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This is a podcast hosted by two geeky kid brothers where they talk about comics, movies, video games and all things geek related with occasional interviews and specials.
You can check out our website, TheGeekGossip.com, and follow @Thegeekgossip_podcast on Instagram!

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This is a podcast hosted by two geeky kid brothers where they talk about comics, movies, video games and all things geek related with occasional interviews and specials.
You can check out our website, TheGeekGossip.com, and follow @Thegeekgossip_podcast on Instagram!

    Blue Beetlemania! (Review, New DC Universe, and more!)

    Blue Beetlemania! (Review, New DC Universe, and more!)

    If there's anything Jack and Artie do best, it's reviews of comic book movies! In this episode, we jump into the new DCU with Jaimie Reyes in the new film Blue Beetle, directed by Angel Manuel Soto and starring Xolo Maruduena!! Tune in for our thoughts on the brand new origin movie with emphasis on family, Easter Eggs to all eras of the Blue Beetle comics, spectacular visuals and more. Be sure to go see Blue Beetle, it's a fun, heartfelt adventure for the whole family!

    • 22 min
    Free Comic Book Day 2023 Part 2! (Featuring Paul Pelletier, Matt Smith, & Rich Woodall)

    Free Comic Book Day 2023 Part 2! (Featuring Paul Pelletier, Matt Smith, & Rich Woodall)

    Jack and Artie's two part Free Comic Book Day mega episode concludes!! LIVE from JETPACK COMICS AND GAMES' FCBD CELEBRATION 2023, we've got three new awesome interviews for a new Geek Gossip epic!!!

    First, we are joined by the legendary artist PAUL PELLETIER! Best known for his historic runs on classic MARVEL and DC characters such as AQUAMAN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, FLASH, HULK and more, Paul's work is iconic and instantly recognizable. He comes onto to the Geek Gossip for the second time to elaborate on the recent work he's been doing in the gaming industry, his opinion on the Guardians movies, some more characters he wishes to work with and more! Paul's just one of the most talented people we've had on the show so definitely check out his work!!

    Next is a great discussion with three-time guest, comic artist extraordinaire MATT SMITH! Popular for his indie series such as FOLKLORDS, LAKE OF FIRE and BARBARIAN LORD, Matt is just about to wrap up his second HELLBOY mini-series, HELLBOY IN LOVE! Join Jack, Artie and Matt as they go behind the scenes of the Hellboy creative process and into the work, career and interests of one of our coolest regular guests!

    Last but certainly not least, coming onto the show for his FIFTH INTERVIEW, is the amazing writer/artist mastermind RICH WOODALL!!! Known all over for original indie characters such as JOHNNY RAYGUN, SGT. WEREWOLF, THE GODS OF BRUTALITY and more, Rich has also done excellent variant covers for both NINJA TURTLES and MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. With his new genre-bending Lucha Libre-Horror series, THE BLOODY RING OF DRACULA coming this Fall, Rich returns to talk about his future projects, his growth as a creator, his history with ERIK LARSEN and more!!

    Huge shoutout to Jetpack Comics, Paul Pelletier, Matt Smith and Rich Woodall for making this terrific episode possible!!!!!

    • 1 hr 11 min
    FCBD 2023 Ninja Turtles Mega Episode! (Featuring Eric Talbot, Jim Lawson, and Steve Lavigne)

    FCBD 2023 Ninja Turtles Mega Episode! (Featuring Eric Talbot, Jim Lawson, and Steve Lavigne)

    For the third year in a row, Jack and Artie brought their mic setup to Jetpack Comics' Free Comic Book Day festival to interview guests and record some awesome content. In part one of a two part mega episode, we start things off with three epic TMNT interviews!

    Our first guest is one of the original Mirage writers and artists, Eric Talbot! All the way from the earliest days of the turtles to the recent IDW content, Eric's instantly recognizable style has been used to tell some of the best Ninja Turtles stories the world has ever known. Eric was great to have on the show and definitely a fantastic interview!!

    Next, we are joined by three time Geek Gossip guest Jim Lawson! Best known as the creator of the villain Rat King, Jim has made tons of awesome indie comics such as the Box City Wallops and Walk Through Dinosaurland, in addition to the awesome work he's done with the Turtles. Jim pretty much kills it with everything he cranks out so he's always been a great person to talk to!

    Last but not least, coming onto the Geek Gossip for a second time is our good friend Steve Lavigne! The one-man-party basis for Michelangelo himself, Steve is legendary for bringing a more cartoony style to the world of Ninja Turtles. He's super nice, hilarious and talented so it was amazing having him on the show!

    Huge shout outs to Eric Talbot, Jim Lawson, Steve Lavigne and Jetpack Comics & Games for making this extraordinary episode possible! Part 2 comes out next week!!!

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Star Wars: Metallica Strikes Back!

    Star Wars: Metallica Strikes Back!

    Huge news this week within the world of Star Wars!! At Star Wars Celebration 2023, not only was a trailer revealed for a new Ahsoka series but three new movies were announced, all set in different eras of the Star Wars timeline. From directors Dave Filoni, James Mangold, and Charmeen Obaid-Chinoy, these movies will all have opening crawls and will be released in 2025, 2027 and 2029. Jack and Artie get into their thoughts on each of the announced films in addition to the Ahsoka trailer and their opinions on the live action portrayals of all the Rebels characters.

    Moving over to the rock music world, pioneering Thrash Metal band Metallica has released their 11th studio album, 72 Seasons. Going closer to their more traditional, '80s thrash roots, this album features 12 new songs that all have something new to offer to Metallica's discography. Jack and Artie are here to talk about all the ups and downs to the new album and how it compares to Metallica's earlier works. Is it a good metal album by modern standards? Do James Hetfield and Kirk Hammet still have it in them to make excellent songs, or is it just another St. Anger or Reload? Listen to hear what we think!

    • 51 min
    Super Podcaster Bros: Honor Among Geeks! (Mario and D&D Reviews)

    Super Podcaster Bros: Honor Among Geeks! (Mario and D&D Reviews)

    Do you like it when Jack and Artie do movie reviews? Are you curious or excited about recent non-superhero blockbusters exploding box offices around the world? Do you like listening to podcasts? If so, this is the episode for you! This week's show features two awesome movie reviews and a great general discussion about the state of nerd cinema in 2023.

    First off, we open by reviewing the brand new animated spectacle from Nintendo and Illumination Studios, The Super Mario Bros.: Movie starring Chris Pratt, Jack Black, Anya Taylor-Joy and Seth Rogen. The hilarious action-packed masterpiece is absolutely revolutionary for video game-to-movie adaptations and we chat about our opinions on the performances, the cool Easter Eggs and what doors this might've opened for gamers in movie theaters.

    Next, we discuss the new action-adventure/fantasy/heist film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, starring Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Michelle Rodriguez and Justice Smith. Based on the fifth edition of the iconic tabletop roleplaying game, the D&D film serves as a nice palette cleanser from the recent stress of interconnected universe franchises. It's a great genre-bender for hardcore fans and casual moviegoers alike, so Jack and Artie are here to elaborate on their deeper opinions.

    On another note, with the two best movies of the year so far being based on a roleplaying game and a video game franchise, both of which being better received than this year's Marvel, Star Wars and DC content, does this mean superhero movies/cinematic universes are on their way out? Is the video game movie takeover really gonna happen? Listen to find out!!

    • 54 min
    Fury Of The Geeks!

    Fury Of The Geeks!

    New episode out now! Join us as we review the latest installment on the DCEU, Shazam!: Fury of the Gods. A long awaited sequel, Jack and Artie discuss their thoughts on this new movie's performances, characters and comparison to its predecessor. We also elaborate on how much of a step up it is from Black Adam, and how a crossover between the Rock's anti-hero and Billy Batson's alter ego will play out in the up ahead third installment

    • 27 min

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11 Ratings

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From across the pond about this Pod:)

Hello, I’m from Scotland and have been looking for a good Podcast like this. Amazing show….!!!! Only request, guys could you put them out a little more frequently? I’ll keep listening so keep the pods coming. If I were a Podcast Player then the Geeks would be my favorite meal. Love it.

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This is the best podcast!!!

I highly recommend this podcast!!!

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