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A professional counselor and author sharing tips on emotional security, relational health and better mental health.

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A professional counselor and author sharing tips on emotional security, relational health and better mental health.

    238. Just Win the Next Few Moments

    238. Just Win the Next Few Moments

    Life is an incredible journey filled with ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs. It's important to remember that even in our darkest moments, there is always a glimmer of hope. When you feel like giving up, that's often when you're closest to a breakthrough or a positive change. Keep going, for every step forward, no matter how small, brings you closer to your goals and dreams. Embrace the obstacles as opportunities for growth, and let your determination be your guiding light. Remember that you are stronger and more resilient than you realize, and your journey is unique and worth every effort. Keep pushing forward, and you'll discover the incredible strength within you and the possibilities ahead.
    You can keep going.
    Even if you just have to find the energy to make it through the next phase.
    Perhaps, your motto in this phase of life needs to be, "Just Keep Moving!"
    You may be struggling to find meaningful things and good soul care. Life may be challenging for you right now. You don't have to win the whole game right now. You just have to keep moving!

    • 19 min
    237. Myths and Living Satisfying Lives

    237. Myths and Living Satisfying Lives

    Myths are the invisible threads that weave the tapestry of our existence, silently shaping our beliefs, values, and behaviors. These narratives often handed down through generations, are not merely tales of gods and heroes but also intricate stories that guide our understanding of the world. Myths transcend the boundaries of culture, time, and place, offering us a collective framework to make sense of life's mysteries and complexities. They are the compasses by which we navigate the uncharted waters of our lives, providing meaning and purpose in a seemingly chaotic universe. These myths are the guidelines we live by, helping us define our identities and find our place in this world.
    But what happens when our myths are based on flawed data? What happens when our guidelines create more problems in our lives?
    Let's look at the myths we live by and how we might improve our quality of life by examining the myths we live by.

    • 20 min
    236. Obligation, Freedom, Responsibility, and Comfort.

    236. Obligation, Freedom, Responsibility, and Comfort.

    How meaningful do you find your life? How much meaning do you find in the things you are doing repetitively? Do you have the Freedom? We all want Freedom. We also want to feel we are living a meaningful life. When we struggle to balance life, we typically overemphasize Freedom or obligations. We may only find meaning in doing things because we are afraid to rest, or we may only feel that rest is safe because we can feel overwhelmed with our responsibilities.
    Like most things in life, balance is vital. This episode explores the arduous work of finding balance.

    • 10 min
    235. Did It not Work or Do We need to Be Willing to Fail Some More

    235. Did It not Work or Do We need to Be Willing to Fail Some More

    Our lives are full of possibilities. With that comes the potential for failure. When we face failure, we will often face uncomfortable emotions. These emotions can lead us to the conclusion that “it didn’t work.”
    But was that really the problem?
    Did it not work? Or….
    Did we need to keep going until we succeeded? It doesn’t work until it does.
    In this episode, we see life as a long game and how we can often be delayed in accomplishing something because we stopped too soon.
    What happens when we change our relationship to failure?
    What happens when we examine why we started? Exciting things can unfold.

    • 17 min
    Welcome to Summer Break

    Welcome to Summer Break

    Hello Friends, I apologize for not getting this out sooner. I want to let you know I am taking the summer off from new episodes. Be sure to come back in September.
    I look forward to seeing you then.

    • 1 min
    234. Effective & Essential Problem Solving Skills

    234. Effective & Essential Problem Solving Skills

    Life is a series of problems to be solved. It’s time to embrace it as an opportunity to understand a challenge and evaluate solutions. Effective problem-solving techniques are a lifelong learning process that continues moving us forward. As we figure out problem-solving skills, it allows us the opportunity to teach our kids. We can set an example of how to navigate problems, develop solutions and take action.

    • 16 min

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5.0 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

Cfujgsf((,:(8& ,

This is s healthy addition to my day

I have enjoyed these podcasts. It encourages critical thinking and area that I need to question in my own thinking to be a healthier happier individual.

I even like it when he gets all fired up about an issue. :)

Bonnie T

emilyabro ,

Insightful & Practical

Joe Martino brings his experience as a counselor and author to the table in this easy to follow podcast. He delivers complicated information and well thought out strategies in a way almost anyone can understand and apply. If you are looking for practical and down to earth ways to improve your life and relationships, look no further! I would also highly recommend Joe’s book The Emotionally Secure Couple for a more in-depth look at his theoretical framework.

aframehe ,

Very Helpful.

I’ve been hoping for a while that Joe and Erica would do a podcast.🙌. Keep them coming.

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