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    Episode 79 — Nakesha Lopez — Baylor Scott & White Health

    Episode 79 — Nakesha Lopez — Baylor Scott & White Health

    Dave is joined by Nakesha Lopez, CHRO and interim Chief Diversity Officer at Baylor Scott & White Health, the largest not for profit healthcare provider in Texas.

    Nakesha speaks passionately about their investment into mental health, wellbeing, coaching, and leadership development programs and the part they have played in letting employees know they are supported.

    She covers her recent focus on metrics to raise retention, vacancy rates, and engagement scores as well as her conviction that everyone is a DEIB leader, and thus must be integrated in our every day. Her team's DEIB priority hones in on active listening, creating a culture of inclusion, and closing gaps in care.

    Nakesha also goes into detail on how her team was able to tackle the industry agnostic talent acquisition crisis, with job openings climbing from 2,700 to 6,000 in a one year span.

    You will love this episode of The Hennessy Report.

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    Episode 78 — Fred Skinner — EVERSANA

    Episode 78 — Fred Skinner — EVERSANA

    Dave is joined by Fred Skinner, the CHRO at EVERSANA, for this episode of The Hennessy Report. He is also joined by Chad Brantner, a Keystone colleague and childhood friend of Fred from the small town of Sycamore, Illinois.

    Fred describes the "ridiculously awesome" culture at EVERSANA and their mission to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry for both patients and providers.

    With 8,000+ employees, Fred says they've "cracked the code" on how to maintain culture while remaining inquisitive by leading with trust. He credits CEO Jim Lang for understanding the weight culture holds on a company and supporting HR initiatives.

    Listen now!

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    Episode 77 — Marcus Buckingham — ADP Research Institute

    Episode 77 — Marcus Buckingham — ADP Research Institute

    Dave is joined by the Head of Research, People + Performance at the ADP Research Institute, NYT Best-Selling Author, and Founder of the Strengths Revolution, Marcus Buckingham.

    Marcus shares his unique perspective on what's right and what's wrong with HR based on positive psychology — studying what's right with people.

    Listen to see if your perceptions will shift after Marcus' view on the immorality of high vs. low potentials, HR's bad data stemming from performance discussions/ratings, and rethinking why your company deserves the best people.

    Marcus also discusses the 15 question "thermometer" he and his team built that yielded insights into the necessity of HR on talent retention.

    Listen to the end to learn a surprising fact about Marcus' journey to becoming the accomplished speaker he is today.

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    Episode 76 — Darren Murph — GitLab

    Episode 76 — Darren Murph — GitLab

    Dave is joined by Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab, a DevOps company and first all-remote organization to go public.

    Darren explains that his role sits at the nexus of people operations and strategic communications, but that it's such a new concept, it actually exists in different departments from company to company.

    CNBC has called Darren “the oracle of remote work” and we learn some of his predictions for the "future of work" such as "meeting hygiene," a focus on asynchronous work, and, of course, increased remote work.

    Darren is truly an expert in organizational design and shaping remote teams. You will truly take away actionable plans and thought provoking perspectives from this episode.

    As Darren says, the most dangerous words of business are, "we’ve always done it that way...”

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    Episode 75 - Dr. Shanita Williams - SNHU

    Episode 75 - Dr. Shanita Williams - SNHU

    In this special edition of The Hennessy Report, Dave is joined by Dr. Shanita Williams, SNHU, in front of a live audience at Strategic HR.

    Shanita's energy and passion draw you in as she shares personal and professional experiences that HR professionals will undoubtedly relate to, and draw inspiration from.

    She explains SNHU's mission to create access to higher education and how the university works with companies to invest in their talent.

    Shanita also goes into detail on programs her team has implemented, including:
    - training employees to carry out culture audits across the company
    - a university-wide recognition platform where 41% of their organization has received some form of recognition
    - developed communities, resulting in a 21 point increase in employees' perceptions of peer relationships

    Shanita has also released a book titled, "Feedback Mentality: The key to unlocking and unleashing your full potential" where she provides a unique perspective.

    You'll love this episode of The Hennessy Report.

    Next up on the podcast is Marcus Buckingham, Head of Research, People + Performance at ADP Research Institute and best-selling author.

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    Episode 74 - Carlos Echalar - CDM Smith & NEHRA

    Episode 74 - Carlos Echalar - CDM Smith & NEHRA

    Dave was joined by Carlos Echalar at NEHRA's first live conference in two years.

    Carlos is the CHRO at CDM Smith and the most recent president of the board of NEHRA. (Fun fact: Carlos is the 4th president of NEHRA's board to appear on the podcast!)

    Carlos discusses NEHRA's executive women's program, of which he was a mentor, CDM Smith's commitment not to layoff or furlough any of their employees due to the pandemic, and their mission to deliver water and infrastructure to all.

    He explains that they are involved in every water treatment plant around the US, and were brought in to aid Flint Michigan.

    NEHRA Events (March 2022):

    Tomorrow 3/10 - Talent Acquisition Summit: https://learn.nehra.com/nehras-talent-summit-march-10th-2022-needham-ma#product_tab_overview

    3/31 - Annual Diversity & Inclusion Awards Gala with FIFA World Cup Champion, activist and best-selling author, Abby Wambach as the keynote speaker: https://www.gala.nehra.com/

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