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A 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast. Set in the homebrew world Alfallen where magic is uncommon among the masses and the cogs and gears of technology are starting to clank into life, The Mortal Path follows three very unlikely “heroes” on their wild and thrilling journey through new lands.

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A 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast. Set in the homebrew world Alfallen where magic is uncommon among the masses and the cogs and gears of technology are starting to clank into life, The Mortal Path follows three very unlikely “heroes” on their wild and thrilling journey through new lands.

    49) Behind Bars

    49) Behind Bars

    Friends, if you thought last episode was a horny mess, you ain't seen nothing yet. Join our favourite disasters as they visit the sweetest NPC on the planet in jail, gathering clues and information left, right, and centre. With new leads to follow and tickets (literal tickets) into the Upper Circles of Hopewell, Natalia, Taro, and Nerium must keep their wits about them if they're going to pull off a jail-break and a heist all at once...
    See also: I'm just thinking about Avatar, I'm gonna Google that, Quattro Vagina, OH THAT WAS FINDEX, look 'em right in the eye when they come, and an unfortunate tinkle.
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    • 1 hr 9 min
    48) Plots and Plans

    48) Plots and Plans

    Near Year, New Us! This episode contains none of the following: puns, horny jokes, and references no one gets. This is a serious show for serious people playing serious D&D, now. This is what you wanted, right? Right?
    Nah. We neither. Join Taro, Nat, and Nerium as they get up to their usual shenanigans. They may have been away from Alfallen for almost a quarter of a century, but the world's kept spinning, and there are answers to seek, jobs to do, and people in prison to visit...
    See also: knees and toes knees and toes, when you say 'north', sleight of hand, a switch job, BMX Bandit, and it's new wave art.
    [Please be aware although we reference a joke/skit containing Robert Webb, we absolutely condemn his transphobic beliefs and do not support him in any way.]
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    • 1 hr 8 min
    All EDited Out Vol VI

    All EDited Out Vol VI

    Ho ho ho! 'Tis the season to be jolly, and we're here to ruin it with another special session of outtakes, bloopers, and general what-the-fuckery. Featuring special guests Beetle and our sadly departed Likki, this is sure to leave you laughing but confused. How we even have enough content for an actual episode of the show is beyond me, but Yubi's caskets of audio mishaps are overflowing and what better way to share the burden of what it's like trying to record the show than this...
    (We'll be back with the next actual real episode on Jan 8th!)

    • 17 min
    47) Missed Connections

    47) Missed Connections

    Season 3 is in full swing as our merry trio settle themselves in The Laughing Cat. Nerium still has pieces of her old life to pick up, as well as more messages from Melvyn detailing all he's done to find her. Taro and Nat head out into Hopewell and to the library, determined to start to unravel the mysteries they've been unceremoniously dropped into, and Findex is put on the spot to prove his worth. But during an evening of good drink and food, their night is disrupted and soured by an old 'acquaintance' of Nerium...
    See also: That sounds weirdly familiar, Jary Jems, which is the most true?, I intimidate the book, and dump-dump-dump-dump-dump.

    • 1 hr 18 min
    46) To Hopewell

    46) To Hopewell

    Welcome one and welcome all to the very first episode of season 3! Wahoo! Wahey! It's a party and you're all invited! Join our three "heroes" with our favourite anxious lizardman as we crash back onto Alfallen. We're stronger, we're smarter, and we're infinitely more fed up with Gods, magic, and it all not being as it should. They may be back, but it seems everything has changed drastically in the meantime...
    See also: Our gamer tags, grime-ing, I will f*****g punch you Gary, a low corn campaign, this is Taako, and I hope he's paying you well.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Season 2 Recap

    Season 2 Recap

    As we gear up for Season 3 of our main campaign, take a moment to remind yourself of what's gone on in Tenbren! 
    Of course many delectable and delightful moments have been omitted or forgotten by yours truly, but if you need a quick reminder of What The Heck Even Happened, this one's for you.

    • 8 min

Customer Reviews

Stardust in the Evening ,

Compelling, innovative, and fun!

I love this podcast. The main story is very well made and the smaller stories are also really fun to listen to! Giant podcasts with a ton of episodes and spin off campaigns overwhelm me, but this podcast balances everything nicely and is a blast to experience. You never know what you’re going to get with this fun batch of people. Both the PCs and the NPCs are rich in diversity, and I love how much thought goes into being inclusive. They put a really interesting spin on the mechanics of classes and races, which livens the story even more! The characters are exceptionally secretive and deceptive from the very beginning (especially around each other). This plus their spontaneity and the DM’s creativity really makes the campaign fun. Every episode is an adventure. I’m really glad I decided to listen to it!

Loxley Loxsmith ,

Mastering Mystery, Magic, and Mechanics

I listen to a lot of TTRPG podcasts, but of all the DMs, Yubi does one of my favorite things in gaming better than anyone else: melding mechanics with roleplay and flavor. You won’t get “Eh, two Displacer Beasts come out of the woods, roll initiative;” instead, you get a genuinely suspenseful lead-up to a gripping, terrifying battle... but when you go in and check, you can see that Yubi has followed all the rules of the game flawlessly. This podcast proves that you can have the strong story of The Adventure Zone AND the mechanical purity of Critical Roll.
Not only that, but the atmosphere itself is just incredible. Yubi’s descriptions, the players’ (and characters’) reactions, and Rachel Graff’s music all create a beautifully treacherous world where every NPC, every spell cast, every health point matters. I will never forget how Yubi made a simple divination spell, something a spell caster gets by level five or six, seem awe-inspiring and just as incredible as we might find it in our world today. They are one of my biggest inspirations for DMing and the show is one of my favorites.

Anonydog847282 ,

Funny, mysterious, compelling show

I really love this podcast—I find myself relistening to episodes all the time. The DM has amazing, creative, spooky concepts, and the players have a great dynamic together, as well as a real commitment to the drama and storytelling (and, of course, the jokes: this show has made me laugh so hard I cried).

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