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On a bi-weekly basis, we explore Mindfulness Experience (ME) concepts and how they apply in our life. We look at mindful experiences and how they apply to neurology, physiology, biology, psychology, philosophy, psychedelics and mythology. Mindfulness impacts the body, mind, spirit, food, sleep, environment, and relationships to create a better and more balanced life (aspirations).


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On a bi-weekly basis, we explore Mindfulness Experience (ME) concepts and how they apply in our life. We look at mindful experiences and how they apply to neurology, physiology, biology, psychology, philosophy, psychedelics and mythology. Mindfulness impacts the body, mind, spirit, food, sleep, environment, and relationships to create a better and more balanced life (aspirations).

    S04E114 - Matt Karnes - Navigating the GreenWave

    S04E114 - Matt Karnes - Navigating the GreenWave

    In this insightful episode recorded at the CWCB Expo, host Keith Fiveson engages in a compelling conversation with Matt Karnes, the founder of GreenWave Advisors LLC. Matt shares his journey from a finance career to the burgeoning cannabis industry, a transition motivated by personal experiences with his mother’s illness and significant financial challenges.
    Main Themes:

    Transition to Cannabis Industry:
    Matt Karnes discusses his shift from finance to cannabis, influenced by personal life events.
    The initial challenges of entering a largely unregulated and less professional industry.

    Financial Hurdles:
    In-depth look at Section 280e of the tax code and its impact on cannabis businesses.
    Anticipation of Schedule 3 rescheduling and its potential benefits for the industry, including federal legalization and improved banking regulations.

    Regulatory Landscape:
    The role of federal regulators in setting standards for testing and packaging.
    Variation in state regulations and the costs associated with prohibition.

    Medical Marijuana Research:
    Potential changes in research and its impact on precise dosages and treatment efficacy for conditions such as fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s.
    The convergence of recreational and medical marijuana markets.

    Industry Complexity and Professional Expertise:
    The intricate nature of analyzing the cannabis industry due to federal illegality and evolving state laws.
    GreenWave Advisors’ role in helping clients navigate these complexities using Matt’s accounting expertise.
    The necessity for seasoned professionals to manage the financial intricacies of the cannabis sector.

    Technological Innovations:
    The influence of digital marketing and blockchain technology on the cannabis industry.
    The use of NFTs and blockchain to enhance user experience, improve advertising, and provide access to exclusive events.

    Reducing the Illicit Market:
    The importance of consumer education in reducing the illicit cannabis market.

    Contact Information:Listeners interested in learning more about these topics or seeking professional guidance in the cannabis industry can reach out to GreenWave Advisors LLC for further exploration.
    Tune In:Join us for a deep dive into the evolving cannabis world, where finance meets innovation and regulatory challenges. This episode contains expert insights and forward-thinking perspectives from one of the industry’s key players.
    For more information on Greenwave visit their website: https://www.greenwaveadvisors.com/

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    S04E113 - Ryan Hurley - Pioneering Cannabis Laws

    S04E113 - Ryan Hurley - Pioneering Cannabis Laws

    Episode Highlights:

    Pioneering Cannabis Law in Arizona:
    Ryan Hurley, chairman of the cannabis practice group at Rose Law Group, shares his journey and efforts in advancing cannabis legalization in Arizona.
    Discusses overcoming significant opposition and legal challenges.

    Medical Benefits of Cannabis:
    Emphasis on the therapeutic potential of cannabis for conditions such as Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, and epilepsy.
    The ongoing debate about the medicinal value and the complexities of gaining FDA approval.

    Federal Regulation Complexities:
    Exploration of the federal landscape for cannabis businesses, including potential rescheduling by the DEA.
    Opposition from big pharma and the impact on legalization efforts.

    Intersection with Web 3 and Blockchain:
    Insight into how Web 3 and blockchain technologies could revolutionize the cannabis industry.
    Potential benefits like streamlined transactions, improved inventory tracking, and reduced reliance on central banks.

    Adapting in a Dynamic Industry:
    The importance of staying adaptable in the rapidly evolving cannabis sector.
    Understanding legal frameworks, supply chain management, and insurance requirements for business success.

    Cannabis vs. Psychedelic Movements:
    Comparison between the cannabis legalization movement and the emerging psychedelic movement.
    Discussion on the differing approaches and regulatory landscapes, particularly with FDA’s stance on MDMA for PTSD.

    Pathways to Entering the Industry:
    Practical advice for entering the cannabis market in Arizona, including navigating the high costs of acquiring a license.
    Suggestions for alternative methods of participation in the industry.

    Sustainable Business Models and Community Building:
    Exploring sustainable business models in the psychedelic industry.
    The potential for community-building consumption lounges and wellness centers that integrate cannabis with activities like yoga and sensory deprivation.

    Cultural Connections:
    Mention of the cultural and historical connections between cannabis use and Hinduism, emphasizing the broader cultural implications of cannabis legalization.

    Takeaway: Ryan Hurley’s extensive experience and insights provide a comprehensive look at the current state and future of cannabis law and industry, highlighting both the challenges and the transformative potential of cannabis and related technologies.
    Find out about Ryan Hurley and the Rose Law Group:  https://www.roselawgroup.com/

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    S04E112 - Dr. Alyza Brevard-Rodriguez - Joy - On The Other Side

    S04E112 - Dr. Alyza Brevard-Rodriguez - Joy - On The Other Side

    From Survival to Thriving: Dr. Alyza Beast Brevard Rodriguez’s Journey
    Main Theme: The episode explores the transformative journey of minority communities striving to move beyond survival to thriving and experiencing joy. It delves into their challenges and the importance of holistic wellness, education, and community support.
    Key Topics:

    Dr. Alyza Beast Brevard Rodriguez’s Journey:
    Transition from military service to entrepreneurship.
    Founding wellness facilities such as Sweat Wellness and The Other Side Dispensary.
    Focus on holistic healing through cannabis.

    Family, Entrepreneurship, and Spirituality:
    Balancing personal and professional life.
    Role of spirituality in grounding and guiding individuals.

    Cannabis Education and Normalization:
    Importance of educating the public about the endocannabinoid system.
    Advocating for the benefits of psychedelics over alcohol.

    Personal Growth and Leadership:
    Reflection on Dr. Rodriguez’s nickname “beast” and her path of personal development.
    Inspiring others to close the wealth gap for black and brown communities.

    Authenticity and Community Involvement:
    Creating spaces where people feel celebrated and supported.
    Importance of being authentic and engaged in community efforts.

    Connection to Jersey City and Cannabis Industry Education:
    Peter’s advocacy for education in the cannabis industry.
    Invitation to engage with wellness facilities and online resources.

    Gratitude and Empowerment:
    Appreciation for Dr. Rodriguez’s efforts in fostering empowerment and resilience.

    Mindfulness Meditation:
    Benefits of mindfulness meditation on stress reduction, mental health, physical health, and cognitive function.
    Simple techniques for daily mindfulness practice.

    Conclusion: The episode concludes with gratitude for Dr. Rodriguez’s contributions to wellness and community empowerment, emphasizing the importance of holistic healing, education, and creating supportive spaces for minority communities.
    SW3AT Wellness Center https://sw3at.com/
    The Other Side Dispensary: https://tosdispensary.com/

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    S04E111 - Shari B. Kaplan - Eliminating Looped Thinking

    S04E111 - Shari B. Kaplan - Eliminating Looped Thinking

    In this enlightening episode of the Mindfulness Experience Podcast, we delve deep into the heart of mental health innovation with Shari B. Kaplan, an esteemed integrative mental health clinician and a vanguard in herbal medicine. Join us as Kaplan unveils her groundbreaking strategies for transcending traditional mental health treatment boundaries, advocating for a holistic healing journey that intertwines the mind, body, and soul.
    Main Themes Explored:

    The Mind-Body Nexus: Kaplan underscores the importance of acknowledging and nurturing the connection between our mental and physical selves. She brings to light how visualization techniques, therapeutic interventions, and natural remedies can collaboratively fend off persistent looped thinking patterns, paving the way for comprehensive healing.

    Personal Triumphs Over Trauma: Drawing from her rich tapestry of personal challenges, including her journey with trauma and her son’s central nervous system disorder, Kaplan shares invaluable insights into the transformative power of self-awareness, neuroanatomy, and the therapeutic echoes of music and meditation.

    The Whole Life Plan: Kaplan introduces listeners to her holistic blueprint for wellness, emphasizing a balanced amalgamation of mindfulness, diet, and lifestyle adjustments. This plan champions the pursuit of mental and physical well-being through a meticulously curated, individualized approach.

    Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: Venturing into the avant-garde, Kaplan discusses the revolutionary impact of psychedelics like cannabis, ketamine, MDMA, and more in mental health treatment. She stresses the necessity of thorough support and meticulous preparation in harnessing the full potential of these therapies for healing and transformation.

    From Victim to Victor: Kaplan passionately speaks on the shift in mindset from being a victim of circumstances to becoming a victor of one’s own life. She delves into how trauma affects the brain and highlights non-verbal healing methods, particularly for addressing early-life traumas.

    The Power of Nature and Non-Traditional Healing: Kaplan and the host explore the detrimental effects of societal beliefs, cognitive distortions, and negative past experiences on our mental health. They discuss the rejuvenating power of exercise, meditation, and connecting with nature as vital components of personal growth.

    Collaborative Healing Efforts: Highlighting her work with Dr. Michelle Wiener, Kaplan reveals the significance of setting intentions in achieving remarkable therapeutic outcomes through ketamine-assisted therapy and herbal medicine.

    Innovative Research and Anecdotal Successes: The conversation takes a dive into ongoing research on low doses of psychedelics and non-intoxicating compounds for treating conditions like anxiety and seizures. Kaplan shares heartwarming anecdotes of individuals who have found solace and healing through these integrated health approaches.

    Empowerment in Healing: Kaplan concludes with a powerful message on empowering individuals in their healing journeys. She advocates for a holistic and inclusive approach to mental health that recognizes the value of complementary therapies in treating chronic conditions like pain and depression.

    Join us on this journey with Sherry B. Kaplan as we explore the frontiers of mental health treatment and the incredible potential of embracing a holistic path to healing.
    Whether you’re grappling with mental health issues, interested in the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, or simply in search of a more integrated approach to well-being, this episode promises insights and inspiration for a transformative healing experience.

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    S04E110 - Dimitri Moraitis - Journey to Spiritual Awakening

    S04E110 - Dimitri Moraitis - Journey to Spiritual Awakening

    Welcome to another insightful episode of the Mindfulness Experience podcast! Today, we delve into the world of metaphysics with Dimitri Moraitis, co-founder of the Spiritual Arts Institute. Join us as we explore the profound journey to spiritual awakening and the transformative experiences that lead us beyond the physical realm.
    Key Points Discussed:

    Dimitri’s Path: How Dimitri transitioned from a skeptic to a spiritual teacher despite his unfamiliarity with metaphysical concepts.

    Understanding Metaphysics: The essence of metaphysics and its goal to broaden our perception of existence, revealing the intricate ties between our spiritual and physical lives.

    Breathwork and Intention: These practices play crucial roles in connecting with the spiritual realm and how they can be integrated into our daily routines.

    Mental and Emotional Training: The importance of cultivating mindfulness, addressing deep-seated traumas, and the role of biblical and personal narratives in illustrating the healing power of spiritual work.

    Embracing Spiritual Growth: Insight into the Spiritual Arts Institute’s mission to nurture spiritual development and the resources available for facing spiritual challenges.

    Religion vs. Metaphysics: An exploration of their interplay, common ground, and the distinct elements that define each, promoting a religious life that honors personal faith while engaging with metaphysical principles.

    The Power of Color and Light: An intriguing look at how different colors and light vibrations affect us, and how the use of a purple ray in meditation can cultivate inner peace.

    Guidance for the Lost: Practical advice for individuals feeling lost or disconnected, emphasizing the need for a deeper spiritual connection.

    Noteworthy Quotes:
    “There’s more to life than what meets the eye; metaphysics helps us see beyond the veil.”
    “Spiritual awakening is not just about personal enlightenment; it’s about transforming how we live our lives.”
    Dimitri Moraitis’s narrative is a powerful testament to the transformative nature of spiritual awakening. His experiences and insights encourage us to seek a deeper understanding of our existence and embrace mindfulness to establish a profound connection with the world around us.
    Remember to subscribe for more episodes and visit the Spiritual Arts Institute for workshops and classes that support your spiritual journey at https://spiritualarts.org/. Whether you are well-versed in metaphysics or just starting out, there’s a place for you in spiritual exploration.
    Stay mindful and connected until next time on the Mindfulness Experience podcast.

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    S04E109 - Dr. Randall Hansen - Journey to Wholeness

    S04E109 - Dr. Randall Hansen - Journey to Wholeness

    In this profound episode of the Mindfulness Experience Podcast, we delve into the transformative realm of psychedelic therapy with Dr. Randall Hansen. As a fervent advocate for true healing and ethical application in the psychedelic sphere, Dr. Hansen shares his path toward recovery and the profound impact of integrating talk therapy with psychedelic experiences.
    Welcome, Dr. Randall Hansen, a leading voice in the field of psychedelic therapy.
    Dr. Hansen’s background and personal journey towards healing.

    Main Themes:
    The distinction between symptom management and achieving holistic well-being.
    The role of psychedelics in addressing deep-rooted trauma and enhancing talk therapy.
    Ethical considerations and the importance of responsible practices in the burgeoning field of psychedelic therapy.

    Community and Connection:
    Dr. Hansen discusses the importance of supportive communities in the healing process.
    Strategies for finding like-minded individuals, such as volunteering, joining groups, or utilizing digital platforms, with a nod to LinkedIn as an example.
    The impact of technology in fostering connections and building support networks.

    Psychedelics as Medicine:
    The evolving perspective on psychedelics as legitimate therapeutic agents.
    The potential of these substances to revolutionize mental health treatment.

    Resources and Further Exploration:
    Invitation to explore Dr. Hansen’s work and insights at his website: 
    Triumph Over Trauma: 

    Closing Thoughts:
    Dr. Hansen leaves listeners with wisdom on the importance of mindfulness in everyday life.
    He encourages listeners to continue exploring and understanding their paths to well-being

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    Share your thoughts and experiences on today’s topic using #MindfulnessExperiencePodcast.
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