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Busy moms with happy homeschools.

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Busy moms with happy homeschools.

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jennaleigh1511 ,


As a parent who is researching homeschooling, I did find this podcast helpful. However, being that I have also been educated in both public and private schools (and studied elementary education in college), I felt that the presenters were extremely biased in their podcasting. Most research I have done takes the angle of "formal schooling works great for some, but not for all and your child could flourish in either setting; homeschooling is more one-on-one and more personal." The presenters of this podcast blatantly attack formal schooling and state that the teachers do not like their students. I have to wonder why one would become a teacher if they didn't like their pupils. Additionally, the male presenter was wholly homeschooled (meaning he never attended a public of private school) and he presents information as if he knows and understands how schools actually work. I was subscribed to this podcast, but I found their tones so negative and biased that I couldn't listen to it anymore. If you don't have a problem with outright bias, then maybe you won't mind. I just don't like hearing such negative things about something someone doesn't have any personal experience with.

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