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Welcome to The Everyday Millionaire podcast.

The podcast to learn exactly what it takes to create the wealth you need to support the dreams you desire…for yourself, your family, your community.

Your journey to becoming an Everyday Millionaire begins now.

The Everyday Millionaire Patrick Francey

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Welcome to The Everyday Millionaire podcast.

The podcast to learn exactly what it takes to create the wealth you need to support the dreams you desire…for yourself, your family, your community.

Your journey to becoming an Everyday Millionaire begins now.

    Episode #79 – Shane Melanson– Clarity and Commitment

    Episode #79 – Shane Melanson– Clarity and Commitment

    “If you’re investing $500 here or $1000 there you’re hoping for a gimmick. If you go all in on something, you’re committed; you’re focused.” – Shane Melanson

    Shane Melanson is the host of The Investing Advantage and the founder of Melanson Developments, a commercial real estate development and investment firm in Calgary AB.

    Shane has authored 2 books - Club Syndication, How the Wealthy Raise Money and Invest in Commercial Real Estate and Evolve, Your 90 Day Growth Plan.

    He is focused on helping professionals and business owners make smarter investing decisions. Creating financial abundance by investing like the wealthy through value-add, commercial real estate opportunities.

    For the past 15 years, Shane has completed more than $260M in transactions for his clients and $65M in personal real estate transactions.

    He has worked with publicly traded companies like Melcor Developments, First Capital, and Sun Life Financial, Hedge Funds and some of the wealthiest families in both Canada and the US. But today he’s focused on helping everyday people invest like the wealthy in commercial properties.

    Shane lives in Calgary with his wife Kelly and 3 kids where he’s able to take his kids to school and no longer misses birthdays or dance recitals due to work and travel.




    Show Notes

    [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest in the REIN Member Series: Shane Melanson

    [03:56] Shane and Patrick get going on today’s conversation and what Shane’s been up to most recently.

    [5:58] In addition to podcast host, Shane is a two-time author. He talks about the purpose behind them, the process and the unexpected gifts in writing his second book Evolve.

    [10:52] Shane explains his beginnings in real estate in Whitecourt, Alberta, his early “genius”, his lessons, and getting started in commercial real estate

    [13:31] Although it wasn’t a noticeable difference for him until this conversation, Shane shares what he feels was the difference for him as a commercial lender surrounded by highly successful investors, that made him take the extra step to put his learnings into real action.

    [16:46] Shane delves into his background, where his entrepreneurial spirit stemmed from, and by losing trust (and money) through a failed investment he was fueled to take charge of his own future.

    [22:22] As a father now himself, Shane shares how his relationship with his father has evolved and the great support from his mother.

    [23:57] An unlikely introduction to real estate through a city job.

    [25:05] Shane explains who and what lit a fire under him to get on the investment property train and purchase his first properties in Calgary.

    [27:30] Shane describes his start with commercial real estate and the learning opportunities that came with a scattering of investment deals and strategies.

    [29:51] What Shane is currently working on, where he invests and the type of development he and his partner undertake.

    [33:22] Shane talks about how he raises capital and the way in which he approaches his development deals with investors.

    [35:30] In working to their inherent strengths, Shane and partner find success with complementary skillsets.

    [38:31] From his own experience, Shane feels mentorship can’t be about the pursuit or a one-way street it’s more of an unquenchable curiosity that unfolds.

    [42:34] Shane discusses his morning routine and how he approaches professional development.

    [44:55] Patrick and Shane have a robust conversation about intentional friendships, cleaning up relationships, and distinguishing anchors vs. accelerators.

    [50:53] Self-care: what Shane does, and what it does for him.

    [52:19] Shane talks about the investments he makes in himself and the commitment he has to his life and...

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    Episode #78 – Nev Lapwood – Stomped It

    Episode #78 – Nev Lapwood – Stomped It

    “People talk about millennials being lazy, and there’s definitely lazy millennials out there but there’s lots of not lazy millennials. It really comes down to the choices they make. A lot of it for me is about execution. Ideas are not the problem, it’s execution. It’s about the time to execute on the ideas we already have.” – Nev Lapwood

    Growing up in New Zealand, Nev had a passion for snowboarding. After finishing university, he chased an endless winter between Canada and NZ snowboarding 200+ days a year.

    In 2007 Nev started his business, Snowboard Addiction with a few PDF manuals and some low-quality videos teaching people how to snowboard through the internet. The content and quality rapidly expanded to reach snowboarders around the world. Through coaching and producing tutorials, he found the need for snowboard training equipment to bridge the gap between training, watching tutorials at home and putting tricks down on snow.

    In 2015 Nev appeared on the hit Canadian TV Dragons Den, a TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to investors. He was offered deals from 4 of the 5 dragons. After 12 years of growth and progression, Snowboard Addiction is the world leader in snowboard training equipment and snowboard tutorials. Being an online based business, Snowboard Addiction has been able to scale the business with a very small team of staff and reach customers globally. They now also produce ski training equipment under the name Ski Addiction.

    In addition to Snowboard Addiction Nev is an avid investor with interests in real estate, restaurants, other businesses and the stock market.

    Nev lives in Whistler, Canada with his wife Bex and their 2 mini snowboarders Brynn and Jaxx. He is the CEO of Snowboard Addiction and Ski Addiction and snowboards every powder day. He continues to star in most of the tutorials which are watched by millions of snowboarders worldwide.




    Show Notes

    [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest in the REIN Member Series: Nev Lapwood.

    [04:00] Nev and Patrick get rockin’ and rollin’ right away with New Zealand vs Australia, the funny happenstance of meeting his wife Bex.

    [06:08] Nev’s short but sweet elevator pitch, and literally following his #1 passion to success.

    [08:49] Taking it back to his childhood in New Zealand, Nev explains how his passion on the slopes got started and how the challenges only fueled his motivation.

    [13:05] Though not from an entrepreneurial background, the impetus for Nev starting his own businesses from a young age was his parents’ assertion he needed to create his own finances for the things he wanted to buy or do. A practice he intends to carry on with his own kids.

    [16:15] At 10 years old, Nev found something he was good at, then discovered he could have fun AND make money while doing it which created an entrepreneurial spark that continues to stay brightly lit.

    [18:10] From his vantage point in Whistler, BC and in general, Nev shares his view on whether kids are handed too much by their parents and a slightly different New Zealand perspective.

    [22:24] Nev’s journey to Canada and carving a path as a snowboarder (which meant all decisions were based around more snowboarding).

    [25:37] Realizing the power of attaining the goals he had set in high school, Nev set out to attain bigger goals and start making money using his natural gifts and passions. Snowboard Addiction is born!

    [27:44] Back in 2007, Nev was certainly ahead of the curve creating educational videos on the internet. His interest in self-development provided the groundwork and his business prowess had him asking the right questions to scale a business instructing people how to snowboard and improve their skills.

    [30:50] Nev shares the business’ beginnings,

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    Episode #77 – Shenan Charania – An Incredible Apprenticeship for Significant Contribution

    Episode #77 – Shenan Charania – An Incredible Apprenticeship for Significant Contribution

    “That’s another part of the healing journey. For me it looks like – you can’t change your past, what’s the next best thing you can do? You can change somebody else’s future.” – Shenan Charania

    Shenan Charania works as a Transformative Leadership and Performance coach. His work is about pointing his clients to explore their fundamental potential, then helping them live what they discover out in the world in the most creative, effective and sustainable way possible.

    Shenan has reinvented himself throughout his life always searching for a deeper and more meaningful connection to his soul. 

    After moving with his family to Vancouver Canada at the age of 11 and facing a deep culture shock amongst other unseen challenges in this new country, Shenan found himself reacting to his environment with aggression which led to him making poor choices early in life. Before he could fully grasp the results of these choices, he found himself in a destructive, gang-related lifestyle.  

    He led himself back out of what seemed like an impossible journey from a life filled with confusion and pain to achieve his dream of owning his own business. 

    At age 29, he was the owner of a restaurant that was doing incredibly well but he found himself not fulfilled with his surroundings. He felt stuck and confused. It was then that he discovered his true passion and it was in the service of others. 

    Shenan now works with men, women and families who are willing to explore themselves and live from their highest capacity in the most ordinary and inevitable way, helping them design their lives with less restrictions, deeper connections, and meaningful experiences that is completely unique to them. He also volunteers his time to work with youth at risk inside of schools, and in external programs alongside teachers, police officers and community leaders helping to bring awareness, solutions and creating opportunities for a more inclusive, transparent and functional society.




    Show Notes

    [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM Guest: Shenan Charania

    [03:46] Shenan and Patrick get things rolling with Shenan expanding on the podcast introduction to explain what he does and how he describes Transformative Coaching.

    [07:04] Patrick and Shenan dive into a discussion on why and how someone would seek out a transformative coach but as Shenan also points out – “when” is also an important consideration. Getting from good to great.

    [11:21] Shenan’s approach with his coaching has changed some in the last few years. He sets a baseline with his clients to help get them grounded and clear on who they are and how they’re creating their reality. That significantly broadens the creative space from where they can explore and expand the new reality they seek to create.

    [13:37] Shenan shares his perspective on how his style of coaching is of benefit and value to anyone who is looking for extraordinary results. He shares the #1 thing people need most in any scenario whether relationships, health, leadership, finances, self-care or business.

    [17:05] The distinction between the brain and the mind. The brain is the hard drive, the mind powers the brain. Shenan works with people to direct them to hang on less and less to thoughts they “think” are important so that they may create space for a calm and clear mind.

    [20:33] Stress and worry will contract our mind and limit our ability to problem solve effectively. Shenan suggests we look at ourselves as the laboratory. Let thoughts run their natural course and dissipate instead of cluttering our minds.

    [22:19] Parking this part of this conversation with a final note: indecision is really the decision to not make a decision. It is still a decision and it may be more appropriate and powerful to press pause.

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    Episode #76 – Janet LePage – We Are Going to Fail to Succeed

    Episode #76 – Janet LePage – We Are Going to Fail to Succeed

    “If we can show the rest of this nation in North America, the world, that you can make money which is what this industry is about, but do it while improving the quality of lives of others, that is my why. Without question I am here to create wealth for my investors...but while improving the lives of the people who live and work in our properties.” – Janet LePage




    Show Notes

    [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest: a returning appearance from Janet LePage.

    [03:57] Patrick and Janet pick up where they left off from their episode two years ago; Janet’s company Western Wealth Capital with a portfolio of half a billion dollars in real estate, shooting for $1B and 10,000 units in 3 cities, and now closing in on a $2B portfolio and 15,000 units in 5 cities.

    [05:54] Although Janet’s life with a husband, two young kids and a booming business should feel “busy”, Janet explains why she feels the least busy and most effective she has ever been. And why, she has carefully selected this time and medium to share her journey and be of support to listeners. It all ties together.

    [10:09] With her days equally as full as they were a year ago, Janet shares the important distinction of why they now “feel” less busy.

    [14:06] While her learning curve remains as steep as always, the work Janet has done to elevate her resilience and self-management has simultaneously and significantly risen; this prohibits adversity from knocking her out.

    [16:28] High achieving leaders consistently say no to more than they say yes. Prioritizing family and self-supports feeds Janet to keep her healthy and strong.

    [17:58] Janet and her Executive Assistant employ a method they call pencil scheduling and pen scheduling. One of the non-negotiable pen events includes “think time” which can take many forms but consistently provides clarity and progress.

    [21:03] What is the primary way Janet learned to be this laser-focused to run her schedule as intentionally as she does instead of her calendar running her?

    [23:15] Janet shares the routine she has for her personal time at 5AM. Two important, firm components: no phone, no email.

    [27:02] As her business has grown, Janet still fights fires, but she recognized the level of the fire had to change. She actively chose to build a new skill set in visioning and strategy to drive the company forward at their desired pace. Fires cause reaction [distraction] which she no longer had time for.

    [29:28] Figuring out how to keep her family at the forefront with pen time, presence and quality vs. quantity, plus a heated discussion about the word “should” and the “should-ers”.

    [34:48] Patrick shares a story from one of his coaches which illustrates how his relationship with his son was positively impacted by honouring his commitment to be present and together.

    [36:40] Making a choice about what our priorities are going to be, unequivocally means something else will have to shift or be delegated. We can’t do it all.

    [38:03] Janet explains and shares how she and her husband invest in their marriage as they both run their own companies and consciously choose to have full lives. Having a firm foundation in marriage and family sets the tone for the other facets of Janet’s life.

    [40:32] Janet and her husband run completely different businesses, but they share in the commonality of being entrepreneurs and the high-highs and low-lows that come with that journey.

    [42:38] We are going to fail to succeed. With the growth rate she and her company expect to achieve, Janet also expects to double the amount of failures to get there.

    [44:10] Janet’s why for why the company is here now has evolved into something much more meaningful which is also why it will continue to grow.

    [47:42] How making a difference in the lives of ...

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    Episode #75 – Nick Legault – Persistence and Irrevocable Commitment

    Episode #75 – Nick Legault – Persistence and Irrevocable Commitment

    “Look for opportunities to be challenged and practice persistence, because it is through this persistence that you push through and get to the result that you’re looking for. It’s not easy, nothing is given on a silver platter. You have to see yourself as a limitless opportunity. If you don’t quit, you’re going to get there.” – Nick Legault

    Nick Legault, is the founder and CEO of Building Investments Inc. He’s also the REIN Canada award

    winner of Multi-Family Investor of the Year, Co-Venturer of the Year, and Leslie Cluff (Most Prominent Player) of the Year in Ottawa.

    Nick holds an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, and an honours certificate in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa. After school, Nick went to work as design engineer and project team leader for a start up waste-to-energy engineering company in Ottawa. 


    He started his investing career part-time in 2008, at 25 years old, immediately after graduating from university, with the purchase of a 2-bedroom condo.  Now a full-time real estate investor and developer, Nick focuses on acquiring properties to build, renovate and owns multi-million-dollar apartment buildings in Ottawa, ON. His company, Building Investments, broadly specializes from land acquisition, to planning and design, to construction project management, and property management.  


    Nick is a speaker on multi-family investing, and most proud of his coaching students who have bought multi-family properties.




    Show Notes

    [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest in the REIN Member Series: Nick Legault

    [03:59] Keeping it simple and light, Nick lays out what it is he does.

    [05:26] Looking back to 10 years ago, Nick shares the catalyst that brought him to the world of real estate investing. A crash course on stocks and economic downturns.

    [08:16] Although Nick is an engineering graduate, a big influence in university was the only book he has ever read cover to cover – Rich Dad Poor Dad. Two major take-aways: buy real estate, own your own business.

    [09:31] Working in construction during high school gave Nick an inside look at what could be done with houses, while engineering provided him the know-how with numbers – two more critical pieces to his real estate investing.

    [11:20] Nick shares a bit about where he grew up in small town Ontario and his evolution into entrepreneurialism through childhood challenges and choosing to create his own path.

    [14:43] Nick opens up about the challenges he faced with family illness and divorce at a young age. These adversities forced him to mature quickly and caused him to do a lot of emotional and conscious reflection. Nick views these events as a blessing in his life.

    [16:46] Nick and Patrick discuss the paths that any emotional challenge can lead us down. For some, they find a way through to deal with it and come out the other side. For others the adversity becomes the reason they cannot move forward in life. For Nick, it was the former.

    [19:03] Nick takes us on a journey back to 2008 when he lost his first engineering job but invested in and embraced his own personal development through Millionaire Mind. He further shares his winning formula to get to his destiny.

    [23:05] Ten years later, is this formula still deeply embedded in Nick’s mindset?

    [24:11] Extreme ownership. Nick shares his belief in this concept and how it shows up for him.

    [27:19] Nobody said this ride called life would be easy. Practice persistence.

    [28:38] Reviewing an important perspective from former TEDM guest Alan Cahn. Limitless opportunity.

    [30:35] Success: how Nick defines this for his own full life experience.

    [32:05] Nick shares the resources and practices he applies to his growth and development.

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Episode #74 – Jules Mckenzie – Honour and Integrity

    Episode #74 – Jules Mckenzie – Honour and Integrity

    [In the face of adversity] “I just knew there was a task to be done and there was a significant amount of pressure around that. But we don’t give up and we don’t give in and we don’t cave. I made an obligation and I’m going to live up to that.” – Jules McKenzie

    Jules Mckenzie has been in the business of real estate investing in the Orillia and Barrie areas for over 17 years. His strategy has been buying and holding residential real estate and he currently holds 20 investment properties. His portfolio is a mix of single-family condominium town homes and small multifamily buildings. Together with his beautiful wife Ange, Jules has raised the money to buy his properties with joint venture investors and they continue to manage these properties on their own.

    Alongside his real estate investing business, Jules has also worked as a Police Officer for 29 years. For 11 of those years he worked with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and subsequently moved to where he is currently works with the Rama Police Service. Rama Police Service happens to be focus of the A.P.T.N. series: Tribal Police Files which followed Jules and team during season 2.

    In this episode Jules shares his investing knowledge and experience, how he acquired his portfolio along with a tremendous story of lessons learned, adversity overcome and gratitude within it all.




    Show Notes

    [02:07] Patrick introduces his next guest in the REIN Member Series: Jules Mckenzie.

    [04:39] Jules and Patrick get to work straight away and open the door to Jules’ elevator pitch.

    [05:15] Jules touches on a bit more of what he’s up to, including raising his new dog Peaches![07:07] In addition to a real estate investor, Jules is also a police officer and he shares how his father’s encouragement and inspiration led him on his path to work with the Rama First Nation.

    [08:45] Jules’ path to real estate investing began in 2001 with a U.S. infomercial and a couple of houses that added up to a lot of debt. After an introduction to REIN and a mind-blowing REIN event, Jules found hope, systems and direction which started to turn things around.

    [12:40] Although Jules’ wife Ange wasn’t fully on board after their first experience, she came to understand REIN’s value in educating Canadian investors about Canadian real estate and 17 years later they are still going strong!

    [14:09] Jules talks more about his background, his challenging childhood on the reserve in Quebec where his father served as Chief for 18 years, then his decision to move off the reserve.

    [16:50] At the other end of the road in Ottawa, Jules had to learn how to navigate and integrate into life outside of the reserve into a big city. He describes it as a bit like the scene from Crocodile Dundee. [take that reference back to 1986!]

    [19:19] As an early aptitude test suggested, while studying to be a counsellor, Jules found his true calling with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Service and quickly moved through training to become an officer.

    [21:41] After his father fell ill Jules transferred to a detachment to be closer, and there he began coaching a young officer who had become jaded with his career. Together they investigated a new opportunity with the Mnjikaning Police Service, now called Rama Police Service. There, Jules refined his calling.

    [27:02] In the first phase of Jules’ move, still working as an OPP officer, his dedication and integrity to the service was stretched to the point of breakdown with the heavy responsibility to train four young officers. Time for a change, and a transfer to Rama Police Service.

    [29:16] Jules explains what motivated him to pursue real estate investing and dive in wholeheartedly.

    [33:32] Yah, but what was the real tipping point behind the motivation?

    • 1 hr 18 min

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