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L. Carlos Lara and Dr. Robert P. Murphy discuss market news and trends from an Austrian Economics perspective.

The Lara-Murphy Show The Lara-Murphy Show

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L. Carlos Lara and Dr. Robert P. Murphy discuss market news and trends from an Austrian Economics perspective.

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4.8 out of 5
109 Ratings

109 Ratings

Sean Dempsey, ESQ ,

Dave Ramsey needs a lesson

Those who have read and listen to Dave Ramsey (like I do and have done for years) know he’s hardly keen on while life insurance: he and other pundents like to be flippant with their rebuke and just say “it’s not as cheap as term” - which is the most intellectually dishonest thing possible as it’s comparing apples to oranges. Not only that, but Ramsey often touts the holy grail is “paying cash” for a house or car. But he fails to account for the opportunity cost of that play; it’s “leaving money on the table” when you compare it to the BEST alternative—the IBC techniques described so well in this podcast. Now don’t get me wrong: Dave Ramsay’s philosophy of getting out and staying out of debt cannot be more on point—the first 3 or 4 steps of his plan are amazing. But he falls off the rails in steps 5-10 as he misses the fact that stocks/mutual funds/“the market” are probably the WORST possible place to put money if you are even remotely keeping your eyes open. Austrian economic principals described in this podcast explain why and how the economy will break down and how so many of those who put their faith (and 401k) in the market will be left holding the bag. Even traditional banks aren’t really safe as the FDIC only covers/guarantees 0.04% of all deposits. A scary thought! So when (not if) we face the next big bust I. America those with other assets such like whole life and those who leverage the IBC system may be the best suited to handle the coming financial storm. Bob and Carlos break these concepts down and so much more. Cannot recommend this podcast any more highly!

Cat 4 all-star ,

Peel the scales from your eyes

Surprise! The so-called gurus don’t know everything. Stop filling the Wall Street coffers and begin making your money create wealth for you. A little dry at times, but the information is priceless. Thanks for helping the scales fall from my eyes!

Mr. Soma ,

Bob speaks, Carlos clarifies

Great dynamic, and I love how Carlos is able to slow down and clarify the concepts Bob throws at you. That said (sorry Carlos), I use the 10-second skip function on my iPhone to skip the Carlos bits and basically turn the podcast into a Bob Murphy economics monologue until I hit a difficult concept, and then Carlos slows it down for me. Keep it coming guys.

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