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The DancePreneuring Studio is the place where dance inspires life and business. Each session ties the art of dance with your life and business with stories, strategies and tactics from people who are not only dancers and/or choreographers, but also entrepreneurs. This podcast is for people that want to look at their lives and businesses from a different perspective, and specifically from the perspective of the dance world.

The DancePreneuring Studio Annett Bone: Creative Strategist

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The DancePreneuring Studio is the place where dance inspires life and business. Each session ties the art of dance with your life and business with stories, strategies and tactics from people who are not only dancers and/or choreographers, but also entrepreneurs. This podcast is for people that want to look at their lives and businesses from a different perspective, and specifically from the perspective of the dance world.

    The Creativity and Passion of Flamenco with David Gutierrez

    The Creativity and Passion of Flamenco with David Gutierrez

    Welcome to The DancePreneuring Studio. My name is Annett Bone and this is the place that inspires dance, life and business. I get the joy and the privilege of sharing my journey back into the dance world after a 20 year hiatus, the lessons I've learned, the transformation I've experienced and the wonderful creatives I've met along the way who share their stories, their ideas, strategies and tactics that will help move your life and your business forward.

    My special guest today is world renowned flamenco dance artist and choreographer David Gutierrez of Barcelona Flamenco Ballet. I enjoyed our conversation on flamenco, creativity, the importance of self-care as an artist, and more as he prepares to bring his latest work called "Luxuria" to the United States.
    Bienvenido al podcast de dancepreneuring studio. Mi nombre es Annett Bone y este es el lugar que inspira la danza, la vida y los negocios. Tengo la alegría y el privilegio de compartir mi viaje de regreso al mundo de la danza después de una pausa de 20 años, las lecciones que aprendí, la transformación que experimenté y los maravillosos creativos que conocí en el camino que comparten sus historias. , sus ideas, estrategias y tácticas que le ayudarán a sacar adelante su vida y su negocio.

    Mi invitado especial de hoy es el coreógrafo y artista de baile flamenco de renombre mundial David Gutiérrez del Ballet Flamenco de Barcelona. Disfruté nuestra conversación sobre el flamenco, la creatividad, la importancia del cuidado personal como artista y más mientras se prepara para traer su último trabajo llamado "Luxuria" a los Estados Unidos.

     A few takeaways from this session:

    Stay focused with passion and hard work.
    Traveling is an education in itself.
    Time alone doing other movement and activity is great for creativity and new ideas.

    Algunas conclusiones de esta sesión:

    Manténgase enfocado con pasión y trabajo duro.
    Viajar es una educación en sí mismo.
    El tiempo a solas haciendo otros movimientos y actividades es excelente para la creatividad y las nuevas ideas.

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    Barcelona Flamenco Ballet


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    How to Cultivate the Effective Habits of a Champion

    How to Cultivate the Effective Habits of a Champion

    Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character. -T. Alan Armstrong-

    My accomplished guest today is no stranger to winning events. At the time of this recording, his most recent win is his 6th World Title from Freestyle Session. He holds the most titles in the history of this event, that happens worldwide featuring some of the best dancers in hip hop.

    His remarkable winning streak started early on, accumulating over 100 first place titles before the age of 25. He continued onto working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry such as Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, Christina Aguilera and The Black Eyed Peas to name a few, as well as being featured in movies, commercials and fulfilling a bucket list dream of being a main character on the Sony PlayStation Game Bboy.

    He is also the CEO and Founder of the Dance/Athletic/Lifestyle Brand called Sickstep Inc. and although based currently out of Atlanta, Georgia, he continues to be sought out from all over the world as a dancer, choreographer, educator and judge.

    If you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia area, go check out his breaking classes at Crumbs Dance Academy and if you’re not, I still recommend you check out more about him. :)

    A few takeaways from this session:

    Focus on the basics and foundation to build your craft
    Preparation and consistency in your habits
    Learning to work as a team while utilizing your individual skillsets
    Work ethic is critical

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    Links from this session:

    Bboy Crumbs Website

    Bboy Crumbs on Soundcloud

    Style Elements Crew

    Killafornia Crew


    Freestyle Session
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    How to Optimize The Creative Mindset Inspired by Monet and Banksy

    How to Optimize The Creative Mindset Inspired by Monet and Banksy


    "Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas." -Donatella Versace-

    If you compare two artists as different as Monet and Banksy, it would be no surprise that there would be opposing, conflicting opinions because of their artistic styles. Nonetheless, they are both creative and evoke a variety of emotions from their works.  In this session of The DancePreneuring Studio, I share 7 tips on how to optimize the creative mindset based on my wonderful experiences at the Monet Expo and Banksy exhibit in Los Angeles.

    7 Takeaways from this session:

    How can you create your environment to serve you best? Minimal or lots of things around that inspire you and bring your joy? Some of your tastes might be informed by culture, a love for a certain person, place or thing. For example, a friend of mine loves flamingos, disco balls and pom poms, so she has those objects in her surroundings. Monet was warm with comforting colors and his art taking you to beautiful experiences and places. In contrast, Banksy was confrontational, dark and mysterious.
    How can you add value and find ways to engage in your business and personal relationships? Both Monet and Banksy exhibits included additional VIP experiences like the coloring and displaying our art on the wall, and the virtual reality tour, and a souvenir poster to commemorate our experience.  For business and personal might be a quick phone call or a handwritten note. 
    What can you let go of that will take weight off your shoulders? I am reminded of the Banksy piece of the girl with the heart balloon. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of even good things but are you sacrificing great for good. This takes time to discern and can be different for the various seasons in your life.
    Instead of being quick to judge how about being quick to think compassionately? Extending grace to others and to yourself.
    What are some therapeutic activities you can do? Not to overwhelm by adding more things but things that give you some relief.
    Easing into versus rushing into–knee jerk reaction vs strategic intention. For example, I appreciated the sense of calm and ease of entering the Monet exhibit first with the setting of the music, then his life and artwork simply hung on the walls. The Banksy exhibit was quite the opposite. The contrast between light and dark was abrupt, things were in your face all over the place. This was still strategic because that is what is representative of his art.
    Destroying things might make them better.  For example, destroying bad habits, brings room for creativity and more ideal habits. Erase, replace and embrace what moves you forward to be more creative.


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    Wisdom and Inspiration on Dance at The World Choreography Awards

    Wisdom and Inspiration on Dance at The World Choreography Awards

    To create one's own world takes courage
    -Georgia O'Keeffe

    It takes courage to create.  It takes courage to be vulnerable, to share your art with the world. Courageous is one word I would easily use to describe the artists in attendance at The World Choreography Awards that took place in December 2021 at The Globe Theater in Los Angeles. Wisdom and inspiration were abundant throughout my conversations with attendees and award nominees/winners that I am excited to share in this latest podcast session.




    A few takeaways from this session:

    It's important to honor and know dance history, and where dance forms originate from.
    Events like The World Choreography Awards are important to continue celebrating the work and creativity that goes into dance media.
    Taking care of mental health needs to continue being forefront in dance and other creative arts.
    Keep creating and supporting other creators and collaborators.
    The importance of mentorship and training the next generation will help the longevity and integrity of dance and art.

    Links from this session:

    World Choreography Awards

    Manos Public Relations

    Katy Tate

    Kent Boyd

    Joya Kazi

    Saleema E. Knight

    Christian Vincent

    Chloe Arnold

    Marika Soderlund-Robison

    Christopher Scott

    Carmit Bachar

    Katherine Dunham

    Moncell Durden

    Classical Indian Dance
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    How To Effectively Lead Yourself and Others to More Success

    How To Effectively Lead Yourself and Others to More Success

    "The true mark of a leader is the willingness to stick with a bold course of action — an unconventional business strategy, a unique product-development roadmap, a controversial marketing campaign — even as the rest of the world wonders why you're not marching in step with the status quo. In other words, real leaders are happy to zig while others zag. They understand that in an era of hyper-competition and non-stop disruption, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to stand for something special."
    -Bill Taylor

    My guest on this session is Emeroy Bernardo, dancer and CEO of Vision Paradox and Artistic Director/Founder of Temper Tantrum Dance Company.  He stands for something special and is special in the dance, creative and entrepreneurial world which is why he’s been able to accomplish many things and continues to do so.

    Our conversation on leadership started from a comment that I made about being reminded of his leadership journey, then referring to my leadership lessons episode on Session #217, then him expressing that he could say a lot about that topic.

    So, this episode came from that initial exchange and I am so glad to share his insights. He is a great example of how to effectively lead yourself and others to more success.

    He stood in the gap for me and his other students when I met him coming back to dance in 2014, taking his classes, being challenged but also being encouraged. That is a mark of a true leader.

    If you want to know his background, listen to my other episodes that are linked on the bottom and if you search for his name, Emeroy Bernardo, you will come across other interviews, his top selling dance courses on Udemy, as well as his channels on YouTube.
    A few takeaways from this session:

    Being an effective leader starts with leading yourself
    Be intentional with your self-care and a morning routine
    Enjoy your process
    Be the example
    Create a safe space for open communication and expression
    Stay curious and learn something new
    Don't be so attached to the outcome
    Strike a balance between being serious and having fun
    Be aware of your self-talk
    You have more control than you think over leading your own life

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    Links from this session:

    Emeroy's Courses on Udemy

    Emeroy's YouTube Channel

    Vision Paradox Instagram


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    Leadership Lessons from Freestyle Session

    Leadership Lessons from Freestyle Session

    Leadership is lifting a person's vision to high sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations. —Peter Drucker

    To be an effective leader for others, the most important person is to first lead yourself. This session covers the following leadership lessons I gleaned from attending Freestyle Session 2021 in Los Angeles, a yearly event going down for the past 25 years in over 40 countries worldwide, representing every element of Hip Hop and street dance.
    Leadership lessons from Freestyle Session:

    Timing is key with dance moves and with leadership. Leaders are sensitive to timing. “There is timing in everything. Timing in strategy cannot be mastered without a great deal of practice.” – Miyamoto Musashi 
    Teamwork: Even if you are not a leadership "position," you are part of a team and your example is still impactful.
    Support: Do you have a support system in the different areas of your life? If not, do you have a plan to seek some out? Leaders provide sustained support for their teams. Leaders also know how to ask for support.
    Strategy and Tactics: A leader is forward focused. A leader is mission driven and has a plan. Not perfection but progress.
    Confidence is contagious. Not arrogance. As a leader, you inspire with confidence.
    Seize the moment but also savor it. This goes back to timing. Also enjoying the present moment.  Leaders plan for progress but enjoy the journey. There were many magical moments at this event.  Check out the Instagram profile for some amazing shots.
    Practice in private doesn’t mean it’s less important or you’re less important because people don’t notice you. This was prevalent in the smaller cyphers of people practicing for practice sake. Absorbing the energy of the event to refine their craft. Leaders do things because they have a mission, regardless if others notice or not.
    Moments and pauses: Leaders, and that can include dancers, know that moments and pauses are important. Business is not all about business. Great leaders have reverence for humanity. 
    Being an example for the next generation. No doubt there are things leaders deal with behind the scenes but because it is required for a leader to keep the company going, the necessities get executed.
    An ode to honor for the people that paved the way: Leaders give reverence to people that were there before them. 
    Expression vs impression: As a leader, what is your mission? To express your message or impress because of ego? This can be interchangeable depending on the context, however, a leader that is focused on their mission and message is already impressive and doesn't need to try to be perceived as such.

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

Pink Lady Jazz ,

Loving these sessions!

As a young dancer, I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. Now, because of podcasts, and other creative platforms like these, I know better. Annett is easy to listen to. She offers different perspectives and simple solutions for complex problems. And, she stresses the importance of simply being a good human being.

-Erin Pride, Dance Boss Podcast

a-jay1 ,

The force is strong with this one

I knew when I saw Annette speak for the first time she was special. This podcast is no different. Simply spectacular, love the passion in everything you do 😘 -Anthony Hayes

oreetjs ,

Love the show!

I stumbled upon this and absolutely loving it! Annett is a dynamic interviewer and so natural. I especially love the Dance and Fitness episode as she was raw and transparent. Het guests are extremely insightful and she asks really great questions. Thanks Annett!

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