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The Outliers Inn is a place where people from all businesses and roles within business can examine goings-ons from different and hopefully humorous perspectives. It’s a place where we can be a lot less serious about ourselves, what we do, what our businesses do, and the manner in which they do it.

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The Outliers Inn is a place where people from all businesses and roles within business can examine goings-ons from different and hopefully humorous perspectives. It’s a place where we can be a lot less serious about ourselves, what we do, what our businesses do, and the manner in which they do it.

    Episode-60; On two masks, the Superbowl, telemetry, and wool

    Episode-60; On two masks, the Superbowl, telemetry, and wool

    Video Version


    About the podcast

    JP and Mule are happy to welcome our guests to the new format at The Outliers Inn. Of course, we will always have an audio-only track of the podcast, but this is the first full video podcast at The Outliers Inn complete with guests.

    The video version will only show the hosts, JP and Mule, on camera with the guests being voice only; and we are reminded that the two of them really have faces for radio. And we have changed the recording day and time Saturdays in hopes that others will be able to join who could not normally during the weekday recording sessions we used to do.

    Naturally, the conversation starts with the latest COVID-related observations and the seeming perpetual stream of conflicting and unsubstantiated guidance; starting with the ridiculousness of wearing two masks. Seriously, if two are better than one, then three must be better than two, and so on.

    John joins us from the UK and shares his recent experiences. In spite of the extreme lockdowns presently in the UK, John has enjoyed an uptick in work (which thankfully keeps him out of the kitchen). He shares with us the peculiarities of traveling to projects and staying in hotels, with the biggest challenge being meals. But he (and his wife) is happy to be out in the field.

    Sharmi joins us from Tampa where they are preparing for the Superbowl where she is hoping the hometown favorites, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are triumphant. JP, being a diehard Giants fan, is not a fan of Brady (and Brady is undoubtedly not a fan of the Giants). Mule shares the analysis of quarterback movements based on telemetry that is collected. Sharmi also shares her professional experiences under COVID.

    From there, the conversation flows; at one point, Mule shifts topical gears without using the clutch makes the jump to wool being a better insulator than fiberglass.

    A really good first edition using the new format.

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    Episode-59; Introducing "Mule"

    Episode-59; Introducing "Mule"

    Video Version


    About the podcast

    Although The Outliers Inn is sad to see the departure of Antlerboy as co-host, as they say; "the show must go on." So in this special episode of The Outliers Inn, we introduce David "Mule" Schneider who will join JP as the new co-host.

    We talk about how we met over LinkedIn and got to know one another some decade-plus ago over a bourbon (or two) in New York City. And, of course, we get to learn a little bit about Mule and what he does for his main gig and some other interests.

    And we also discuss changes in the format of the show. The most obvious is the introduction of a video version of the show in addition to the audio track (which will remain); a bold move, since both JP and Mule have faces for radio.

    We will continue with the call-in format for our guests, but only the co-hosts will be shown on video. The guest will be audio-only. It should give our production manager, Chas, some additional headaches with the editing.

    We are also going to try recording on Saturdays instead of weekdays to try to broaden the reach for guests who want to join, but can't because of work.

    So, belly up to the bar, grab a stool and your favorite legal beverage, and enjoy our hospitality from the hosts with the mosts.

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    Episode-58; Changing of the Guard

    Episode-58; Changing of the Guard

    Recorded: December 20, 2020

    libsyn here

    About the podcast

    This will be a bitter-sweet episode at The Outliers Inn.  It’s the episode where Antlerboy (aka Benjamin Taylor) announces his retirement from pouring drinks and serving slop as co-host at the Inn.  Between his part-time gig at the Inn and his other interests and pursuits (including running his companies, other podcasts that he produces, and writing a book), the time constraints have become more than obvious, and he regrettably has to step out from behind the bar.

    It all started on November 3rd, 2014. This was the day that Tom Magliozzi, co-host of “Car Talk”, was recalled to that great junk yard in the sky, to be joyfully reunited with all his previous vehicles. 

    Car Talk was a radio show about cars, their owners, and maladies (of the cars, that is – mostly).  Guests would call-in and share various symptoms they were experiencing with their automobiles. The hosts would roast the caller, their automobiles, and their maladies in a respectful manner; perhaps sometimes less respectful of the vehicles themselves and their manufacturers. Every episode was a lot of fun listen to and certainly anyone who did would smile and laugh at least once.

    When JP read of the passing of Tom, he posted the article on Facebook.  And Antlerboy was the first to comment on my post.  Even though Antlerboy is from the United Kingdom, he had just started to listen to the show and even shared his version of Tom’s obituary; “So, it happened again. You wasted a perfectly good life amusing yourself and other people and upholding the values of intelligence, science, eloquence, and rude good humour. And even though St. Peter himself will run screaming from the Pearly Gates when he hears YOU say it.... ‘That was Tom Magliozzi. And, don't drive like your brother...'”

    But then we got to thinking. There was a lot of absurdities that occur and opportunities to poke fun of the goings-on in our own profession; businesses and their operations. Heck, we were guilty of some of these goings-on ourselves. Why don’t we start our own show?  And (eventually) The Outliers Inn was born with our first episode produced in October of 2015 (almost a full year later).  You can read the mostly complete history of The Outliers Inn here.

    Since then, we have produced 58 episodes over a five-year period; not a bad run rate.

    So, we give a proper send-off to Antlerboy by taking a walk down memory lane with a few select guests. 

    And it’s only appropriate that we start with Don Burshnick, our resident Biermeister Extraordinaire.  When he’s not brewing his beer, he is drinking it as a regular at the Inn and is even an occasional co-host when we find ourselves short-staffed.  Don shares with us his latest concoction; a “Gummy-Bear” IPA.  We are certain it would not pass the German Reinheitsgebot.

    Other irregular regulars include;

    Stephane who joins us from the lockdown in France.  Although from Belgium, and quite proud of their beer, he is very interested in Don’s Gummy Bear IPA and would be keen on having a sample; which JP promises to bring back a sample bottle from Don for Stephane’s tasting. Aiden is our next guest who gets Antlerboy to share the story of how he decided to prefer to be called Benjamin rather than Ben; confessing the real reason for the change was he read that people with longer and more formal names are perceived as being more intelligent, so; “Benjamin P. Taylor” it is. Marina joins us from Los Angeles where she has founded a design innovation studio and shares her experiences in 2020 having to quickly make the transition to the new business paradigm. Hal joins us from Seattle.  He shares with us his enthusiasm for beer and appreciation for Don’s “Gummy Bear IPA”.  He also shares a bit

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    New Ventures and Longest Nights

    New Ventures and Longest Nights

    Recorded: November 24, 2020

    About the podcast

    Antlerboy starts off the show with a confession; that he has been seeing other people – in fact quite a selection of other people.  Behind JP’s back but in broad daylight, he has been recording two other podcasts; “Joy and Work” for leading (public) service transformation, and “Transduction” for the systems, complexity, and cybernetics.  He also shares that his launch strategy is rather atypical in that he is purposefully limiting his audience to a “need to listen” basis with a tight circle of trust and with limited outreach.  JP thinks this is a rather odd launch strategy indeed.  But then again, JP got a bit lost (but not surprised) when Antlerboy started talking about the subject matter having socialist and liberal leanings and academic wonks being the source for many of his episodes.

    JP expresses concern that Antlerboy’s appetite for strange is insatiable and that he should seek help – this before confessing that he too has recently launched a new podcast himself entitled “Supercharged Supply Chain”.  But JP’s also shares that his new podcast is a bit of a struggle because he is not used to having a co-host who is so much smarter than he is, and it takes a lot of work on his part to be sure to be on his toes. Of course, both Antlerboy and JP wish each other much success with their new ventures.

    Our first guest is Sam Storm from Sweden.  JP has known Sam for some time and took notice of the complete personal transformation that Sam has undertaken in the past year; from hoodies and baggie-pants to custom tailored suits.  In the spirit of John T. Molloy, Sam is “dressed for success”.  Sam then shares that he has competed in the Swedish hip-hop cover competition several times and does a pretty good Dr. Dre cover.  It is near peak darkness in Sweden now with a maximum of seven hours of twilight and Sam is finding satisfaction in working with others; coaching and mentoring them on agile tools and techniques with an eye to professional and personal growth.

    This leads to a larger discussion on mentoring; and how we often don’t know we are mentoring others (and that others don’t know that we are being mentored by them).  Perhaps it is better this way in that each of us can be more genuine and have the real conversations without feeling the pressures associated with knowing we are examining or being examined.

    Our next guest to the bar is a regular, Stephane from Belgium and now in France.  The conversation starts with the renewed lockdown in France and the challenges that will be faced with holiday shopping.  It would appear that many people in France openly rail against Amazon whilst secretly clicking away.  Absurdly, the supermarkets are open for food, but aisles within the supermarket are closed because they sell “non-essential” items (whatever that means) even though they are in the same store.  This is to protect the small shops that sell these items, but are currently closed – even though you can buy these items online.  Government Rules Hurt. Our. Heads.

    JP shares with Stephane that he was concerned for Stephane’s well-being.  Usually, Stephane is responsive to eMails and LinkedIn messages, but there were a couple of weeks where Stephane did not respond – not even open a message on LinkedIn.  Stephane shared that he was on vacation, or rather a “stay-cation”.  He stayed in his apartment and unplugged from everything work-related.  How can a person do that for two weeks, couped up in an apartment with restrictions for movement, escaped JP (who would have had to escape).

    Lastly, we again call to center stage, Mandalyn, with another acapella rendition of one of her original songs.  This one is a personal favorite of her’s and is entitled “Breaking Up” abo

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    Episode-56; Travel Adventures During COVID

    Episode-56; Travel Adventures During COVID

    Recorded: October 26, 2020

    About the podcast

    Welcome to another “open mic” edition at The Outliers Inn with JP and stand-in co-host Don Burshnick who has co-hosted enough episodes that he can be considered the co-co-host. 

    JP and Don start-off the conversation by sharing how refreshing it is to get back out in the field and doing some face-to-face work after being largely confined to quarters during the COVID Pandemic.  For two guys who normally spend a lot of time in airplanes traveling to client-sites, being grounded for an extended period of time is as uncomfortable as it is unusual.  JP has traveled from Germany to the States a couple of times and Don just returned from Mexico.

    We share the “myth” of border crossings.  We read about all the rules associated with travel.  But where the expectation is stringent controls, paperwork validation, and health-checks, the reality has been quite the opposite; with no observable differences between travel pre-COVID and during (so long as you have the proper passport and paperwork).  The only real difference that JP noticed is that hardly anyone is on the plane.  JP shares his ideas about business and rules.  By and large, businesses don’t care what the rules are, they just want to know what the rules are and that the rules will not change with the wind.  Sure, they might lobby and lament, but at the end of the day, so long as they are predictable, all is good with the world.

    We welcome our first guest, Neal from Louisville, who shares that he has not experienced business growth.  While companies that directly serve the consumer seem to be busy, he believes that industry is holding back on investment in production apparatus.  JP shares that companies are best to be in a state of readiness, but if you can’t be ready, you better be resilient (best to be both).

    Our next guest is Oli from Germany who shares his experiences traveling between the States and Germany; which largely corroborates the experiences of JP and Don.  He shares that the only people who are reporting to the workplace are those working on the production floor or turning wrenches while the “knowledge workers” are working remotely; but even those on the production floor have changed their way of operations by minimizing close contact.

    And our last guest is Mandalyn who takes to the stage again to perform an acapella rendition of another song she wrote entitled “Cheater”.

    We wrap-up the show with a group conversation sharing what we are all going to be doing as we close in on the end of year; with Don sharing the latest updates in his beer-brewing “hobby”.  Oli is working on renewing an outreach program to build his funnel with new prospects as opposed to relying solely on his existing clients.  While Neal is hopeful for landing a new position and passing his ASQ Certification this coming January.  And Mandalyn is just going to keep working, and no doubt will continue writing some songs.

    Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies   Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant. Co-Host: Don Burshnick

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    Episode-55; And Now For Something Completely Different

    Episode-55; And Now For Something Completely Different

    Recorded: September 21, 2020

    About the podcast

    It’s another “Open Mic” night at  The Outliers Inn.  And in this episode, Benjamin and JP discover there might be a couple of interpretations of that open invitation.  It would appear that, in addition to our regular followers and people who might see our invitations as shared in our normal channels, people could also search EventBrite (our registration tool) for terms that might interest them; including “open mic”.  This proved to generate some rather interesting guests; not the regular crowd talking about what our audience has come to expect, but rather, something completely different.

    Benjamin and JP start the show in the normal fashion; exchanging goings-ons, observations, and stories of our recent experiences.  JP contemplates the coming autumn whimsically and nostalgically and Benjamin finds himself duty-bound to share some British thing that he considers relevant; “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”.  It’s actually poetically descriptive.

    Benjamin also shares the transformation of his business from a traditional to virtual.  And though Benjamin is sad to see the past pass, JP (having been virtual before it was cool) is sure that Benjamin, and his company, will find themselves much better off for it.

    But this is where the show deviates dramatically from its norm.

    Our first guest is Dee Allen, a poet who has written countless poems and published several books of poetry.  He shares two of his poems, “Breeder of Flames” and “Washa-quon-asin”, with a passion that is obvious and enthusiastic.  In the poems he shares, he invokes his Native American heritage.  Dee’s books of poetry can be found on Amazon by looking up the author Dee Allen.  His new book is “Elohi Unitsi” and can be found by clicking here.

    Next up to the bar is Jamie Ryder from the UK who start by discovering they hail from the same parts of England.  Jamie shares with us that he is an artist and a blog publisher who’s websites include; “The Comic Vault”, “Yamato Magazine”, and “The Rum Ration”. 

    And our last guest is Mandalyn who takes to the stage (we didn’t even know we had a stage) and shares with us a song she wrote; and not only did she write it, she sang it for us!

    Indeed, The Outliers Inn welcomes all and is welcoming to all.  Give a listen…

    Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies   Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant.

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