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Helping you to prepare for the uncertain times ahead.

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Helping you to prepare for the uncertain times ahead.

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4.3 out of 5
102 Ratings

102 Ratings

SennieP ,

Love the podcasts and books

Pt 1. Love His podcasts and have read every 1 of his books. He’s very informative and each book series has so far been a different teotwawki scenario. Makes 1 think about every possible situation. I’d rather be over informed than under informed. I appreciate every podcast and written word. Thanks Mark, keep on keepin on! God bless!

Pt 2. I’ve noticed that just about all of the low reviews come down to the reviewers anti-Christ, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic viewpoint. Sad that instead of just passing on the podcast and moving on to someone better to their liking they feel the need to slam a great guy who just cares about his fellow man. He not only cares about your survival, he cares about your soul, we could do with a LOT more people like him, the world would be a much kinder place.

Punchy McMustache ,

Real Deal

Mark is fantastic. I'm glad the previous review said "too churchy", that means Mark is doing his job👍. Christ built this nation and if you can't handle that, bye. Great, practical application of survival techniques with a Christ-centered, biblical world view. We need hundreds more Mark Goodwins out there. Keep it up buddy, we are behind you. Now get out of FL.

Sgt2881 ,

Outstanding Content

Mark brings a Christian view of the events of the world, and how to apply Scripture to your preparation/ everyday life

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