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The Comic Source is the title of a group of podcasts focusing on comic books. It includes The Comic Source Podcast, The Top Cow Chronology Project, Creator Interviews, Convention Coverage and so much more. Grab your headphones and join us today!

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The Comic Source is the title of a group of podcasts focusing on comic books. It includes The Comic Source Podcast, The Top Cow Chronology Project, Creator Interviews, Convention Coverage and so much more. Grab your headphones and join us today!

    Remember Andy Xenon Campaign on Zoop with Tom Pinchuk

    Remember Andy Xenon Campaign on Zoop with Tom Pinchuk

    Jace chats with writer Tom Pinchuk about his current Zoop campaign for Remember Andy Xenon. A modern story that calls back to older comic stories with a sense of nostalgia, Remember Andy Xenon gets very meta at times. Tom has a lot of fun exploring who Andy is and how gaining powers at such a young age has impacted him. We've all dreamt of what we would do with super powers, but have you ever thought about having them taken away? It's clear that Andy didn't and if he ever gets another chance to have powers it might go much differently the second time around. Great story, fantastic art and rich backmatter make this an easy campaign to back.

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    New Comic Wednesday July 28, 2021

    New Comic Wednesday July 28, 2021

    Jace and Jay run down some of the titles they have read for the week of July 28, 2021. All of the reviews are spoiler-free. There are a ton of great books this week and Jace shouts out a few more titles you might want to be on the lookout for.
    Amazing Fantasy #1 - A fantastical fantasy world that several Marvel heroes are transported to. We expect they will find each other and team up at some point, but how did they get there in the first place and why?
    Writer/Artist - Kaare Andrews, Letterer - Joe Sabino
    Amazing Spider-Man #71 - Sinister War kicks off, but we are missing the sinister. No Sinister Six, no Savage Six and no action really. It seems strange as Nick Spencer clearly needs all the space he can get to wrap up his story, but this one feels like a wasted issue. Maybe it's just poor pacing?
    Writer - Nick Spencer, Artists - Federico Vicentini with Federico Sabbatino, Color Artist - Alex Sinclair, Letterer - Joe Caramagna
    Phantom on the Scan #4 - A horror books that feels more like a suspense novel, we have several people on the run who were experimented on very early on in their lives. Now it seems those lives may be ending because one of the subjects of that experiment has decided to take out the rest. Can the others team up to find the answers in time?
    Writer - Cullen Bunn, Artist - Mark Torres, Letter - Dave Sharpe
    Daredevil #32 - An absolutely action-packed issue of Daredevil as we see Matt starting to show signs of coming out of the funk he has been in that lead him to become incarcerated. Also Elektra is hot on the trail of Bullseye but she may not like what she finds when she to him. What a great last page! Jay's Book of the Week
    Writer - Chip Zdarsky, Penciller - Mike Hawthorne, Inker - Adriano Benedetto, Color Artist - Marcio Menyz, Letterer - Clayton Cowles
    Made in Korea #3 - Jesse has quickly bonded with the parents who have adopted her, but the doctor who created her is out to do whatever he can to get Jesse back. Meanwhile, some of the kids at Jesse's school clearly have nefarious plans and have taken advantage to Jesse's naivete to use her in those plans. 
    Writer - Jeremy Holt, Artist - George Schall, Letterer - Adam Wollet
    Department of Truth #11 - The Bigfoot arc comes to a surprising end as Hawke does something that seems out of character. Plenty of emotion in this one as we are faced with the question of whether it only takes one person with an absolute iron clad belief in something to make it real.
    Writer - James Tynion IV, Artist - Martin Simmonds, Letterer - Aditya Bidikar
    Black Cat #8 - Just how does this story tie in with the Infinite Destinies storyline playing out in the Marvel Annuals? Does Black Cat know more about the Infinity Stones that she appears to? Tons of action in this one, but it all sets up more questions than answers
    Writer - Jed MacKay, Artist - C.F. Villa, Color Artist - Brian Reber, Letterer - Ferrran Delgado
    Fantastic Four #34 - The aftermath of Zora's betrayal has devastating effects for those attending the wedding. Ultimately it may be Johnny Storm who pas the highest price. Once again Doom appears to be pulling the strings from behind the scene and one has to wonder of Doom ever truly planned on getting married.
    Writer - Dan Slott, Artist - R.B. Silva, Color Artist - Jesus Aburtov, Letterer - Joe Caramagna
    Black Widow #9 - Black Widow continues to show why it was chosen as Best New Series by the Eisner's. Kelly Thompson gives us perfectly paced action, interspersed with wonderful banter between Natasha and Yelena. The supporting casts all get sufficient time to show us who they are and the art by is kinetic, slick and gorgeous.
    Writer - Kelly Thompson, Artists - Elena Casagrande & Rafael De Latorre, Inkers - Elisabetta D'Amico. Color Artist - Jordie Bellaire, Letterer - Cory Petit

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    DC Spotlight July 27, 2021 Releases Part 2

    DC Spotlight July 27, 2021 Releases Part 2

    Jace and Rocky from Comic Boom! talk about 9 of the 18 titles DC is putting out for the week of July 27, 2021. That's right 18 titles! So many books they had to break this week up into two episodes. This is part two, so if you want the whole week's worth of books start with part 1!
    Icon and Rocket Season One #1 - We get an updated origin for Icon and Rocket but they stay very faithful to the original iterations of the characters. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Despite not changing anything dramatically the comic and characters still manages to feel very fresh with relevant ideas of the social issues Icon may have been fighting thirty years ago, which are sadly still relevant today.
    Writer - Reginald Hudlin, Penciller - Doug Braithwaite, Inkers - Scott Hanna & Andrew Currie, Color Artist - Brad Anderson, Letterer - Andworld Design
    Static Season One #2 - Pushed to his limit Virgil is forced to use his powers in front of his parents to prevent his house from burning down. Gravely concerned about the welfare of their son, a disagreement on how best to deal with the situation has Virgil striking out on his own, ditching school and taking matters into his own hands to try and control his powers. He reaches out to Curtis Metcalf, the hero known as Hardware for help, but ultimately that help may be more trouble than it's worth.
    Writer - Vita Ayala, Layouts - Chriscross, Finishes and Colors - Nikolas Draper-Ivey, Letterer - Andworld Design
    Infinite Frontier #3 - All the plot thread from this epic, universe spanning story continue to move forward, but are they moving in the same direction? Rocky seems to think so but Jace has his doubts. It's definitely time for this story to start to come together as one narrative to give readers some idea of where the DC Universe is heading, The individual storylines are effective so far though, as we can't help but wonder what allows Roy Harper to wield a Black Lantern ring, we get a glimpse of where Darkseid has imprisoned Barry Allen while Alan Scott and Obsidian continue to look for Jade.
    Writer - Joshua Williamson, Pencillers - Paul Pelletier, Jesus Merino, Tom Derenick & Xermanico, Inkers - Norm Rapmund, Raul Fernandez, Tom Derenick & Xermanico, Color Artist - Romulo Fajardo Jr, Letterer - Tom Napolitano
    Teen Titans Academy #5 -  Have you ever wondered how the Bat Pack ended up at Teen Titans Academy? Well wonder no longer, we get the full story in their own words. In fact, we learnt hey are telling the story to Red X who in turn for this show of trust reveals his identity to the three young heroes although it remains a mystery to us. Whether or not the Bat Pack buys into what Red X is telling them about trusting the other adult heroes of the Academy remains to be seen.
    Writer - Tim Sheridan, Artist - Steve Lieber, Color Artist - Dave Stewart, Letterer - Rob Leigh
    Strange Adventures #11 - More revelations in this issue as we learn if Adam Strange was truly behind the deal that was made with the Pykkts that resulted in Aleea being imprisoned. The fall out for this may shatter the relationship of Adam and Alanna beyond repair, but was the price they paid worth it? When billions of lives are at stake does that outweigh the love of a parent? Big questions in this one leading to a big finale.
    Writer - Tom King, Artists - Mitch Gerards & Doc Shaner, Letterer - Clayton Cowles
    Wonder Woman #776 - Wonder Woman's quest to find Janus and stop her murderous rampage across the realm of the gods continues in the fairie land of Elfhame. Enchanted, magical and mystical it is just one more adventure for Diana as she attempts to continue on her ultimate quest to return to our earth. 
    Writers - Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad & Jordie Bellaire, Artists - Jill Thompson, Becky Cloonan & Paulina Ganucheau, Color Artists - Jordie Bellaire & Kendall Goode, Letterer - Pat Br

    • 2 hr 40 min
    DC Spotlight July 27, 2021 Releases

    DC Spotlight July 27, 2021 Releases

    Jace and Rocky from Comic Boom! talk about 9 of the 18 titles DC is putting out for the week of July 27, 2021. That's right 18 titles! So many books they had to break this week up into two episodes.
    Action Comics #1033 - Superman gets more political than we have seen him in a long time as he tries to stop Atlantis and the surface world from going to war. Also there may be much more to Thao-la that meets the eye. Could she actually be working for Mongul?
    Writer - Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Artist - Daniel Sampere, Color Artist - Adriano Lucas. Letterer - Dave Sharpe
    Batman Secret Files: Huntress #1 - Helena survived the infection of parasites by Hue Vile, but has the sickness changed her forever? If so, can she use these new found abilities to turn the tables in Vile. Even if she does it may not be in time to save the hero we learn is infected in the cliffhanger ending.
    Writer - Mariko Tamaki, Artist - David Lapham, Color Artist - Trish Mulvihill, Letterer - Rob Leigh
    Detective Comics #1040 - Bruce Wayne turns himself into Gotham PD to clear his name While he is sitting behind bars he encounters someone in jail along with him who may, or may not know his secret identity. Meanwhile, the Penguin is definitely returning to his criminally malevolent roots as he attempts to once again prove to be a bigger threat to Batman than just a crooked casino owner. In the backup story we get an incredibly impactful Man-Bat story that feels very consequential.
    Writers - Mariko Tamaki & Dan Watters, Artists - Dan Mora & Max Raynor, Color Artists - Jordie Bellaire  & Arif Priatno, Letterers - Aditya Bidikar & Rob Leigh
    Checkmate #2 - As we jump around various times of the recent past, we try to piece together just what Leviathan's end game is. At the same time Lois Lane continues to search for clues to understand the cryptic message her father told her before he died.
    Writer - Brian Michael Bendis, Artist - Alex Maleev, Color Artist - Dave Stewart, Letterer - Josh Reed
    Batman Superman #20 - Auter.io continues his quest to create a perfect world and for him that means destroying the versions of Superman, Batman and Robin that are currently trying to thwart him. When all else falls, he chooses to splice the hellish world of the Demon with Superman's World of Tomorrow to allow the Demon Horde of the Apocalypse to tear Superman's world apart. Can the Man of Steel and his allies stop the horde in time?
    Writer - Gene Luen Yang, Artist - Ivan Reis, Inker - Danny Miki, Color Artist - Sabine Rich, Letterer - Saida Temofonte
    Harley Quinn #5 -  Harley manages to successfully infiltrate Hugo Strange's HQ to rescue her new sidekick Kevin, but it takes some bathroom hijinks for her plan to take off. Ultimately she may be successful, but has she actually just played into the plan Strange was hoping for all along?
    Writer - Stephanie Phillips, Artist - Riley Rossmo, Color Artist - Ivan Plascencia, Letterer - Andworld Design
    Batman Reptilian #2 - Batman is on the trail of the mysterious monster that is wreaking havoc on the Gotham underworld. He doesn't seem to concerned with the injuries that the criminals are suffering though. This is clearly a Bruce Wayne with a harder edge than we have seen before as he wonders what the monster may have in common with a great white shark.
    Writer - Garth Ennis, Artist - Liam Sharp, Letterer - Rob Steen
    Mister Miracle: The Source of Freedom #3 - Shilo Norman just starts to use his newfound powers and gain an understanding of what N'ver Free wants and where she comes from when disaster strikes. Norman is left broken and hurting, can his agent Vito with the help of Oberon get Shilo back in the fight?
    Writer - Brandon Easton, Artist - Fico Ossio, Color Artist - Rico Renzi, Letterer - Rob Leigh
    Robin #4 -  Damian spends some quality time with his grandfather, but are the

    • 2 hr 29 min
    New Comic Wednesday July 21, 2021

    New Comic Wednesday July 21, 2021

    Time Before Time #3 - In this issue the time-travel aspect of the story starts to take a bit of a backseat to the crime noir feel of the story with the politics of the rivalry between the Union and the Syndicate showing up big time. Tons of action & characterization makes this feel like a big chunk of story that helps to flesh out the events from previous issues. Also the art from Joe Palmer is pitch perfect in combining all the elements of sc-fi, crime noir & action.
    Writers - Declan Shalvey & Rory McConville, Artist - Joe Palmer, Color Artist - Chris O'Halloran, Letterer - Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
    Undiscovered Country #14 - As we get to the second book of the third arc of this vast story from two veteran writers, it occurs to us that the end game for this series has yet to be defined. Will it be the expedition successfully finding a cure for the global plague? Will it be the re-opening of the United States to the rest of the world? Is it more meta than that and just enough that Snyder & Soule are starting a conversation about what it means to be American and even more than that, what it means to be a human being on earth. So much to think about always with this thought-provoking series. This issue itself is an exploration of American culture & one of it's most identifiable creations, the comic book super-hero. All this is illustrated & colored beautifully which the linework and colors jumping off the page.
    Writers - Scott Snyder & Charles Soule, Artist - Giuseppe Camuncoli & Leonardo Marcello Grassi, Color Artist - Matt Wilson, Letterer - Crank!
    Alien #5 - Phillip Kennedy Johnson continues at what he does best, world-building. Taking the foundation of what we know about this world form the films, he gives us some great ideas in this issue that really provide tons of potential for more story. Also it gives such great context to the characters that Johnson has introduced us to in the series so far. You add in the action packed Salvador Larocca art that feels kinetic from cover to cover and you have an immensely enjoyable and compelling read.
    Writer - Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Artist - Salvador Larocca, Color Artist - Guru-eFx, Letterer -  Clayton Cowles
    Gamma Flight #2 - Building on the appearances of Gamma Flight from the pages of The Immortal Hulk this series continues to enrich the world Al Ewing has built with the Immortal Hulk. There likely wasn't room in the main series with only two issues left to give these characters their due and we love that they are getting their own series to finishing telling their story. Skaar showing up at the end of last issue leads to epic action in this second issue just as you would expect. What you might not expect is how relatable and fun Ewing & co-writer Crystal Frasier make the husband and wife of Titania and Absorbing Man. Also while this feels like a team book and that team only feels like they are getting closer and understanding each other better, the action is fun but it is the character dynamics that make this books good. When you add in the fantastic line work of Lan Medina and the bright Antonio Fabela colors it raising the series up to great.
    Writers - Al Ewing & Crystal Frasier, Artist - Lan Medina, Color Artist - Antonio Fabela, Letterer - Joe Sabino
    Captain Marvel #30 - Carol Danvers has reached the end of her magic journey and it doesn't end quite the way you expect. In fact, Carol may be worse off and have more enemies than ever including the magic wielders of the Marvel Universe. It's an intriguing and foreboding conclusion to the story from writer Kelly Thompson and expertly illustrated and colored by Jacopo Camagni and Espen Grundetjern. The fallout form the main story leads directly into a bonus back-up story from writer/artist Jamie McKelvie with some wonderful moments between Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel. One of Marvel best books month i

    • 1 hr 28 min
    Marguerite vs the Occupation Kickstarter Spotlight

    Marguerite vs the Occupation Kickstarter Spotlight

    Jace chats with John Luzar & Jason Fleece about their Current Kickstarter campaign, Marguerite vs. The Occupation. 
    The Story
    Marguerite grew up in a house on the highest hill in the valley; she loved watching the world go by her window. She could see everything. 
    Four years after her family fled the invading Nazi army, France is on the brink of liberation, and 17-year-old Marguerite darts stealthily through the woods she played in as child, eager to witness the moment her long-lost home becomes free once more.
    Instead, she finds a German machine gun crew occupying the bombed-out remains of her bedroom, using the very vantage point that once brought her such joy and wonder to keep the advancing Allies at bay!

    • 30 min

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4.9 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

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Valiant and other Bad Ideas

Came for the Valiant, staying for some Bad Ideas!

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Love it

Hi daddy I like podcasts

Erik Haven ,

Complete comic book coverage

This podcast can be a bit overwhelming at first. Jace and team put out so much amazing content, and I sometimes wonder how they have the time to generate so much quality and quantity. (He is like the Jeff Lemire of podcasts.) There is a love and passion for all things comic book. Btw, there is not thorough discussion of TV, movies, or video games; this is all about comic books.

My favorite is “New Comics Wednesday”, and I would recommend starting there each week. I find the reviews to be very helpful, and I typically agree with their opinion of what is working or not working in the new comics for that week. It has been an especially great way to discover new series from the smaller companies. The reviews are honest, fair, and generally look for the positive.

After that, dip into different topics, each of which has a regular weekly schedule, such as Webtoons, Superman, Marvel, DC, Aftershock, Valiant, etc. Don’t get overwhelmed by subscribing and feeling the need to listen to everything. I find myself listening to more and more of the other topics over time.

Jace is a frequent attendee at many conventions, especially on the West Coast. I saw him at Valiant or writers panels multiple times before I discovered the podcast. The podcast has good convention coverage, and points out pros and cons of various conventions, if you are planning a trip.

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