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A weekly look into the Internet's junk drawer with the brothers Roderick.

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A weekly look into the Internet's junk drawer with the brothers Roderick.

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5.0 out of 5
252 Ratings

252 Ratings

Reugh Durgem ,

Impactful in more ways than you can imagine

I'll be frank, I have never listened to this podcast before. Earlier today my friend Logan, who is an avid listener of this podcast told me that the hosts of this podcast talked about their listenership(?) being on a decline. He has fears that the show may not stick around for as long as he would like (which might as well be forever with how much he talks about it). He also told me that subscribing to this podcast and leaving a positive review might help boost the ratings enough to encourage the hosts to keep going, which I am happy to do as I would hate to see such an important (and often overlooked) genre of entertainment disappear.

I hope this review (even if it doesn't help keep the show afloat) will encourage and spark a new flame in the hearts of the hosts to continue this podcast and hopefully make it even better in the future. I actually do plan on listening to the first episode after reading all of the other reviews as this kind of podcast seems right up my alley.

bceBrian ,

Good Bro Show!

These guys are most entertaining because of their great chemistry and interaction. In most episodes they inevitably do tiny flashbacks to when they were kids, and that might be what makes the show so rich. Its most entertaining when one brother makes the other brother really laugh. (same thing I would say about mbmbam)

<Kyle and Kenny Southpark reference.jpg>

- They always make me laugh, or at least put me in a better mood commuting
- Beastie Boys member you've never heard of and brother Kyle seems to love music, which comes through in the show in multiple ways
- Andy Richter understudy and all around good-guy Kenny is always cheerful and funny and laughs and goofs through bouts of bro-ribbing where I might start to get irritated
- great production. The show has a dependable framework of sounds that anchor it and go-to gags and themes that make it so the audience comes along for the ride more and more with each listen
- just when you think Kyle is the serious one, they swap funny man/straight man places for a while
- lots of tech!
- They both have absurdly detailed info on some obscure topics and can pull up names/references faster than a google search
- funny sound bites played at the right time make me laugh now, but they didn’t at first
- not afraid to make an entire show out of a digression haha!
- cartoon-level embellishment on any topic, you can totally picture them riffing on various topics like this when they were growing up
- play them at 1.3 speed with “trim silence” enabled for a hilarious manic effect (I use Casts app)

- any topic can suddenly turn to food. why are they always so hungry?

Ed_San ,

Great Morning Podcast

I've been listening to Morning Show for the last two weeks and I have been loving every minute of it. Kenny and Kyle play off of each other superbly and it truly is a treat to hear them live. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who likes talk-show style podcasts.

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