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The Peanut Podcast, created by the National Peanut Board, delves into issues that are important to peanut growers and the industry. Join NPB staff hosts Lauren Highfill Williams and Lindsay Stevens once a month as they explore hot topics and future trends impacting the industry, including agriculture, sustainability, nutrition, allergies, culture, consumers and more.

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The Peanut Podcast, created by the National Peanut Board, delves into issues that are important to peanut growers and the industry. Join NPB staff hosts Lauren Highfill Williams and Lindsay Stevens once a month as they explore hot topics and future trends impacting the industry, including agriculture, sustainability, nutrition, allergies, culture, consumers and more.

    September Peanut Podcast Postponed

    September Peanut Podcast Postponed

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    How I Got Here: Stories from the Farm

    How I Got Here: Stories from the Farm

    Whether today’s farmers come from a multi-generational line of growers or they're the first generation to be called to agriculture, those paths are filled with twists and turns, challenges, redemption and kindness. In this episode, we’re sharing compelling stories from the peanut grower community that open up new opportunities, possibilities and appreciation in agriculture. Featured peanut farmer guests on this episode are Karla Thompson of Georgia, Jan Jones of Georgia and Lonnie Fortner of Mississippi.

    Whitt, C., Todd, J. E., & MacDonald, J. M. (2020, December). America’s diverse family farms: 2020 edition. USDA ERS. https://www.ers.usda.gov/publications/pub-details/?pubid=100011  

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    Peanuts in Schools

    Peanuts in Schools

    Description: PB&Js have been a school lunch staple for generations—and at most schools they still are. The star ingredient, peanut butter, is nutritious, affordable, shelf stable and tasty. But food allergy concerns are a barrier to schools using more peanuts. Tapping into our recent Summer School Nutrition Summit, we’ll discuss the latest trends, what's on the minds of school nutrition leaders and how schools can serve peanuts while keeping students with allergies safe. We’ll hear from Amy Carroll of Lee County, FL Schools whose district brought peanut butter back to the menu after almost 20 years, Marlon Gordon of Nxt Gen Network, child nutrition chef Rebecca Polson, Leslie Wagner of Southern Peanut Growers and Texas peanut grower Lexi Floyd. 

    For more resources on Peanuts in Schools: 
    PeanutsinSchools.org Bringing Back the Peanut: Peanut Allergy Community Guide  https://peanutbutterlovers.com/about-spg/   National Peanut Board School Recipes  Instead of Peanut Free Be Allergen Aware Guidelines on Managing Food Allergies in Schools School Nutrition Association Food Allergy Resource Center  For articles on peanuts in schools: 
    School Nutrition Pros Now Have a Peanut Power Toolkit  Plan, Don’t Ban article from School Nutrition Magazine How to be Fearless About Food Allergies in Schools Making School Breakfast Cool (and Safer): Adopting Top Trends & Managing Food Allergens  Peanuts in Schools: How Peanuts Can Help Meet Today’s Challenges and Why They Belong on K-12 Menus  How Peanuts can fit in School Nutrition  Making Healthy Choices in the School Lunch Line  School Recipes that Deliver on Taste and Nutrition  Sources: 
    Wang J., B. T. (2018). The Allergist's Role in Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Management in the School and Childcare Setting. JACI-In Practice, 427-435.  CDC: Managing Food Allergies in School 

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    Using Peanuts to Reduce Food Waste

    Using Peanuts to Reduce Food Waste

     Farmers put their livelihoods on the line with each crop they plant, tend to and harvest. Now imagine 40% of that crop going into the trash instead of feeding hungry people. That’s the unfortunate situation we’re in with food waste in the US. But there’s a push from multiple sectors to get the most out of every ounce of nutritious food American farmers grow. We’ll explore the issue of food waste and how peanuts are part of the solution on the farm and on the plate through conversations with Valeri Lea of Sherman Moritz, Daniel Kurzrock of Upcycled Foods, Joanne Gendrano of Unilever Food Solutions and Alabama peanut farmer Thomas Adams.

    Show Notes: 
    To learn more about food waste and what we’ve talked about on today’s episode:
    Upcycled Foods Inc.: upcycledfoods.com 
    USDA Food Waste FAQ’s: usda.gov 
    5 Tips to Go Further with Food: Reduce Food Waste: 5 Tips 
    3 Creative Ideas to Tackle Food Waste: 3 Creative Ideas 
    Naming Matters: Prompting Smaller Portions in an Online RCT: ajpmonline.org
    To learn more about peanuts and sustainability: 
    Peanuts and Sustainability FAQs: FAQ 
    The Peanut Podcast Episode 2: The New Frontier of Sustainability: Episode 2 
    Sustainable Snack Swaps: Snack Swaps
    Even Mother Earth Loves Peanuts: Mother Earth 
    3 Fast Facts About Peanuts and the Environment: Fast Facts 
    Peanuts Are the Crop of Now: Crop of Now 
    Plastic Straws and Peanut Seeds: Think Small for Big Impact: Straws & Seeds 
    New Data Confirms Peanuts are More Water Efficient Than Ever: Peanuts and water 
    Feeding America – Food Waste and Food Rescue: feedingamerica.org 
    Feed The Future’s Commitment to Reducing Food Loss and Waste: feedingamerica.org 
    Datassential – 2022 Trends Part I | 01.06.22: datassential.com 
    EPA – 2019 Wasted Food Report: epa.gov 
    Whole Foods Market Forecasts Top 10 Food Trends for 2021: media.wholefoodsmarket.com
    7 Food Waste Statistics Every Chef Should Know: blog.cambro.com

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    What Works in Marketing in 2023

    What Works in Marketing in 2023

    With the few months of 2023 behind us, it’s time to look into what’s working and what’s on the horizon in marketing. Are Gen Z and millennials still the darlings of marketing? How are brands and organizations reaching them, and what can the peanut industry learn? How do exports play into marketing trends? We’ll find these answers with perspectives from Caroline Coyle from Golin, Radhika Murari from OmMade peanut butter, Shelly Nutt from the Texas Peanut Producers Board and food trend expert Skye Estroff.   

    Music Attribution:
    It Looks Like The Future, But It Feels Like The Past by Doctor Turtle is licensed under a Attribution License.

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    "Healthy: Who Defines it Anyway?

    "Healthy: Who Defines it Anyway?

     It’s a hot time for health. For the first time in almost 30 years, the FDA is planning to update its definition of healthy. In the nutrition community, there’s a movement to consider more factors, like age, lifestyle and culture, when recommending food choices. Consumers are considering health more holistically—not just as the food we eat but also our physical and mental wellbeing. We’ll explore how our thinking about “healthy” has evolved and what it means for peanuts and peanut butter through conversations with NPB dietitians Markita Lewis, Sherry Coleman Collins and foodservice dietitian Ann Dunaway Teh. 

    Show Notes:  
    Plan It, Don’t Ban It: https://schoolnutrition.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/MA23-Main4.pdf  
    To learn more about the FDA’s Rule Change: 
    A Fresh Take on What “Healthy” Means on Food Packages  
    Use of the Term Healthy on Food Labeling  
    To learn more about how peanuts can fit in a healthy lifestyle:  
    Peanut Nutrition 101  
    All About Heart Health  
    Why Peanut Fit in Your Healthy Diet  
    Fight Hunger with Powerful Nutrition  
    Any Exercise is Better Than Nothing: The Power of a Little Movement  
    What Does Being "Healthy" Mean?  
    Snacking on Peanuts Everyday linked to Lower Risk of Stoke, Other Diseases, Study Show  
    Magnificent Magnesium  
    The Scoop on Hydrogenated Fat in Peanut Butter  
    The Peanut Institute  
    Shake-Up in the Diet Industry: Washington Post Article  
    Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Health Equity: https://www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/healthequity/index.html  
    Peanut Nutrition 101: NPB: peanut-nutrition.htm 
    KF Provkök launches the idea of basic food: https://web.archive.org/web/20110929023533/http://www.coop.se/Globala-sidor/OmKF/Kooperativ-samverkan/Var-historia1/Tidslinjen/1960-19901/1973/KF-Provkok-lanserar-iden-om-basmat/  

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6 Ratings

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this is my favorite podcast

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