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News and Views from the Myst community

    TCT 46.5: Cyan Visit 2023

    TCT 46.5: Cyan Visit 2023

    After visiting Cyan HQ as part of Mysterium 2023, we decided to record an impromptu addendum to Podcast 46, giving our immediate reactions to our experiences there. We set out intending to record about 10 minutes of audio we could append to the end of Podcast 46… and then went on recording for almost an hour. So instead, we are releasing this audio as a bonus episode. We hope you enjoy our impromptu deep dive into our visit to Cyan HQ!

    Please note this was hastily recorded in a hotel room after our Cyan visit, so the audio quality of this bonus episode is not to our usual standard. That being said, we hope you will bear with us, and enjoy our take on our visit to Cyan!

    Note: This episode contains minor spoilers for Riven – if you have not played the original game, listen at your own risk!

    • 55 min
    TCT 46: Live from Mysterium

    TCT 46: Live from Mysterium

    “Around the world and across the Ages…” The Cavern Today podcast has been bringing listeners news & views from the Myst fan community since 2005 – and now, for the first time, we’ve recorded a live, in-person podcast from Mysterium 2023 in Spokane! For this, our Summer 2023 edition, join Sh’aeri, Esto, Dalken and Maurus as we discuss:

    * Our trials and tribulations getting to Mysterium

    * The last time TCT members were at a Spokane Mysterium

    * What we’ve loved about Mysterium so far

    * Excitement for tomorrow’s trip to Cyan HQ

    * Audience Q&A

    For the first time ever, you can also WATCH this episode, filmed live at the convention, at this link, courtesy of Mysterium!

    We want to give a HUGE shout-out to all the Mysterium staff for their help making this happen, and for their awesome job putting together the biggest Mysterium to date. You guys rock! We also want to extend a thank you to Justthinktink, who was a huge help to us, and made us awesome TCT-themed gear for the occasion. Thank you so much for your support – we love you!

    • 48 min
    TCT 45: Live from the Cavern

    TCT 45: Live from the Cavern

    For our Spring 2023 edition, we’re excited to bring you something a little different this time: our first LIVE episode, recorded live in The Cavern Today’s Hood in D’ni on May 5, 2023. Due to the “live” nature of this recording, the format for this episode will be a little different; a bit more like the streamlined talk-only format of Over the Fence.

    Join Maurus, Esto, Dalken, Bert and Sh’aeri, as we discuss:

    * Cyan’s new Firmament Trailer

    * Thoughts on the MOULa Q1 Update

    * State of the Cavern

    * TCT is coming to Mysterium 2023!

    Background music featured in this episode courtesy LCC.

    • 45 min
    TCT 44: Make a Home

    TCT 44: Make a Home

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly! For our Holiday 2022 edition, we’re closing out the year with:

    * Cavern News with Dalken Starbyne* Skit* TCT Talk with Bert, Esto, J’nathus, Maurus, Narym & Sh’aeri:* Riven remake announcement* Myst merch we’d love to see* Highgarden release* The Cavern during the holiday season* How has Myst & Uru influenced the way you play other games?* What other worlds have you been exploring, and what is your GOTY?* Cavern PSAs with Mowog* Interview with Keith “Tweek” Lord* Musical Piece: “Ages of Tweek Suite” by Sasha Strange

    Background music featured in this episode courtesy LCC, Arclife, Robyn Miller, and Barentity.

    • 1 hr 47 min
    TCT 43: Restoration (ft. Patrick Dulebohn)

    TCT 43: Restoration (ft. Patrick Dulebohn)

    The Cavern Today is back with its first podcast in nearly a decade! For our Summer 2022 edition, we are pleased to bring you:

    * Cavern News with Alhon and Narym

    * Skit

    * TCT Talk with Bert, Dalken, J’nathus and Maurus:

    * Our interview with Patrick “Doobes” Dulebohn

    * What has surprised us the most about the state of Uru in 2022?

    * Myst VR

    * Speculation about the future of Myst and Uru

    * Mowog’s Thought for the Pod

    * A tribute to Jeff Wise, and a reprise of his musical piece “Kerath’s Arch”

    * Sh’aeri’s “That’s Just Me of Course”

    This podcast is dedicated to TCT staffer Jeff Wise and Frank “Stungthumbz” Whiting, who both passed away in 2020 – though you have linked to the perfect age, you’ll always be in our hearts.

    Starting with this episode, we have adjusted episode numbering to more accurately reflect the number of prior episodes of The Cavern Today. As this is the 43rd mainline release of “The Cavern Today,” this is now considered episode 43.

    Background music featured in this podcast by LCC and Tim Larkin.

    Additional Links:Guild of Messengers Event CalendarAges of DoobesGuild of WritersH’uru/OpenUru Github (to report bugs and file requests)Korman tutorialsOpenUru (Foundry and link to discord)

    • 1 hr 48 min
    [TCT 42] The Cavern Today Ep. X: Myst 20th Anniversary Special

    [TCT 42] The Cavern Today Ep. X: Myst 20th Anniversary Special

    To Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Myst, The Cavern Today is proud to present this special podcast, featuring:

    * Cavern News with Dalken Starbyne* D’Lanor – “Stream of Unconsciousness”* Special Retrospective TCT Talk* Jeff Wise – “Gardens of Bandam”* Return of the TCT Mad Lib

    This will be TCT’s final podcast for the time being – We will continue maintaining the website and its archives, but the production team will be taking an indefinite hiatus to focus on other projects. Thank you for your support over the years, and shorah!

    Background music featured in this podcast by Jack Wall, LCC, and Robyn Miller.

    • 1 hr 30 min

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4.9 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Beallman ,

Keep this up!

Myst fans and URU fans need this podcast! Listen to it! Keep up the good work!

pogsklinc ,


This is one of the best podcasts ever. I love it. I highly recommend it to anybody interested in the Myst series of games, or a big fan of Uru. It rocks. Keep up the good work guys. :)

Jamey Thomson ,

Excellent Podcast for Uru

These podcasts is exactly what every URU fan should be listening to.

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