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Secrets, best practices, and lessons of a $100M+ Revenue DTC and eCom Facebook Expert.

The Facebook Disrupter Charley Tichenor

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Secrets, best practices, and lessons of a $100M+ Revenue DTC and eCom Facebook Expert.

    The Coach Yu Show - Facebook Ads Secrets with Charles Tichenor

    The Coach Yu Show - Facebook Ads Secrets with Charles Tichenor

    1) 1:36 What was it like to have a 7-figure daily budget on Facebook?

    2) 2:32 What are the most common mistakes that prevent people from scaling up from a $1,000 - $2,000 daily ad budget? 

    3) 4:09 Tell us more about your systemic approach to testing that is less trial and error and more architecture based

    4) 5:47 "How do we structure our campaigns now, given that Facebook's a smart machine learning system, given that it's not one-off offers and it has to be evergreen? Talk about how important it is to have 50 conversions per ad set."

    5) 8:07 "What is the ideal campaign structure?"

    6) 10:36 "Back to campaign structure. You're saying within a conversion objective campaign, you're having multiple ad sets; one broad, one or two look-alikes, and maybe a custom audience or two?"

    7) 12:10 Are you willing to scale on less than one ROAS if you know that there are unattributed sales that are flowing into other channels or there's a higher PV? and how do you account for things like iOS14? What have you noticed in terms of maybe fewer sales or attribution, or changes in the algorithm?

    8) 13:55 What do you do to account for discrepancies? Do you just accept a higher CPA

    9) 15:33 How do we triangulate between Facebook ads, Google Analytics, Shopify, events manager, Google Tag Manager, and all these other 'conflicting' sources?

    10) 17:29 We talked briefly about re-marketing, and how most of the conversion optimization if we choose conversions as the objective, will come through broad and look alike. Then what do we do with email and web custom audiences?

    11) 18:49 Why don't you use re-marketing audiences?

    12) 20:07  "You've been focusing mostly on conversion as the objective whether it's a tripwire, or a core offer, or an add-to-cart or something like that- what about top and mid-funnel objectives? How does that play in?"

    13) 22:13 What I want to distinguish is between content that's about the conversion versus choosing the conversion objective, and do they go together?

    14) 24:47 "What about using lead ads to be able to collect emails, and re-marketing from email to a sale?"

    15) 26:06 "Talk about what industries you see are really popping right now, or the ones you're working with."

    16) 28:35  "You mentioned SAS, what are some of the strategies that you see that are working for SAS companies?"

    17) 30:10 "You did that through Facebook ads?"

    18) 30:23 "What objective did you choose?"

    19) 31:27 "Does it only work on high LTV products or experiences?"

    20) 33:27 "You mentioned there were three things for SAS businesses- the experience, the on-boarding, and what was the third piece?"

    21) 39:48 How do people get a team and processes in place so that they don't have to worry about running the machine anymore- getting content, collecting feedback, UGC?

    22) 43:06 What's the right way to think about content and how do we actually create it?

    23) 46:05  What have you noticed in terms of average costs over the last year or so? Like average CPM, average CPC, average conversion rates?

    24) 49:15 What about things like Dollar a Day? What's been your experience in testing that?

    25) 51:29 "Is there a question you wish you were asked on a podcast?"

    26) 54:47 "Name 10 things that begin with the letter P."

    27) 55:43 "How can people find out more about you?"

    • 57 min
    From Punk Rock Star To Marketing Master

    From Punk Rock Star To Marketing Master

    In this episode, we sit with Charley and talk about his life from punk rockstar to marketing master and Facebook ads wizard.

    • 52 min
    Two Facebook Ad Experts and a Rockstar radio host walk into a room...

    Two Facebook Ad Experts and a Rockstar radio host walk into a room...

    Charley Tichenor has spent nearly a decade of growing 7 & 8 figure business with Facebook Ads, so today Nick picks his brain about the ever-growing and changing platform. They cover everything from strategy, to ad set build, to audience selection, while having a laugh along the way!

    It's an in-depth episode perfect for people who are starting out with Facebook Ads but also those experienced marketers who want to try something new!

    • 1 hr 32 min
    Facebook Ads Are NOT Dead

    Facebook Ads Are NOT Dead

    Are Facebook Ads really dead? We chatted with Charles Tichenor all about the future of Facebook Ads and how you make them profitable in 2022.

    • 7 min
    Spending $100 Million+ on Facebook Ads & More w/ Charley Tichenor

    Spending $100 Million+ on Facebook Ads & More w/ Charley Tichenor

    In this episode of The Snowball Effect, Social Snowball founder Noah Tucker sits down with entrepreneur Charley Tichenor to discuss the latest buzz in the digital world

    • 23 min
    Charley Tichenor; Facebook Top 100 Advertising Expert in the USA.

    Charley Tichenor; Facebook Top 100 Advertising Expert in the USA.

    In today's podcast, we have Charley Tichenor with us. Charley is one of the Top 100 Facebook Advertising Experts in the USA. He has generated 9figures USD in Revenue and has been published in Facebook Success Stories & Case Studies, DTC Newsletter & Utopia. Charley helps businesses and agencies to make Facebook Advertising simple and easy while scaling success.

    Charley started his career as a data entry operator in Hollywood and then transitioned to become a Facebook expert. He went through the process of self-learning and discovered the secrets of getting money from strangers on the internet. He learned the most cost-efficient way to reach many people and monetize their attention. Today Charley is sharing his entrepreneurial journey with us and also sharing his wisdom regarding Facebook so that you could also grow your business by taking full advantage of Facebook advertisements. 

    You will learn from Charley:

    How you should do your Facebook ads after the recent update of Facebook algorithm?

    Which business owners will suffer more and which will win in regards to Facebook ads?

    The formula of business success.

    Applying those practices on Facebook that work well on Google.

    Instagram versus Facebook. Which one is more effective for running ad campaigns?

    How much money a small business should put on Facebook ads?

    Business model and business objective of Facebook.

    Value of Facebook groups.

    How to target people to sell your product or service.

    How Facebook ads work?

    Is organic traffic still relevant?

    Value of understanding your customer and making content for them.

    Value of surrounding yourself with Alphas.

    Importance of investing in your learning.

    How offering high-price things to a customer increases your conversion rate?

    • 49 min

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