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Sculpting your body, your mind, your business, your life. It’s all here.

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Sculpting your body, your mind, your business, your life. It’s all here.

    This obese make-up artist lost 140lbs - Interview With Paddy McGurgan - EP100

    This obese make-up artist lost 140lbs - Interview With Paddy McGurgan - EP100

    In 2020, when Covid-19 ravaged the globe and sent us into a tailspin, many people lost all motivation for keeping up with their health and fitness goals. 
    But not this very busy, award-winning professional Makeup Artist from Northern Ireland, Paddy McGurgan. 
    When Covid struck, Paddy was faced with a sudden decision: either finally lose the weight he had been trying desperately to lose with little success, or he would likely die.
    It was now or never. 
    At over 400 lbs, with Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, on medications, and suddenly thrust into a dangerous pandemic that his body likely wouldn’t be able to handle, Paddy was out of excuses.
    With the lockdowns taking his job and giving him much more free time (to his relief), Paddy finally had the time to focus on his health. And although the exhaustion tempted him at every turn, he quickly found a strategy that would help him lose over 140lbs and keep it off.
    And it’s the complete opposite of what many people do in their fitness journeys.
    Listen in as he candidly shares the turning point to his dramatic weight loss, the thing he knew that had to change if he was going to be successful, and how he does life 140lbs lighter!
    We also discuss loose skin, cosmetic work, his gym routine, and his top tips for people just starting their weight loss journey who feel overwhelmed by the fear of failure.
    You’re going to gush over this episode (and him)!
    Love Kim xo

    Reference List: 
    Paddy’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/paddymcgurganmakeupartist/?hl=en
    Makeup Pro Store IG: https://www.instagram.com/makeupprostore/?hl=en
    Makeup Pro Store website: https://makeupprostore.co.uk
    “Start off at a pace you’re able to sustain. You don’t need anyone’s approval.”
    “Losing 30lbs is easy. Keeping 30lbs off? That is the hardest!”
    “It doesn’t matter how little sleep you get or no matter how hungover you are, if you have a date with the gym - you f*cking go.”

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Sex Toys & Lube Talk. How To Have Better Sex - Interview With Sam Evans - Episode 99

    Sex Toys & Lube Talk. How To Have Better Sex - Interview With Sam Evans - Episode 99

    Sex is meant to be noisy, messy, and most of all, FUN!
    People use sex toys and lubes to help enhance their pleasure yet have no idea that what they’re using could completely destroy their sexual health and make sex anything BUT fun. 
    From toys made of jelly to lubes with propylene glycol, most people don’t have a clue that what they’re putting in and around their most sensitive body parts (and even taking orally) could be contributing to things like:
    Bacterial infections
    Painful sex
    Even reaching orgasm can become downright impossible!
    Sam Evans, co-founder of Jo Divine, a skin-safe and irritant-free sex toy company, is on the podcast today, giving us the juicy lowdown on sex toys, lubes, and how to have more pleasurable sex (especially after menopause).
    A sexual health & pleasure expert, Sam has been featured all over radio, TV, and the press. With a professional background in nursing, Sam also advises women going through natural menopause, or due to medical or surgical treatment and post-cancer treatment, about ways to enjoy better sexual intimacy and pleasure.
    She shares how she and her husband started Jo Divine and why it’s crucial for us to pay close attention to what our sex toys and lubes are made of!
    She also talks about common ingredients to avoid (including one found in antifreeze that is in MANY popular lubricants), why you should be moisturizing your vagina, and so much more!
    She’s even graciously extended a 10% discount for my followers, good for anything in her sex toy shop!
    (Expires Mar 16, 2022. Currently only available to UK residents)
    Get ready for a super fun & sexy episode!
    Love Kim xo
    Reference List: 
    Menopause Matters:
    Sam’s Website: https://www.jodivine.com    10% off CODE: SCULPTEDVEGAN 
    (£5 min spend not including P&P on full-priced stock) valid until 16th March 2022. Only available to UK residents)
    Sam’s best sexual lubricants: https://www.jodivine.com/collections/sexual-lubricants
    Jo Divine IG: https://instagram.com/jo.divine
    Jo Divine FB: https://www.facebook.com/JoDivineShop/
    Jo Divine Twitter: https://twitter.com/jodivineuk
    Jo Divine YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/jodivine
    Sam’s personal IG @samtalkssex: https://www.instagram.com/samtalkssex/?hl=en
    “Sexual health and sexual pleasure go hand-in-hand.”
    “Sex is meant to be noisy, messy, embarrassing, consensual, and most of all fun!”
    “If you care about what you eat and what you put on your skin, you need to be thinking about what you’re putting on the most sensitive part of your body.”
    “Your orgasm is YOUR responsibility. Not your husband’s.”

    • 1 hr 5 min
    My Sister’s Worst Nightmare Made Her a Millionaire in Under 12 Months—Interview with Kerry Nevins - EP98

    My Sister’s Worst Nightmare Made Her a Millionaire in Under 12 Months—Interview with Kerry Nevins - EP98

    My sister Kerry Nevins turned over $2 million in 9 months.
    Sounds like a dream come true, right?
    Maybe. But the long journey there was an actual nightmare. And for many, it would have caused them to give up.
    Kerry is the founder & CEO of Babocush, the first-ever comfort cushion with a built-in heartbeat, vibration, and various angles for babies to safely and securely snuggle on their tummies in the same way they would on their mums.
    But 19 years ago, when her colicky son Harry was born, she had no idea the hellish nightmare that lay ahead.
    She was just a frazzled mum who initially wanted to help free her baby from constant pain and discomfort, and what she needed didn’t exist. So when she set out to create it, and her prototype actually worked, family and friends were begging to borrow it with equally shocking success.
    What then seemed like an instant invention success became utter torment.
    Listen in to hear how she overcame:
    the constant battles of going from concept to launch 
    the thing that nearly ruined her business while simultaneously making her a millionaire
    the horrendous accusations she endured that almost made her quit (& why she ultimately didn’t)
    ..and so much more!
    Kerry has been through agony getting to where she is now. But you don’t have to. She’s now opening her VERY busy schedule to help you get your product launched without all the hell, time, and money she has spent launching hers.
    Book her for a one-hour consultation at 50% off through Feb 2022! Use code TMDM50.
    Can’t wait for you to hear her insane story!
    Love Kim xo

    Reference List: 
    Kerry Nevins Consulting - 50% discount through Feb 2022, use code TMDM50: https://www.babocush.com/pages/launch-your-product
    Kerry’s Email: kerry.nevins@me.com
    Babocush: https://www.babocush.com/
    The Kim Constable Podcast Episode, “Do This When Your Loved Ones Won’t Support You”: https://www.thesculptedvegan.com/podcast/50/
    Photos of TSV apparel samples when Kerry helped with design: 
    “Building a business is just like building a body—they both require discipline, consistency, and doing the same thing over and over and remaining patient.”
    “I made a choice. No one is standing over me saying I have to do this. I choose to do this.”
    “You have to want it with every fiber of your soul.”

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Mikhaila Peterson Claims a Carnivore Diet Healed Her Autoimmune Disease. Do We Believe Her?-EP97

    Mikhaila Peterson Claims a Carnivore Diet Healed Her Autoimmune Disease. Do We Believe Her?-EP97

    As a kid, Mikhaila Peterson only knew a life of depression and physical pain. Growing up, she suffered immensely from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that caused inflammation, chronic fatigue, rashes, and more. Her arthritis was so bad that she ended up having her hip and ankle replaced.
    If that wasn’t bad enough, she suffered from depression on top of it. She was in a constant battle between medications for her pain and fatigue, and medications to help her think and focus—none of which actually helped her. 
    Doctors ignored her. 
    Nobody could help her. 
    So she decided to take things into her own hands. Feeling hopeless and on her deathbed, she went to the one thing she knew she could do immediately and have full control over—her diet. 
    Her very drastic dietary measures shockingly worked, and within a couple months, all of her ailments completely disappeared, and she was off all of her medications. 
    Listen in as she explains exactly how she’s able to follow such an extreme diet long-term and how she ultimately overcame a life of seemingly endless misery. 
    She even shares her best tips for those struggling to make lasting lifestyle changes. 
    I would love to hear your thoughts on this!
    Love Kim xo

    Reference List: 
    Podcast (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/mikhailapetersonvideos
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikhailapeterson/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikhailaAleksis
    Website: https://mikhailapeterson.com/
    “I think in order to really change how you live, you have to get to a point where you’ll do anything for as long as it takes.”
    “If those medications worked, autoimmune disorders wouldn’t be an issue. They don’t work.”

    • 1 hr 5 min
    The Menopause Diet: Why Carbs Are Causing Your Meno Belly (& What To Eat Instead) - EP96

    The Menopause Diet: Why Carbs Are Causing Your Meno Belly (& What To Eat Instead) - EP96

    Eating for menopause is exactly the same as eating for bodybuilding.
    (Say what?)
    One of the most common complaints I hear from women in menopause is that they didn’t change a thing, yet they suddenly started gaining fat at an uncontrollable pace!
    And that’s exactly the problem. 
    What happens in our body on a cellular level once we move towards menopause and beyond is far different from what happens in our younger years. So what used to work to keep us relatively lean back then, will no longer work. 
    (But don’t despair. The changes you need to make are not as drastic as you may think.)
    Bodybuilders are notorious for hacking their bodies to get to absurdly low levels of body fat. Although most menopausal women don’t care about getting quite that lean, the principles are actually the same!
    (And don’t worry, the answer is not a zero-carb diet.)
    In this episode, I’m giving you the low-down on exactly what you should be eating (and not eating) to keep your menopause fat gain at bay, and WHY.
    I also share what I eat to keep myself lean year-round and the backstory behind how I became so obsessed with the human body (including why menopause is a recent hot topic in the Sculpted Vegan community).
    You will really love this one!
    Love Kim xo

    Reference List: 
    Menopause Matters https://www.thesculptedvegan.com/menopausemattersfbgroup
    The Meal Planning Masterclass: https://www.thesculptedvegan.com/mpm/
    The Exact Reason You’re Gaining Weight in Menopause (& How To Prevent It!) 
    8 Weeks to Optimum Health: A Proven Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Body's Natural Healing Power, by Andrew Weil: https://www.amazon.com/Weeks-Optimum-Health-Program-Advantage/dp/034549802X

    The 4-hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss: https://www.amazon.com/4-hour-Paperback-author-Timothy-Ferriss/dp/B00BDXF6KC/ref=sr_1_3?gclid=Cj0KCQiAip-PBhDVARIsAPP2xc0vkbMNcys2avdp97HdV0LJ6Jz_GPfMiEUxiv4AtpI5rgX-fsT23MYaAstAEALw_wcB&hvadid=241924728185&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9010100&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=16927923351579920866&hvtargid=kwd-3727088222&hydadcr=22560_10346221&keywords=the+4+hour+work+week&qid=1642604842&sr=8-3

    The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss: https://www.amazon.com/4-Hour-Body-Uncommon-Incredible-Superhuman/dp/0307704610

    “Never buy anything without reading the ingredient label first.”
    “Studies have shown that estrogen incorporates crucial elements into the DNA responsible for weight control. The absence of both estrogen and these crucial elements leads to progressive obesity unless the diet is controlled.”
    “It doesn’t matter what food makes it into your stomach. What matters is what makes it into your bloodstream.”

    • 1 hr 7 min
    The Exact Reason You’re Gaining Weight in Menopause (& How To Prevent It!) - EP95

    The Exact Reason You’re Gaining Weight in Menopause (& How To Prevent It!) - EP95

    If there’s one thing I think all women can agree with, it’s that menopause can really suck the life out of us:
    -belly fat gain (UGH!)
    -night sweats/hot flashes
    -mood swings
    The list goes on!
    And for women who haven’t yet entered menopause, it can be especially terrifying wondering how their own bodies are going to respond. After all, it’s not often we hear about how beautiful this phase of our lives can really be.
    But I’m making it my mission to change all of that.
    I’m a firm believer that the more knowledge we have about menopause and how our bodies change before, during, and after it, the better and more beautiful our experience will be. Armed with the proper tools, I really believe all women are in far better control of how their bodies will respond in this part of their lives. Yes, the hormonal cascade is inevitable, but the symptoms that so many women endure don’t have to be!
    In this episode, I’m tackling one of women's biggest fears over menopause: belly fat gain! I divulge the exact reasons most women gain weight even before they technically hit menopause, which foods to avoid to ensure your sexiest midsection, and the precise macronutrient ratio to aim for so you’re able to still burn fat despite the hormonal changes.
    I also give you 3 steps you can implement right away, whether you’re peri- or post-menopausal, to ensure you’re on the right track to your hottest, healthiest, and strongest menopausal body!
    This episode is packed to the brim, so get ready!
    Love Kim xo

    Reference List: 
    Menopause Matters FB group: https://www.thesculptedvegan.com/menopausemattersfbgroup
    Butt Camp 2.0: https://www.thesculptedvegan.com/8weekbuttcamp2/

    “Menopause causes a metabolic shift in the way your fat is distributed.”
    “I just love the human body. I think if we could just understand the human body more, we could have so much more control over our lives, health, fitness, and fat gain!”
    “The main reason your body stores fat in menopause is because it becomes insulin resistant—a result of a drop in sex hormones.”

    • 1 hr 5 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
550 Ratings

550 Ratings

Kerri Howell ,

Telling it how it is and I love it!

I found Kim Constable after seeing a friend complete one of her challenges. After poking around the website I landed on her podcast and, wow. There are no words! She doesn’t mince words and has provided me, a trainer and coach, with new quotes and ways of explaining concepts. She’s renewed my entrepreneurial spirit and I’m reinventing my personal training and nutrition coaching business using her tips and guidance. Just fabulous content… one of my top 3 fitness podcasts!

Pfidieifijwjfjwjf ,

Exactly what I have been looking for!

I have used other approaches in the remote past to lose weight / sculpt muscle before going through each of my pregnancies. But now, as a vegan, it has been difficult to find the right guidance that resonated with me. I appreciate Kim’s absolute no nonsense, no excuses, knowledgeable down to Earth approach! The first two basic podcasts and now the podcast with your good friend, the makeup artist… I’m hooked! And ready for the transformation of my life. So grateful to have found you!

Aiken Edelen ,

Not at all what I expected!

I’m plant based and curious about weight training so checked out Kim’s podcast. The episode that I listened to first was not at all what I expected! Kim interviewed a makeup artist that had a great story. Next episode was about Self Sabotage! Kim is real and entertaining! Its great to see the real side of these fitness beasts! It’s on my new favorites list!

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