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Explorations in Liminality

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Explorations in Liminality

    The Liminalist # 254: (More Snake Skins, with the Ungoogleable Michaelangelo)

    The Liminalist # 254: (More Snake Skins, with the Ungoogleable Michaelangelo)

    Follow up conversation with the Ungoogleable Michaelangelo, on Prisoner of Infinity, soul rescue, psychedelics, the power of disbelief, projections of the divine, transhumanism & transgender, accountability of researchers in the alt. perceptions community, & the hidden machinery of abuse.

    Part One: A World Full of Holes (0 – 39 mins)

    Reading Prisoner of Infinity, self-portraits as other people, plant-medicinal interface, a user experience of the psyche, the old seers, self-replicating machines of language, a world full of holes, being possessed by an authorial voice, soul rescue missions, the hidden protagonist of 16 Maps of Hell, Polanski’s The Tenant, trapped in the matrix, the trap of synchromysticism, overlooking the overlooker, a lethal text, the mutual trappings of conspiracy theory and psychedelics, fortresses in freefall, finalizing infinity, the power of disbelief, the skin of a snake, an origin story, looking for God, a cyclone of confusion, eternal creative energy, the repositories of eternity.

    Part Two: A Stain on the Emptiness (39 mins – 1 hr 15 mins)

    The bicameral wife mind, a skeptical ear, the god-devil dichotomy, semi-dogmatism, the opposite of the totality, a daimonic split, a stain on the emptiness, mind vs psyche, a DID deity, God beyond projection, a tweet-storm with Erik Davis, the trans argument/trans fallacy, a hallucinatory mind-space, postmodernism and the reification of identity, an Oedipal edifice, men who would be women, a collective human organism & a fragmented psyche, The id-entity, a crack house castle in the clouds, the bicameral mind & the voice of the gods, the I inside, guidance of the soul, sensation as voice, the divine in action, Blake’s marriage of heaven and hell, the chameleon saucer-mind.

    Part Three: The Theater of Cruelty (1 hr 15 – 1 hr 50 mins)

    T McKenna & tarnishing the truth, conflating mind subjectivity with body subjectivity, making up the mind, personality as performance, a flight into theater, Jason Silva, a slave-run simulation, losing touch with sensation, the empowerment of the identity, body as machine, the theater of cruelty, the reality behind lizard overlords, Silva’s fear of death, Erik’s enabling, Jeffrey Kripal’s dodginess, Davis & the OTO, trauma as good for the soul, Beyond the Black Rainbow, occultism and child trafficking, complicity by association, Jonathan Lethem, the role of whistle-blower.

    Part Four: A Battle for Nuance (1 hr 50 mins – end)

    The freedom to follow leads, writing for an exclusive audience, the lens of trauma, writing for survivors, a tapestry of abuse, a cursed nation, a pseudo-awakening and a revenge fantasy, Tarantino movies, a battle for nuance, scapegoating the scapegoaters, uber-rationales, sustaining taboos to maintain balance, the unification of abused and abuser, defending Michael Jackson, setting boundaries, using psychedelics to treat trauma, poisonous medicine, Trojan Horses on every side, the body as God incarnate. 

    "Crucial Fictions & Lucid Trauma" (first talk with UM) 

    Michaelangelo's site.


    Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; "Silent Sirens" & "Carry My Casket Like a Boombox (on Your Shoulder)" by Void Denizen; “Changes” by Short Hand.


    • 2 hr 19 min
    The Liminalist # 253: Hanging Out Under the Tree of Trauma (with James Ellis of Hermitix)

    The Liminalist # 253: Hanging Out Under the Tree of Trauma (with James Ellis of Hermitix)

    Return conversation with James Ellis of Hermitix on Hollywood malevolence, mapping Hell, the mystery of affect, conceptualization vs sensation, and the essentiality of experience.

    Part One: The Hollywood Implant (0 – 30 mins)

    Clashing opinions over 16 Maps of Hell, writing and theory of mind, behind the scenes malevolence, demonic Hollywood, a possibly morbid fascination, what’s the purpose of the book, rewriting the book, finding the thesis, too many case studies, the Hollywood implant, turning Roman Polanski into the protagonist, torture the women, making the world coherent, moving into and past the original wound, from David Byrne to Ed Gein, seeking the exit, the bleaker-than-thou outlook, the need to turn away.

    Part Two: Integrating Hell (30 mins – 1 hr 4 mins)

    The finitude of Hell, Schopenhauer on the positivity of misery, the architecture of Hell, the danger of loving thy neighbor, Ernst Junger, reveling in evil, modernity as a void, post-apocalyptic media, a plane of negativity, C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, breaking in method in criminology, the toybox killers, false optimism vs morbid pessimism, the third path, addiction and advertising as control mechanisms, what mapping hell means, traumatic imprints, an infinite avoidance strategy, integrating Hell, a Kantian view, the hell of affect.

    Part Three: Respect Your Elders! (1 hr 4 mins – end)

    Experiencing hell, body terror, do babies read Dostoyevsky? mind awareness & body awareness, the Hollywood parasite, the pros and cons of watching movies, temptations of the world, cultural colonization, hyper-masculine role models, crossing the abyss, respecting elders, occultism, learning from mistakes, the journey of zero distance, the illusion of a path, reconciling.

    Hermitix site.

    Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; "All I Want from You Is Love," by Let's Go Sailing; "A Bomb" by The Dead Mantra; “Changes” by Short Hand.

    • 1 hr 39 min
    The Liminalist # 252: The Art of Spontaneity (with Jason Carter)

    The Liminalist # 252: The Art of Spontaneity (with Jason Carter)

    Conversation with Jason Carter on freedom vs safety, false-identities, Dave Oshana, enlightenment, married life & the sexual question.

    Part One: Goats into Sheep (0 – 38 mins)

    Exploring the Dave phenomenon, the podcast without an agenda, an affinity for the paranormal, an experience of bliss, new pandemic laws, the corona contraction, a masked future, the balance between safety and freedom, the presence of death, the brink of self-destruction, parallel dimensions, a coordinated letting go, comparative collapse, the dregs of society, the zombie hordes, the collective human experience, self-reflection, suffering, affect, and the stories we tell ourselves, human and dog co-evolution, wild dogs in Chernobyl, goats into sheep.

    Part Two: World of Fear (38 mins – 1 hr 12 mins)

    Oshana bliss, a subtle sensation of euphoria, a new vibration, the sun’s effect, sensitivity and reactivity, autism, a foster childhood, social anxiety, a career in dentistry, a slow-burn identity crisis, shyness, stage fright, and identity, identity vs self, the flinch, different temperaments, instinctive fear vs neurotic fear, costs & benefits of fear, aggrandizers, the psychopathic drive for total freedom, a body snatched planet, the loss of anxiety around self-image, aboriginal culture.

    Part Three: The Ultimate Test of Enlightenment (1 hr 12 mins – 1 hr 51 mins)

    Native humility, the relative authenticity of the poor, the natural state, don’t follow paths, a lack of instructions from Dave, the methodology of energy work, the most essential thing about Dave, the art of spontaneity, improvisation on retreats, the flow space between fight and flight, an Oshana commune, intentional communities, the monastic life, gurus and family life, Dave’s consistency, enlightenment and affairs, John de Ruiter & B Prior, a perfect storm of marital hell, the value of marriage, the ultimate test.

    Part Four: What We Are Seeking (1 hr 51 mins – end)

    Discerning between a hard road and a dead-end, 25 years of marriage, generation X, sex podcast with Dave, different sexual motivations, Tantra, what sex is for, the sexual element in marriage, spiritual allies, for the cup to be filled, what are we seeking, merging vs. individual growth, spaces in togetherness, transcendental trust in a group, developing deeper energetic connections, separate paths in a marriage, observing changes, the unphotographable inner self, attention and the body, the nature of the ineffable, receptivity, a rapid timeline.

    Songs: “Pirates” and “Smile” by Entertainment for the Braindead;  “Are You Trying to Get Away” & "Not Enough" by Hazelwood Motel; "You're the One That I Want," by Andrea Gilmore & Chaney Rodewald; “Changes” by Short Hand.


    • 2 hr 25 min
    The Liminalist # 251: The Difference Between Hollywood and a Mexican Drug Cartel (with Joseph Domenick)

    The Liminalist # 251: The Difference Between Hollywood and a Mexican Drug Cartel (with Joseph Domenick)

    Conversation with Joseph Domenick on behind-the-scenes power abuse in Hollywood, initiation methods, cultural bondage, and the many levels of glamour magic.

    Part One: The Gay Mafia (0 – 28 mins)

    Power abuse in Hollywood, casting couch, military & CIA involvement, everybody knew about Weinstein, conspiratainment, Kevin Spacey’s video, using an audience base for leverage, #MeeToo as limited hangout, Bryan Singer’s prolific pedophilia, David Geffen & Barack Obama, the Gay Mafia, social media celebrities, a new media space without regulatory bodies, a twink factory.

    Part Two: A Perfect Storm (28 – 59 mins)

    Tom Sizemore, Heidi Fleiss, sensitive types vs fully-functioning sociopaths, Jimmy Savile, Chuck Zito, bodyguard to the stars, cock-talk, erectile dysfunction, the effects of pornography, sexual freedom in Laurel Canyon, ultra-wealth, hedonistic desensitization, normalization of perversion, the domination drive and pedophilia, the desire for power over others, seeking the rationalizations, modern Spartan methods, celebrities and warriors, a modern aristocracy, a perfect storm, the exploited & the exploiters, what powers the industry.

    Part Three: Living in a Dream World (59 mins – 1 hr 33 mins)

    Overt terror tactics, the difference between Hollywood and a Mexican drug cartel, David Fincher’s background, Stagedoor Manor, talent schools as child brothels, cognitive dissonance & Hollywood values, what trauma does, living in a dream world, Barack Obama’s thralls, a world of pretenses, surrounded by fakes, American misery, power fantasies, virtue signaling, addicted to solving the mystery, worldly success, Paul Schrader’s knowledge, how to rationalize one’s way to success.

    Part Four: A Taste of Ambrosia (1 hr 33 mins – end)

    Compromised faculties, what insiders know, two different cultures, Randy Quaid, the many levels of increasing pressure & compromise, rich people brain, on-set auditions for children, watching the watchers, the power of glamor & desperation, a taste of ambrosia, an all-you-can-eat Caesar’s place buffet of victims, a microcosm of the darkness, Wes Craven’s CIA operative son-in-law, Diligence, Bill Fay big-time producer, Al Ruddy, mafia-approval for The Godfather, fractures in the façade, mobster encounters in Hollywood.

    16 Maps of Hell: The Unraveling of Hollywood Superculture

    Songs: “Pirates” and “Smile” by Entertainment for the Braindead;  "Dreams to Tell" by The Bones of JR Jones; "Beneath the Rose" by Micah P. Hinson;  "I'm in Love" by The Blacks; “Changes” by Short Hand.

    • 2 hr 3 min
    The Liminalist # 250: Mapping the Counterfeit (A Tale of Two Brothers, with Luke Dodson)

    The Liminalist # 250: Mapping the Counterfeit (A Tale of Two Brothers, with Luke Dodson)

    Conversation with Luke Dodson on the many snares, pitfalls and red herrings of the counter-cultural/psychedelic scene, the trajectory of the artist, the lure of self-destruction, and two lost soul brothers.

    Part One: Dawn Toads (0 – 29 mins)

    Erik Davis, Jeffrey Kripal, Prisoner of Infinity, Kripal’s spiritual bypassing, valorization of trauma, The Toad of Dawn, DMT tough love, Davis, Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson’s proto-transhumanism, Leary’s cure of homosexuality, psychedelic skepticism, Aldous Huxley and the Fabians, J.B. Priestley, the Albany Trust, Pedophile Information Exchange, Huxley’s Island, “benign” population control with drugs.

    Part Two: Among the Compromised (29 mins – 56 mins)

    The genesis of Prisoner of Infinity, mapping the culture, Jan Irvin vs. Charles Upton on unified conspiracy theory, the trap of demons, Anthony Peake, hidden presence of intelligence agencies, gauging how compromised someone is, Esalen, the entheogen as reduction of God to the immanent, encounters with nonhuman entities, the valorization of DMT, no pathway to God, digital geometry, fairyland, Extinction Rebellion, Bruce Parry, the life of a forager, transcendental egoists.

    Part Three: A History of Delusions (56 mins – 1 hr 32 mins)

    Mind expansion, harm to the body, a history of delusions, how deep does the trauma go, the regressed and progressed part, Oshana & the transmission, nutrition over flavor, aboriginal uses of entheogens, Gordon Wasson, learning about plants, the stuff of life, Ayahuasca, a predator’s relationship to psychedelic plants, fools rushing in, psychedelics & psychotherapy, the crucial fiction, gathering trinkets of power, seeking poetic inspiration, Blake & true reality, mapping the infinite, Dostoyevsky’s dilemmas, mistaking the ancestral for the eternal, therapeutic artwork.

    Part Four: The Tortured Artist (1 hr 32 mins – 2 hrs 6 mins)

    Personal vs. impersonal writing, egomania vs narcissism, Seen & Not Seen, tuning into the witness, seeing one’s life as raw material, processing awareness, viewing life as a work of art, Borges + LSD, magical writing, a fictional barrier of armor, 2012, The Invisibles, narrative affinities, lost brothers, Sebastian’s crucifixion, the path of self-destruction, The Sorrows of Young Werther, the origin of modern suicide and the collapse of the Christ myth, self-scapegoating, the tortured artist, summer of discontent.

    Part Five: (2 hrs 6 mins – end)

    Copycat suicides, Sebastian’s death, glorifying suicide, an intimate & tragic connection, suicide as imposed meaning, The Room, salvaging a futile life through an act of will, condemnation of our teenage self, an ancestral convergence.

    Luke's blog

    Songs: “Pirates” and “Smile” by Entertainment for the Braindead; "For Your Safety & Security" & "Thorns of Love" by Pyramid Youth; "Fury of Light" by The Bones of JR Jones; (Luke D); “Changes” by Short Hand.

    • 2 hr 26 min
    The Liminalist # 249: Carbon-Based Conduits in an International Network of Affect (with Sheldon Solomon)

    The Liminalist # 249: Carbon-Based Conduits in an International Network of Affect (with Sheldon Solomon)

    Return conversation with Sheldon Solomon on terror management theory, Trump, trauma, the false identity’s necessary fictions, and the quest for embodied wisdom.

    Part One: The Alchemy of Hate (0 – 28 mins)

    Two ways to look at terror management theory, existential terror and culture, Ernest Becker, advertising & status, perpetual terrorization of the commercial life, charismatic leaders, ridding the world of evil, Hitler’s strategy, alchemist of hate, turning fear into rage, when history repeats, Bush & Trump, Steve Bannen, harnessing terror, the Fabian Society, the orange swan, Hitler on steroids, America on the ropes, a bag of pus, where the buck stops, blaming Trump’s supporters, a latent pathology, terror focalization.

    Part Two: A Momentary Cessation of Reason (28 – 54 mins)

    Scapegoating death, fear of the unknown, a death-denying culture, the certainty of religion, American fundamentalists, a flight from death, the price of certainty, Prisoner of Infinity,  crucial fictions, Alan Wheelis, fear of identity death, unfinished business, fear of Hell, false ceremony masters, liminality & ceremony, Trump rallies, a momentary cessation of reason, Nietzsche prediction, 200 years of stark chaos, the global village burning, the Borg, carbon-based conduits in an international network of affect.

    Part Three: Cave of Shadows (54 mins – 1 hr 24 mins)

    Reading Heidegger, everything is affect, the primary mode of perception, coming to terms with death, fear of life, embodied wisdom, Norman O. Brown, eternity and time, the perennial now, the meaning of life, Life Against Death, an absence of repression, what prevents embodiment, the body as appendage, Freud & neoteny, the price of intelligence, proneness to anxiety, John Bowlby & raw terror, Cartesian dualism, transhumanism, the secular drive, storming heaven, studying trauma & dissociation, Joseph Chilton Pearce, the implant that fears death, character armor, the two selves, cave of shadows.

    Part Four: The Future of Death (1 hr 24 mins – 1 hr 40 mins)

    The ultimate question, Heidegger again, tranquilized by the trivial, anticipatory resoluteness, an ongoing adventure, the life of the dog, the future of death, a Mobius strip of time, death as advisor, infinite long shots, Dave Oshana.

    Part Five: Back on Track (1 hr 40 mins – end)

    Planet of the Humans, death anxiety & the environment, green movement as front for oil industry, irrationality as default setting, everything begins with relaxation, reasons to panic, means of managing annihilation anxiety, learning to relax, a natural support system, the right track.


    Songs: “Pirates” and "Smile" by Entertainment for the Braindead; "Energy Hunters Unicorn Hard-on Mystic Materials Refuck" by Foot Village; "Illogical Boogie" by Coconut Monkeyrocket; "PTSD Blues" by Ex Luna; “Changes” by Short Hand.


    • 1 hr 52 min

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4.8 out of 5
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37 Ratings

ADundee ,

Slowly drawn in

First heard Jasun Horsley’s podcast when Branko Malic posted his first conversation with Jasun on the Liminalist on his own site a couple of years ago, more or less. I’ve been getting slowly drawn in since then.

Anotnius Block ,


trapped in a podcast

Jungle Jim Sands ,


Explore life's most intriguing mysteries by way of psychology, spirituality, occultism, and science. Jason and his guests offer up their personal experiences and thoughts regardless of how dark, different, or abhorred they may seem. His enduring journey of discovery is an incredible story, and one of brutal honesty that will prove refreshing for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of life's greatest secrets. What forces lie behind the construction of our current social paradigm? Listen, and you may feel closer to understanding.

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