turning points -- the single decisions in life and business that changed everything because the difference between stagnation and success lies in the decisions you make in the moments that matter. Gay and Mike will talk about business, relationships, limiting beliefs, and creating freedom and from time to time, you’ll also meet some of their favorite thinkers, thought leaders and celebrities and hear about their Big Leaps.

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The Big Leap is about two main things; one, The Upper Limit. How much we can accomplish or achieve? How much love and abundance we can receive? And two, Discovering Your Genius. The difference between stagnation and success lies in the decisions you make in the moments that matter. This podcast is about those turning points -- the single decisions in life and business that changed everything because the difference between stagnation and success lies in the decisions you make in the moments that matter. Gay and Mike will talk about business, relationships, limiting beliefs, and creating freedom and from time to time, you’ll also meet some of their favorite thinkers, thought leaders and celebrities and hear about their Big Leaps.

    The Secret to Building Trust

    The Secret to Building Trust

    One of THE most valuable commodities a person could ever possess is TRUST.

    You can’t put a price tag on it. It’s absolutely invaluable.

    Every human being needs to know how to build it and keep it… in both their personal and business relationships.

    Gay and Mike are going to deconstruct building trust in all of those areas. What prevents someone from trusting? What blocks trust? How to reclaim trust when you've lost it.

    They’ll do some deep thinking about managing our trust traumas and demons, and what prevents us from asking for what we really want and think we deserve.

    Through the lens of marketing, the hardest thing to get from anyone these days is their attention and a commitment of time. In order to get both… you've got to earn your potential clients trust.

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    Meta Marketing: How to Ask for What You Fear the Most

    Meta Marketing: How to Ask for What You Fear the Most

    Q: How do you truly get what you want out of life?
    Q: How have the MOST successful people in the world gotten to where they are today?

    A: By ASKING outright for what they want.

    It can be really scary to ask for what you want… out loud… to other human beings… whether it’s money, love, sex or anything else.

    Maybe it feels pushy, selfish or arrogant, but it really is the only way to achieve your biggest goals and dreams.

    When done properly, from a state of wholeness and alignment…it’s EMPOWERING.

    Gay and Mike tackle the big question; “how do you ask for what you fear the most?”

    We call this meta marketing. It's how to approach marketing from a state of wholeness and alignment. When you are “lined up,” the world falls all over itself to give you what you most want. If you're not “lined up,” you can ask for what you want until you're blue in the face but you won’t get it.

    We’ll show you a new way of being and marketing your true-self in a world that's constantly changing. It's all about how to get in touch with and overcome the upper limits that you have about bringing yourself forward into the world and being successful.

    Gay also provided two huge questions that will put you in a state of wonder plus a four letter acronym, F.A.C.T. that helps you overcome any challenge that stands in your way, including the things that you fear most.

    Virtually everyone Mike has ever coached has had a problem with asking for money (or love or sex or…) and the number one thing that prevents them from asking is usually rolled up in old trauma and self esteem.

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    Dealing with Pandemic Feelings

    Dealing with Pandemic Feelings

    Can you believe it’s been a YEAR since the start of the pandemic and lock-downs?

    We’ve all heard the devastating stories about loss but if you’ve been paying attention, you would have noticed a lot of uplifting stories too.

    Stories about growth and change and opportunities that never would have happened without this past year.

    We think one of the most difficult things we’ve ALL had to deal with during these unprecedented times, are the emotions that came up.

    Feelings of loss, anger, anxiety, fear, guilt… and possibly excitement and joy.

    This episode takes a deep dive into the feelings that came up last year and what you can do to dive down into them so you rebound with a whole new wave of creativity in your life.

    Mike asks Gay for specific techniques and processes you can use right now that will allow you to let things go and be able to stay in a creative space.

    Things that will make you a clearer headed person and allow you to get through any pandemic, (whether it is real or imagined.)

    This episode is super helpful for anyone, no matter what your situation, so let's go down the path of dealing with pandemic feelings.

    Grief and anxiety can be a springboard for creativity. A way to turn what some people perceive as a negative into a positive and looking around… there are many people who've had incredible breakthroughs during the pandemic.

    Let’s get something straight first. Mike and Gay are not trying to put a positive spin on anybody's authentic feelings and they don't want to talk anybody out of their feelings.

    What they want to do is open up the possibility for talking ourselves into our feelings. The first step is to acknowledge the depths of grief, anxiety, fear and anger. If you can open up to them, acknowledge and feel them, they are direct paths to creative solutions.

    We all need to open up to the multitudes of grief, sadness, anger, excitement, joy, everything because ideally, what we want to do is use it as an opportunity to grow into a new level of creativity.

    Where a lot of people get stuck is they don't acknowledge the authenticity of their feelings so they operate on top of a whole bunch of stuff that's unexamined and unexplored. Then whatever you create out of that is going to oftentimes bring up the very opposite of what you're trying to create.

    The last time there was a major pandemic was the early 1900’s with the Spanish Flu. Millions of people indeed died worldwide. After that, things took a very positive turn in the sense of an explosion of new ideas… hence The Roaring 20’s. (On the other side of that, things went haywire, like the antecedents of what would become Nazi Germany.)

    The point they’re getting at is that oftentimes a deep depression is followed by an explosion of outward activity. What they want you to do is use this explosion as an opportunity to enhance your best ideas and use those new ideas to make contributions to the world around you and increase your presence.

    Just know that this isn't going to last forever. Everything Is temporary.

    This pandemic as a giant pressure cooker. If you had relationship problems, anxiety, or anger before, this was a multiplier and there wasn't a place that you could escape to. You were left with just YOU and possibly a dark underbelly was exposed.

    What is the recipe for taking all these negative emotions and converting them into something you can control? How can you create a transformational, Big Leap moment right now?

    The prescription is based on what Gay has seen people do to change their lives over the years. Number one is to feel and love what's real instead of trying to change it or pretend it isn't there. Just BE WITH IT and learn to love it as it is.

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    Conscious Eldering

    Conscious Eldering

    No one likes the thought of getting old.

    Your body starts to break down… becomes more fragile, a lot more aches and pains, less flexibility and unfortunately… worse SEX.

    What if we told you it doesn’t need to go down like that?
    … that there was a way to feel 20 years younger than your chronological age?
    ... that sex could be BETTER in your 70’s than it was in your 30’s?

    These sound like really big, (maybe unrealistic) claims but Gay and Mike have both experienced these things (well, Mike's not in his 70’s) and today they’re going to share their secrets with you.

    They’ll talk about the art of the “breathgasm,” what “conscious eldering” is all about and transcendent sex in your 70s. They’ll also cover dealing with regrets, something called Gyrokinesis and a magical substance Mike found that is SUPER effective for getting rid of your aches and pains and helping you feel and look younger - and it’s cheap!

    If this all sounds exciting or if it scares the hell out of you, you're going to love this episode. Keep listening or watch us on YouTube.

    Gay is 75 years old and has been engaged in conscious living and conscious loving his entire adult life. When he turned 50, he started thinking about what he could do to have a great elderly life and it's working like a dream.
    What is conscious eldering?
    When Gay was 50 he heard an interview with the Dalai Lama, who was 58 at the time. The Dalai Lama said that he was beginning to turn more of his attention to his death and to making the most of what he had left.

    Up until that point, Gay hadn't given any thought to his death consciously, so he started thinking about how he wanted his elder years to be and came up with a broad framework that he and his wife Katie, sat down and talked about.

    They made the decision to refine their lives so that we were only doing what they most loved to do and were only doing it with the people they loved the most. At the time, they were running a big operation so they started refining and “right-sizing” their business and life. Getting rid of a big office building, selling a few of their homes, a lot of their “stuff,” and employing less people, therefore reducing their stress levels immensely.

    Gay went out of his way to create a life and job that he would never want to retire from. His life is now full only of things he most loves to do.

    He says every breath you take after 50 is a choice between creativity or stagnation. When you get into your 50s, you've probably got a pretty good life. You're making money, you have great friends, and a home, but if you don't make the jump to what's regeneratively creative in you, then life won’t be pretty in your 60s and 70s. The GOOD NEWS is that he knows people can feel happy, vibrant, creative and alive into their 80s because he’s seen it with his own eyes.

    Mike is 54 years old right now and he's definitely noticing aches and pains when he wakes up that he didn't notice before and he doesn't like them. It can be a massive distraction that affects his focus and ability to deliver value to his clients. Historically, these things get worse with time but he has discovered the miracle of peptides.

    Mike broke his collarbone 12 weeks ago and was in the most unbelievable pain. He was doing research on pain management and discovered peptides. Peptides are basically little proteins that get activated when they’re injected or injested. We've got tons and tons of peptides but they activate different parts of your body. Mike found one called BPC 157 that has pretty much relieved ALL of his pain AND healed his 30 year old gut issues. It’s miraculous.

    There are tons of other peptides that help with many different health issues.

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    How to Create Profitable Collaborations

    How to Create Profitable Collaborations

    The definition of collaboration is: “a working practice whereby individuals work together for a common purpose.”

    When collaboration is great, (whether it’s business or personal) it’s just about the best thing you can do with the lights on.

    When collaboration goes badly… the results can be disastrous.

    Today Gay and Mike are going to tell you about the collaborations that changed their lives… for better or worse.

    They'll give you a “checklist” on how to create great relationships and collaborations that are profitable. Ones that allow you to express yourself fully, and prevent you from falling into dangerous pitfalls that they’ve both lived through.

    More importantly, if you’re currently in a challenging collaboration, we’ll show you how to get out of it, so get comfortable and make sure to listen or watch us on YouTube.

    One of the great things about a profitable collaboration is, if you match with the right person, you can build an amazing business, create profound wealth, and expand your consciousness dramatically.

    On the other hand, collaborations can reach a point where they don't make sense any longer.
    Maybe you hit a point of resentment, or overlap of talent, or one partner is taking too much. Whatever that challenge is, you know it’s time to retire the relationship.

    Early on in Gay’s career he experienced a bad collaboration with the co-author on his first book.

    One day he was sitting in the back of his daughter's classroom when she was in the first grade. He noticed the teacher ate up a tremendous amount of time getting the children centered and in a learning place after they'd come back from recess so he wrote a little book called “The Centering Book.”

    He developed a partnership with another writer named Russell Wills who had some really interesting educational stuff from an anthropological perspective that he wanted to have in the book. Gay took him on as a co-author and ended up giving him half the royalties.

    Russell turned out to be a person with the inability to keep agreements and it drove Gay nuts because he’s a very precise guy. After many attempts to get his stuff into the book, Gay had to take a weekend of his life writing a few chapter using Russell’s notes. The book ended up being 98% of work Gay had to do himself.

    They ended up maintaining a modicum of a friendship but he certainly never hired Russell for any other projects. Gay calls this a “persona interlock” and a case of bad hiring.

    Collaboration is an art form. In contrast to his awful, first co-author collaboration, Gay has written 10 books with his wife Katie, without a single cross word between them. They adhere to the principles they teach. Talking honestly, sharing feelings,and if somebody's got something they're angry about, they talk about it.

    One of Mike's first collaborations was both the best and worst he's ever done and it had to do with blurry lines.

    In his early 20’s he met a guy named Dean Hyers. At the time Mike was writing video games and animation. Dean and his brother were making feature length science fiction movies.  They hit it off immediately and became like brothers. They decided to make movies together and created “Digital Cafe.”

    We were one of the very first digital marketing agency agencies in the world.

    Along the way, they met another young producer / director so they decided to c...

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    How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Enhance your Creativity and Income

    How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Enhance your Creativity and Income

    Remember watching sci-fi movies 10-20-30 years ago like The Matrix and Bladerunner and wishing the gadgets they used existed?

    Here we are in 2021 and they’re not far-fetched anymore.

    Does the thought of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) replacing the need for human interaction scare the out of you?

    There’s no need to freak out…  you just need to change your framing.

    These tools can enhance your creativity, business and income in a BIG way WHEN they’re used properly.

    That’s what this episode is all about. Becoming a better “augmented human” with virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence and why it’s should be so important to you. Today we’re going to give you a sneak peek into the future.

    Gay and Mike are endlessly fascinated by the idea of using these tools to help us get our messages out there and connect better as human beings. We’ll explain how we're using virtual reality in our businesses and lives, plus something really cool we're doing right now and how you can participate too. If this piques your interest even a little then you’re not going to want to miss this episode.

    Even as a graduate student, Gay was interested in how he could use technology to deliver his message to more and more people, (yet retaining the very important human element.) He was looking for something different.

    At the time, things like PBS and cable TV were just getting started and he became one of the first people to teach a psychology course on cable TV. He loved it because he could still interact with people. He was living in Colorado at the time and could be sitting in the studio and have people ask him questions from a ranch out in the middle of nowhere, where otherwise they’d never be able to get in the same room with him.

    When he launched “Spiritual Cinema Circle” (it was like Netflix for spiritually uplifting films) one of the most exciting emails he ever received was from somebody who had walked miles in Pakistan to get to a US aid library so they could watch the Spiritual Cinema Movies on DVD.

    That's why he started writing books and making videos. He wanted to make it EASIER for everyone to have access to the messages he wanted to share. When AI started to come about he had a sense that it had a lot of potential, but he confesses that it was a bit bewildering to him. (That’s where Mike comes in)

    If you haven’t realized it already, AI is already around us in every possible way.

    Like the fact that anytime you get on any social media network, content is being recommended to you. Apps like Uber, DoorDash, Amazon etc. are constantly paying attention to huge volumes of information and personalizing it just for you.

    Maybe you’re a creative person that needs to write articles, blogs or website and social media content but you have writer's block (it happens to ALL of us) There are websites like Headlime that can write just about anything for you just by typing in a few descriptive sentences.

    The AI researches and pulls down information from hundreds of thousands of other websites, analyzes them, figures out best practices, then writes copy for you based upon some very vague inputs.

    Another example is a website called Writesonic that can write 10 Facebook ads in 30 seconds just by typing in a brief description of your product and promotion. You can either copy and paste the option you like, tweak it or ask it to try again and it will write 10 more. Copysmith will write Google Ads for you… We could go on and on but as you can see… there are endless possibilities available to you ...

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