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The No 1 Pasture based farming podcast in the Forgandenny parish. Join the search for 1) better profits for cattle and sheep; 2) top (to middling to absent) banter. Most amateur podcast on the internet thingy. Monthly.

The Pasture Pod Michael Blanche

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The No 1 Pasture based farming podcast in the Forgandenny parish. Join the search for 1) better profits for cattle and sheep; 2) top (to middling to absent) banter. Most amateur podcast on the internet thingy. Monthly.

    Rhys Williams

    Rhys Williams

    Not all heroes wear capes some have a buzz cut and speak Welsh.  Rhys may be the most succesful first generation farmer I know but I still want to be a little vague just in case any of the other first generation farmers I know think it might be them instead.

    There are around five people in this world I've learnt most from in terms of pasture.  Rhys is one of the five.  I hope you learn as much.

    • 2 hr 9 min
    Episode 12 - Murray Rohloff

    Episode 12 - Murray Rohloff

    Five months later than it should have been but Murray is worth waiting for.  A New Zealander of great enthusiasm, I got up with him the night before a Soil Association Scotland "Paddock Grazing for Profit" day. The Soil Association Scotland do a whole range of days on lots of topics (see https://www.soilassociation.org/our-work-in-scotland/farming-for-the-future/events/)

    Murray was a key person in pumping people up about pasture in Scotland and those on The Farming Forum might know him as Global Ovine.

    • 2 hr 1 min
    Episode 11 - Liz Genever

    Episode 11 - Liz Genever

    Born and raised on the right side of the Fen and far enough away from the smell of cabbages in Lincolnshire, Liz Genever grew up to be a significant driver of knowledge transfer in England.  After a number of years with AHDB Beef & Lamb she has left and become an independent consultant.

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Episode 10 - Michael Shannon

    Episode 10 - Michael Shannon

    Recorded over two sittings, Michael talks for a long time about how excited he is about grass.  He tends not to let me talk, which is obviously beneficial.  3+ hours sounds a long time but Michael is an interesting and semi amusing person :0
    I referred to Michael as the Grandfather of Rotational Grazing in Scotland in the introduction.  That's very unfair as he's only a couple of years older than me - and I'm very young!! I think a more appropriate moniker should be Godfather - a bit like James Brown but with a higher pitched voice and less impressive dance moves.
    Bottom line is, he was a pioneer in Scotland and though I wouldn't admit it to his face, probably should have a statue in his honour. Preferably relatively close to me so I can deface it regularly.
    We are taken on a journey from Northern Ireland to the seed trade in Scotland to Lanarkshire to what is now definitely "home" and the base for https://www.damndelicious.co.uk/
    The theme tune is restricted to just over a minute at the start but for personal safety reasons I have to warn you its repeated in its full 5 minute glory at the end - stay safe and don't have nightmares

    • 3 hr 15 min
    Episode 9 - LILIS conference

    Episode 9 - LILIS conference

    A break from the norm.  I interview a number of people all in one - shorter - podcast. Recorded in the Summer of 2018 with background noise loud enough to be irritating, this was the Livestock in Low Input Systems (LILIS) conference. I went around and, like a man desperate for friends, tried to make conversation with people. I laughed awkwardly and those that didn't run away felt sorry enough for me to give me their time.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Episode 8 - Doug Avery

    Episode 8 - Doug Avery

    Recorded at the beginning of October 2018.  Doug tells his story through the valleys and peaks of his farming life.
    He was at the end of a significant tour of Scotland, having spoken to over 2000 people over a little under 4 weeks.
    Thanks to John Scott, the RSABI and the RHASS for initiating and implementing the idea.  They wanted to start a conversation about mindset and how we can deal positively with the challenges of this season and those still to come in the near future.
    Doug's book can be found  here
    Spencer Johnson's book on peaks and valleys can be found here

    • 1 hr 47 min

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5.0 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

PJ Murphy IRL/NJ ,

Excellent Farming Interviews with industry leaders

Mike’s style of interview and his established relationships with many of the interviewees leads to both revealing personal and “pasture” insights combined with excellent “profit nuggets”. This has gotten me more “pumped up” about pasture.

Would be delighted if there were more “Pasture Pods”.

Btw - “Moe” needs more air-time:)

Wisconsin pork ,

Pasture pride

Great pod, learn a little from each episode. I enjoy the variety in farming operations from beef, dairy, sheep etc... as a dairy farmer I particularly like the dairy episodes.

gardenertyler ,

Pasture farming gold

I love your podcast! I am a pretty new at livestock farming still but I have learned so much from the interviews with people working at the cutting edge of modern rotational grazing. My wife and I just were able to purchase an 80 acre farm in Oregon USA and are working toward a 100% grass fed operation. I can't wait to try everything I have learned from listening.
Thank you,

Tyler Ross
Rossallini Farm

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