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The Comedy Snobs is a weekly podcast where Daren and Jason review comedy of any type. Stand up, movies, youtube clips, personal stories. Nothing is off limits.

The Comedy Snobs The Comedy Snobs

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The Comedy Snobs is a weekly podcast where Daren and Jason review comedy of any type. Stand up, movies, youtube clips, personal stories. Nothing is off limits.

    Ep. 49 - Mike Birbiglia - My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

    Ep. 49 - Mike Birbiglia - My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

    Show opens with talk about giving up Chocolate for Lent. This is take two, because Jason screwed up the recording of the first take. Roseanne is back, and it has a case of lesbianism. Funny or not is a winner this week with Cy Amundson talking about social media. Jason and Daren give their top 3 list of who they would like to see live. This weeks show on Mike Birbiglia seems more like an amusing one man show, than a real comedy special. They enjoy the story, but it shouldn't be really considered stand-up. Email the show at TheComedySnobs@gmail.com. Thanks for listening and thanks for the emails.

    • 33 min
    Ep. 48 Chris Rock - Tamborine

    Ep. 48 Chris Rock - Tamborine

    Show opens with Michael Scott doing his Chris Rock impersonation. The guys listen to Fergie give her version of the National Anthem. Daren hears The Key and Peele skit A-Aron for the first time and thinks it not bad. Jason doesn't find it as funny as most people do. The Make It Funny segment has its first subject. Jason tries to make a helicopter crash funny and it looks like he succeeds. They talk about the Chris Rock special and come away angry. Chris Rock turned what was supposed to be fun, into a job, and he owes Daren an hour and 4 minutes. No more twitter, but you can still email the show. TheComedySnobs@Gmail.com

    • 31 min
    Ep. 47 Dave Chappelle - Equanimity

    Ep. 47 Dave Chappelle - Equanimity

    Show opens with Norm MacDonald explaining that rape is worse than being a hypocrite. Daren finally stops being a dead beat co-host and shows up. Jason and Daren discuss the Cosby situation and how it relates to other comedians like Louis CK. Dave Chappelle talks about how to write a joke from the end. Thank you for everybody that hung in for the year we took off. We look forward to more shows and more laughs. Email us at TheComedySnobs@gmail.com,

    • 38 min
    Ep. 46 Al Madrigal - Shrimpin' Ain't Easy

    Ep. 46 Al Madrigal - Shrimpin' Ain't Easy

    Mitch Hedberg opens up explaining how he is never blocking a fire exit. Jason has a hard time understanding how a friend of his can have a Galaxy 7 phone for 2 weeks and think it was an iPhone. The guys listen to some football mean tweets. The guys watch the whole new Al Madrigal stand-up and give their review. Thanks for listening. Email the show at TheComedySnobs@gmail.com

    • 43 min
    Ep. 45 Chad Daniels

    Ep. 45 Chad Daniels

    Dave Chappelle opens up the podcast explaining that you need to be carefull when calling 911. Jason comes up with a new name for the show. The guys go over some of the many emails they have gotten. Jason has an interesting thing going on in his neighborhood between a couple of his neighbors. Tom Mabe is a suggestion by email and it is listened to. The guys both like how it starts, but seems to try a little too hard at the end. All in all, Tom Mabe seems pretty quick on his feet. Chad Daniels discusses Kid STDs and how he is accused of being a racist on the phone. Jason closes the show complaining about people again. Email us at TheComedySnobs@Gmail.com. Thanks for listening.

    • 36 min
    Ep. 44 Bill Burr - Walk Your Way Out

    Ep. 44 Bill Burr - Walk Your Way Out

    Show opens with Jim Gaffigan asking why there is chocolate pudding in salad bars. Daren is getting ready to sit and be angry at a family Super Bowl Party. The guys talk about the last two episodes of Always Sunny and talk about what they like and don't like about them. Jason tries a new show called Superior Donuts. Surprising he is giving a show about donuts a try. The Detour is starting up this month and the guys can't wait. They watch Bill Burr's new special and do this podcast directly after they are finished. Tune in to see what they think of the new special. Email us at TheComedySnobs@Gmail.com

    • 37 min

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2.2 out of 5
70 Ratings

70 Ratings

Beerhuis ,


If the two that run the podcast read this - you are not charismatic enough to flippantly make fun of someone’s suicide.

Rachel885 ,


Glad you make each other laugh.

comedy podcast feind ,

So happy

To see you guys stop producing episodes. I see so many attempts at podcasts and applaud those attempting podcasting but this is just god awful. If you’re going to critique comedy, at least have an understanding of the subject. I listened to the pilot episode and you guys even claim it’s so hard to do stand up and that you’re qualified to critique comedy. You sound like the guys hanging around a comedy club saying one day you’ll be brave enough to do an open mic but then never get up. Leave it to two white guys to think they know it all. You guys are obnoxious and even the quality of your production is hacky.

Stick to your day jobs and watch Netflix specials like Nanette.

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