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Bringing ancestral food, cooking, eating, and living to the everyday, modern mom.

The Modern Ancestral Mamas Podcast Corey Dunn and Christine Muldoon

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Bringing ancestral food, cooking, eating, and living to the everyday, modern mom.

    How to Choose the Best.. –Bread Edition

    How to Choose the Best.. –Bread Edition

    Welcome to our mini-series titled: “How to Choose the Best ____.” In this episode, we cover grocery store bread. 
    Topics covered:
    -History of grocery store, sliced bread
    -What are the basic ingredients in bread
    -Reading ingredient labels of a few popular bread brands
    -Choosing the best bread options 
    -Discussion of commercial yeast 
    -Greenwashing bread labels 
    Books Mentioned:
    Nourishing Traditions
    Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar …
    Podcasts Mentioned:
    How to Choose the Best...? Flour Edition
    How to Choose the Best..? Eggs Edition
    Bakeries Mentioned:
    Organic Bread of Heaven 
    Berlin Natural Bakery

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Beyond Regeneration: Connecting our Souls to the Soil with Daniel Firth Griffith

    Beyond Regeneration: Connecting our Souls to the Soil with Daniel Firth Griffith

    In this episode we interviewed Daniel Griffith of the Robinia Institute. In today’s climate, regenerative agriculture is a popular phrase being used in the farming and health industries, as well as marketing campaigns. Daniel unpacks what the label “regenerative agriculture” means and why the conversation and practices surrounding this trendy label might need to be reframed. He posits that regenerative agriculture does not actually get to the root cause of our problems since it simply continues the cycle of mechanization and reductionism. As Daniel so beautifully says: “First we need to heal the soul before healing the soil.” Tune in for a philosophical conversation about the land, our connection to it, agriculture, community, and the hope for a better future. Allan Savory calls Daniel the “poet laureate of holistic management,” and he did a fantastic job of painting a vivid picture of the landscape with his words. 
    Resources Mentioned:
    Kiss the Ground Documentary
    Jill Winger: The Prairie Homestead
    Will Harris: White Oak Pastures
    Dan Kittredge: The Bionutrient Institute
    Bionutrient Food Association 
    Books Mentioned:
    Nourishment by Fred Provenza
    Podcasts Mentioned:
    WAPF Interview with Daniel Griffith
    Homegrown Education interview with Daniel Griffith
    Connect with Daniel Griffith:
    Robinia Institute 
    Daniel Firth Griffith

    • 1 hr 46 min
    Homeschooling for Beginners

    Homeschooling for Beginners

    Christine shares some big news on this episode and asks for advice from Corey. This entire episode is for the beginning homeschooling parent. We discuss the logistics of homeschooling multiple children, to join a co-op or not, organizational tips, and more. Even if you are not a homeschooling parent, this episode will still have valuable information for you! 
    Podcasts Mentioned:
    Waldorf vs. Montessori Episode
    Is Homeschooling Do-Able (for real)?
    Resources Mentioned:
    Great Homeschool Convention
    Read Aloud Revival
    Read Aloud Revival Podcast
    Organizational Bins
    Books Mentioned:
    Teaching from Rest
    The Read Aloud Family

    • 1 hr 25 min
    How to Choose the Best….?-Flour Edition

    How to Choose the Best….?-Flour Edition

    Welcome to our mini series titled: “How to Choose the Best ____.” In this episode we cover FLOUR! Specifically wheat flour.
    Topics covered:
    Learn all about wheat as a plant. How it is catagorized, treated, and labled. 
    We give you the information so you can feel empowered to make the best choices for your family. 
    Additives to commercial flour.
    The history of milling wheat and flour. 
    How to “properly prepare” grains. 
    The two schools of thought on Phytic Acid and anti-nutrients.
    Ancient grains we mentioned: 

    Resources Mentioned: 
    Zach Bush  (glyphosate) 
    Stephanie Seneff  (glyphosate)
    Sally Norton (anti-nutrients in plants) on The Wise Traditions Podcast
    The Mock Mill (stone mill for home use)
    Azure Standard (for buying wheat berries)
    Bread Beckers (for buying wheat berries)
    Food Nanny (kamut)
    Bob Quinn (kamut)
    Bob’s Red Mill (kamut)
    Organic Bread of Heaven (for buying bread products shipped)
    Berkshire Mountain Bakery (for buying bread products shipped)
    Janie’s Mill (mill that ships flour)
    Marvel and Make Flour (Corey’s friend Brittany who sells flour in Brunswick, GA)
    Cooked - Michael Pollan’s documentary
    Books Mentioned: 
    Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon
    Flour Lab, by Adam Leonti
    The Essential Home-Ground Flour Book, by Sue Becker
    Sourdough School, by Vanessa Kimble
    Einkorn, by Carla Bartolucci 
    Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Dr. Weston A. Price
    Other Resourced Used:
    What Is It? Wednesday: Bromated and Bleached Flour
    What is a GMO?
    Popular Weed Killer Deemed Probable Carcinogen by UN
    Bugs, rodent hair and poop: How much is legally allowed in the food you eat every day?

    • 1 hr 41 min
    Ancient Traditions of Fermenting Grains with Alison Kay

    Ancient Traditions of Fermenting Grains with Alison Kay

    In this episode we welcomed back Alison Kay from The Ancestral Kitchen to discuss the topic of fermenting grains. She began by sharing her own personal experiences that led her to begin fermenting grains. Alison touches on the basics of fermentation, history of grain fermentation, and the nutritional aspect of fermenting. She ends the episode by sharing several of her favorite fermented grain recipes and how her family consumes fermented foods on a regular basis. This episode is a wonderful listen for anyone interested in food history and also wants to learn how to ferment grains to make ancient, unique beverages. 
    Books Mentioned: 
    Wild Fermentation
    Nourishing Traditions
    Eat Like a Human (Bill Schindler)
    Recipes Mentioned:
    Boza-Probiotic Millet Drink
    Sowans-Scottish Oat Drink
    Rye Sourdough Bread
    Podcast(s) Mentioned:
    MAM Episode #7 with Alison and Andrea
    Connect with Alison :
    Ancestral Kitchen
    Alison's Online Courses

    • 1 hr 39 min
    How to Choose the Best…. -Eggs Edition

    How to Choose the Best…. -Eggs Edition

    We are starting a new mini series with the podcast titled: “How to Choose the Best ____.” In this episode we cover EGGS! If you are confused about how to read egg carton labels then this episode is for you! We discuss the nutritional benefits of eggs, how to choose the best eggs in the grocery store, and how to decipher the marketing claims and labels on the cartens. Corey touches on her experience with raising backyard chickens and we end the episode discussing how to reuse egg shells in your own home. 
    Books Mentioned: 
    The Big Fat Surprise
    Folks This Ain't Normal
    The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs: Respecting and Caring for All of God's Creation
    Podcast(s) Mentioned:
    Joel Salatin on Joe Rogan
    Choosing Family Food Values
    Will Harris on Joe Rogan

    • 1 hr 18 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
48 Ratings

48 Ratings

StephS3 ,

Practical and Informative!

I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year now. It has helped me immensely as I transitioned myself and my family from a vegan diet. The series on what to eat for meal times set me up for success as we navigated the transition. Cori and Christine share excellent tips and tricks for nourishing your family while also staying within your means. They are both down to Earth and have a great sense of humor! I appreciate the wealth of information shared in these enjoyable conversations. My family and I are now thriving!

britestelle123 ,

Janine is a humble expert!

Both episodes are not only packed with amazing information, but also with interesting stories. The interviewers ask great questions which prompts Janine to weave her vast knowledge with her heartfelt stories around her journey. Her passion for organ meats shines through in a way that will leave you inspired and curious.

Hollyamber ,

Organ meats episode.

Just finished, first time listening. I cannot wait for part 2. I absolutely love her and I am totally inspired.

JANINE. I love her so much. She needs to start a podcast. Listened to both of these episodes start to finish.

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