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A Legacy Format Focused Magic The Gathering Podcast

The Dead Format Podcast Thomas Smiley and Ian McKeown

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A Legacy Format Focused Magic The Gathering Podcast

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5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Hfhkkgv5555 ,

Best legacy cast

Great Legacy content. Meta and tournament breakdowns, deck dumps, excitement for new/fringe decks, and warm miller lite.
Not pretentious or condescending, which is apparently a requirement for new legacy podcasts. Glad Tom and Ian didn’t get that epic memo

Chrisbacheen ,

I don't even play legacy

My 2nd fav legacy podcast. Keep up the good work

Corijo ,

Great podcast

But can you guys PLEASE describe the cards your discussing. In the Ravnica review you talk about how Emergency Powers will not make an impact without giving us the casting cost, colors, type, OR EVEN THE NAME OF THE CARD!!! All we got was something like “it’s a twister with when you cast this put something into play with cc 7 or less.” I’m not always at a computer when I listen to to you and I can’t understand your criticisms of a card when I’m trying to guess what it does the whole time. To me when someone says “it’s a twister” I’m thinking a 3 Mana blue spell with put a 7 cc into play!??!?? Sounds bonkers.

After that you roll into your opinions on “Kaya” leaving us to piece the whole card together from context. It’s really difficult, for me at least, to keep up with what you’re saying while trying to mentally construct an entire card from only context clues.

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