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Success & happiness in life would be so easy if it weren’t for our ego and its survival emotions of fear, frustration, hurt, guilt, anger, and judgment. Join Matt O’Neill each week as he discusses the journey from the ego’s negativity to the authentic peace and joy of the soul. Learn how to overcome the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams.

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Success & happiness in life would be so easy if it weren’t for our ego and its survival emotions of fear, frustration, hurt, guilt, anger, and judgment. Join Matt O’Neill each week as he discusses the journey from the ego’s negativity to the authentic peace and joy of the soul. Learn how to overcome the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams.

    E08: Whole Life Millionaire with Adam Roach

    E08: Whole Life Millionaire with Adam Roach

    Caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, we often end up overlooking the time with ourselves. It is crucial to cultivate a deep connection with yourself to only improve the connection you have with others. Make time to learn about yourself and grow as a person.

    In this episode, Adam Roach, CEO of “I Love Coaching”, shares his tips on what activities you can do to self-connect and create the best version of you.

    Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

    Set aside time for self-improvement activities
    Importance of journaling and reflecting
    Tracking your progress
    Know when and where to direct your energy

    Episode Highlights:

    [5:30] Finding "Me Time"

    Matt and Adam are both morning people. They discovered that the best time to exercise is in the early morning. It can be challenging to find time for yourself, but you may end up feeling lost or burned out if you don't.

    [9:18] The Power of Journaling

    Writing about your day is cathartic. Whether positive or negative, you can release your thoughts and emotions in a journal. Your entries can also serve as messages from your past self to your future self about lessons learned.

    [11:11] Life Audit with Pictures and Reading

    Looking back at old pictures allows you to reflect on what you've learned since they were taken. Reading past journal entries can help you see what has changed, what you can apply in the present, and what you can teach others.

    [16:45] The Importance of Tracking

    Adam learned the value of tracking from his father, an Olympic swim coach. You're telling a story when you're tracking things. Tracking is an excellent tool for self-improvement because it can show you where you've improved and fallen short.

    [24:48] Understanding Your Energy

    We can't give what we don't have, so keep track of your energy. Also know when and where to direct your energy. Strike a balance between giving and taking, energy-wise, to grow as a person.

    Notable Quote

    [31:28] —  [31:33]

    “When my cup is full, I can spill over into others, and when it's empty, I don't have anything to give.” - Matt

    Guest Bio:

    Adam has been a serial entrepreneur and a recruiting junkie for over two decades!  From playing collegiate tennis, to owning his first business in his 20's, Adam recruited and built one of the most dynamic tennis club's in all of Beverly Hills CA.  He later cut his real estate teeth in Los Angeles, with 6 and 7 figure flips.

    In his mid 30's, Adam transitioned to owning and running multiple Keller Williams Realty franchises. Combined, this team led over 700 agents doing nearly $2 billion dollars in total sales.

    In his 30’s he developed a recruiting software and company that has now recruited over 130,000 agents across North America. To date, The I Love Recruiting family of companies includes 4 recruiting platforms (recruiting bridge, xceed, chamber scout, and touchngrow), and the I Love Coaching Company includes 10 1:1 coaches, a monthly group coaching and an evergreen course.

    By the end of 2022, the I Love Coaching Company is projected to have revenues exceeding $8 million, and on track to bring its Vision Statement to life; “To empower Coaches to change 100 million lives.

    For fun, Adam loves traveling and creating experiences with his fiancée Dana Gentry, his 2 kids, Addison and Amelia and the family dogs Frankie and Charli.

    Links to Resources:

    I Love Coaching website

    I Love Coaching Instagram 

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    E07: Mental Toughness with Davon Gilliard

    E07: Mental Toughness with Davon Gilliard

    Reaching your dreams is always going to be a long game. It takes years of discipline and dedication to get closer to the person you want to be and the life you want to live. There will be hurdles along the way, but honing your mental toughness will help you overcome the obstacles that stand between you and success.

    In this episode, Davon Gilliard, the CEO of Can’t Stop Training, LLC, shares his tips on developing mental toughness. With consistency and effort, you can be mentally tough enough to achieve your goals.

    Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

    Put consistent effort into improving
    Elevate your work ethic
    Plan your day around your goals
    Eat healthy and exercise
    Find a coach to guide you

    Episode Highlights:

    [08:18] Increase Your Work Ethic

    Increasing your work ethic involves consistent practice and progress. Adopt the mentality of training to become the best, and develop the confidence to know that you’ve worked hard enough to deserve success. Set concrete goals, plan your day around them, and make intentional choices.

    [21:18] Plan Your Day

    Establish your goals. Find time to meditate and journal or adjust your schedule to make time. Doing these activities for a few minutes a day will compound.

    [26:55] Mind Your Nutrition

    Plan your meals around your nutrition goals. If you work out, you need to eat within 30 minutes of starting. After working out, just a smoothie is fine, but you can also eat carbs and protein. Listen to the full episode for more dietary tips and suggestions!

    [41:35] Get a Coach

    Finding a mentor gives you access to tips and advice on how to improve yourself. It also deepens your understanding of how to better yourself and achieve your goals. Don’t worry so much about what other people think about you.

    Notable Quotes

    [17:29] — [17:34] 

    “The difference between five championships and zero championships is just choices, decisions.” - Matt

    [20:51] — [21:01]
    “You’re focusing on the positive rather than beating yourself up for the negative because as we beat ourselves up, that’s more guilt. And guilt just takes us down even further.” - Matt

    [40:23] —  [40:27] 

    “It’s better to go one day a week to start or two days a week to start, and then build from there.” -Matt

    Guest Bio:

    Davon Gilliard is the CEO and Director of Sports Performance at Can’t Stop Training. He is a member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has received a certification in sports performance. He is passionate about helping people develop their sports performance, skills, and personal fitness.

    Davon has spent much time volunteering with REACH, a health and fitness program designed to educate and train young adults with autism. Davon has also trained high school and collegiate basketball players in skill development. His experience working with different athletes has influenced his coaching style and helped him grow as a health and fitness professional.

    Links to Resources:

    Can’t Stop Training website


    The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran

    High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

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    E06: The Gift of Each Moment

    E06: The Gift of Each Moment

    With all of the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to get caught up in stress and problems. Our thoughts become tangled, our time becomes limited, and our bodies become weary — but even in these moments, there are valuable lessons and abundant blessings. It may just be hard to see them because we become so focused on what we need to do every day that we fail to see all there is to appreciate.

    In this episode, Matt shares about his wife’s failed pregnancies and the powerful lesson they took from their experience: learn to see the silver lining in your suffering and treasure every moment gifted to you.

    Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

    The Power of Choosing Love
    Strengthening your Faith
    Lessons from sadness and loss
    How to learn from life’s challenge
    Free yourself from attachments

    Episode Highlights:

    [00:45] Choosing Between Fear and Faith

    Many people think that everything is owed to us. But we must realize that nothing is owed to us — rather, every moment is gifted to us.

    In Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love, she says that we only ever have one choice: to choose love or not. Choosing love means connecting with God and our souls, and coming into our eternal being.

    [04:07] Strengthening Your Faith

    Strengthening your faith can be done by connecting the dots backward in the darkest moments of your life and putting them into perspective. You will realize that you were being guided in those moments and that you are always being guided by a higher purpose.

    [08:13] The Gift of Sadness

    With God’s guidance, we learn lessons in either of two ways: through wisdom or from experience. If you’re not learning from wisdom, he’ll teach you through experience — these can be difficult to overcome.

    Through his wife’s miscarriages, Matt learned that the point of loss is to teach us not to take anything for granted. Every moment is precious. Treasure what you have and let the people you love know that you love them. Nothing is owed to you so don’t take anything — or anyone — for granted.

    [16:27] Learning From Challenges

    You don’t always need to learn from experience. You can also learn from wisdom, study, and contemplation. Contemplate the lessons in the stories you hear and read. After that, choose to love. Know that challenges are not meant to discourage you; they’re happening for you.

    [30:02] Releasing Major Attachments

    Our egos always have attachments, some of the biggest being money, health, and life. There are some attachments that you need to release for the benefit of your soul. Just remember that you’re okay and that God always has your back.

    Four notable quotes

    [01:57] —  [02:03] 

    “Every moment that we get is gifted to us. Nothing is owed to us.” -Matt

    [11:55] — [12:03] 

    “The point of loss is to teach us not to take any moment for granted. Every single moment is precious.” -Matt

    [27:09] — [27:17] 

    “Resistance is suffering. And what we resist, persists. And if we don’t learn the lesson, we’ll continue to get the exact same lesson.” -Matt

    [29:55] —[29:59] 

    “Problems are a gift sent from God to help you grow.” -Matt

    Links to Resources:
    A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

    The Inner Work by Mat & Ash

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    E05: Healing Your Body by Releasing Emotion with Kim Kolodji

    E05: Healing Your Body by Releasing Emotion with Kim Kolodji

    So many of us carry heavy emotional baggage and experience physical discomfort but chalk it up to simply being part of growing up. What we don’t realize is that in many cases, the two are connected. We’re putting up with physical and emotional pain when we don’t have to.

    In this episode, Kim Kolodiji, a physical therapist and business owner, shares how to tap into our emotions and change our lives for the better.

    Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

    Learn to listen to your body
    Discover how your emotions are linked to your muscles
    Incorporate the Emotional Freedom Technique into your life

    Episode Highlights:

    [01:37] Kim’s Path Down the Steiner Route

    Twenty years into her career in physical therapy, Kim found herself in a slump. She wasn’t getting the results she wanted and her patients weren’t making full recoveries. But in 2011, Kim met Rebecca Steiner of the Steiner Institute and became her apprentice.

    Kim learned how to listen to her patients better, and realized that you don’t have to age with pain. You don’t have to limit yourself in life.

    [11:38] Your Body’s Wisdom

    As opposed to more traditional forms of physical therapy, the “Steiner Route” goes deep into concepts like joint movement and muscle alignment, and how they relate to our emotions.

    By listening to the wisdom of our bodies, we can help heal them. Matt is Kim’s patient as well!

    [21:03] The Science of Emotion

    The longer we keep negative emotions in our bodies, the harder it becomes for our nervous systems to deal with them. Opening ourselves up to high-vibration emotions like joy and peace reflects in our posture.

    [32:35] The Emotional Freedom Technique

    Certain “meridian points” on our bodies are linked to certain emotions. By identifying the root of our emotional pain, we can address our physical pain as well.

    Listen to the full episode to hear Matt and Kim’s discussion on the Emotional Freedom Technique!

    Notable Quotes

    [13:42] — [13:52]
    “The emotions that were stored in my body that were negative were ones I didn't want to admit that I had. That is the issue.” - Matt

    [17:17] — [17:25]
    “I was saying, ‘No, I'm super happy. I love everything that's going on. I'm really positive.’ Subconsciously, my body was saying, ‘Yes, I have anger stored in my body.’ - Matt

    [23:53] — [23:58] 

    “It's just these bad moods that get in the way of us feeling what's at our core already.” - Matt

    [36:21] — [36:28]
    “Even though I'm feeling the emotion of anger, it's okay. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” - Matt

    Links to Resources:

    Kim’s LinkedIn

    Thrive Physical Therapy

    Steiner Institute

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    About the Guest:

    Kim Kolodiji is a physical therapist with 34 years under her belt, as well as an independent business owner. She started Thrive Physical Therapy as a way to provide one-on-one integrative therapy with a focus on helping people achieve their personal rehab and wellness goals.

    Kim’s other ventures include being a licensed massage therapist, an energy healing practitioner, and the owner of a small-business massage and bodywork practice, Awakenings Massage.

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    E04: Overcoming Fear with #1 Coach Steve Gill

    E04: Overcoming Fear with #1 Coach Steve Gill

    So many people are held back by fear. It’s always easier to stay in your comfort zone but that is not where you reach your full potential. To surpass the limits and transform your life, you must push past your fears and reframe how you look at life’s challenges.

    In this episode, Steve Gill, the #1 Coach, shares how to conquer fear and transform your life and business for the better.

    Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

    Discover how to face your fears
    Regain control over your life
    Find out how to thrive in uncertain times
    Overcome challenges
    Learn how to get into a good mood

    Episode Highlights:

    [03:44] How to Deal with Fear

    The first step to dealing with fear is to take notice of how you’re feeling. Fear and faith exist in your mind. While fear causes your mind to run wild, faith is directed focus. Reframing the way you think about fear will give it new meaning because nothing in life has any meaning except the one you give it.

    [10:42] Taking Back Control

    There’s a lot of fear in entrepreneurship; that’s why you need more certainty. Rituals are controllable practices that will help give you a sense of control, thus eliminating fear.

    Rituals plus routine equals peak performance. Giving meaning to your actions can make even the simplest decisions feel incredibly empowering.

    [16:52] Thriving Despite Fear

    Find out what you’re afraid of and ask yourself if you would do it if your fear did not exist. If the answer is yes, then you need to do it. The mark of a great business is how you thrive amidst the chaos and fear.

    [25:00] Meeting Your Worthy Opponents

    Worthy opponents come into your life to help you become the best version of yourself. When you meet people who challenge you, they are meant for you. It’s happening for you — not to you — to conquer that worthy opponent and step up to another level.

    [28:50] Getting Into a Good Mood

    Tony Robbins would say there are only two states of being: the beautiful state and the suffering state. Exercise your emotional muscles by acknowledging when you’re in the suffering state so you can overcome it and get to the beautiful state.

    Notable quotes

    [10:18] — [10:30]

    “The fear is always there. And you’ve talked about it earlier here. You just have to trump the fear, you have to be more powerful than the fear. And you do that with faith. And faith is this directed focus.” - Matt

    [20:28] — [10:30]

    “Conquer this one small hard thing that’s not going to hurt you — it won't hurt you, it’ll help you — and then the rest of your day, the hard things really aren’t that hard to just go ahead and step forward and do them.” - Matt

    [32:19] — [32:26]

    “A mood is not just an emotion and thought patterns in our head. A mood is a full-body experience.” - Matt

    Links to Resources:



    #MAXOUT Your Life by Ed Mylett

    THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, and more…

    About the Guest: Steve Gill is a  Senior Mentor/Platinum Coach, and Master Business Results Trainer, for Tony Robbins. The  top 1% best coaching in the world. He has worked with different  individuals and businesses around the world on almost every topic  imaginable. He  was named Coach of the Year in 2017 and 2019 for his ability to  implement Tony’s strategies and for his impact on his clients.

    • 41 min
    E03: Digging Yourself Out of the Trenches with Shannon Hawkins

    E03: Digging Yourself Out of the Trenches with Shannon Hawkins

    Looking back on your life, you can probably recall at least a few instances in which you overcame obstacles. Whether big or small, they were all a part of your journey. What got you through those difficult situations?

    In this episode, Shannon Hawkins, shares how her faith has helped her through many adversities and how she has received blessings by giving back to others.

    Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

    How to dig yourself out of the trenches
    Dealing with negative moods emotions
    Appreciating all that you have
    Giving back makes room for blessings
    Have faith in God and His plan for you

    Episode Highlights:

    [03:44] Getting Out of Bad Moods

    Many years back, Shannon had to dig herself out of the trenches and talk herself out of many negative situations. Now, people see her gift as helping others with their own life obstacles.

    Shannon was young when her dad died and it affected her tremendously growing up without a Dad. She got pregnant with her firstborn at a very young age. She had to put herself through school and work while raising him. These are only some of the trenches that Shannon had to dig herself out of — and now she is living a beautiful, abundant life.

    [07:04] Dealing with Abandonment

    It might be difficult to realize but when God takes someone from us, He does it to protect us. Matt talks about his appreciation for his mother’s efforts in raising him. Shannon had a similar story when she was hustling to provide for her son at a young age.

    One time, she brought home shrimp to put in their ramen noodles after receiving a bonus and her son considered it a luxury. He was able to see the fruits of his mother’s hard work and seeing him appreciate what was in front of him was a moment Shannon will never forget.

    [12:32] Giving Back to Others

    When her son was around four or five, Shannon didn’t have the money to buy him a Christmas present. She had made a promise to herself that if there came a time that she wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck, she’d give to other people.

    Now, she brings food to families in their communities. She even took in a homeless man named Charles — listen to the full episode to hear her inspiring story.

    [26:17] Shannon’s Faith

    Shannon’s faith became strong because it was about all she had as a young mom. When she had a hard time sleeping, she was advised to pray before going to bed. By continuing to do that, she was able to finally find peace and trust in the Lord.

    Everybody has moments where they doubt if they will be able to overcome hardships. But if God brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it. In the end, it will help you learn and grow.

    Links to Resources:

    THE GOOD MOOD SHOW Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor and more…

    Shannon Hawkins has been voted the best interior designer in Charleston for the past three years. She is the owner of Refresh Your Nest, a company that helps homeowners and real estate professionals to improve the interior of their homes or offices. After spending 15 years in the medical field, she finally tapped into her life-long love of design.

    Her mission is to not only elevate people’s homes but their spirits. She touches the lives of others every single day through the work she does and gives back in any way she can. Outside of design, she enjoys trips to the beach with her family, live music and of course, scouring antique shops for hidden gems.

    • 36 min

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5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Doug-Edgewater ,

It works!

Matt really comes through as genuine and relatable. He does a wonderful job at communicating what is really important and matters. Can’t wait to hear future episodes.

Betsy Pepine ,

Great new podcast

Love this theme and how our emotional pain presents in our body as physical pain. Looking forward to future shows. Great job Matt!

M*Fin ,

5 Stars

Personal, insightful, and relatable. I am really enjoying this podcast.

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