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The Real Thing celebrates unique Australian characters.

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The Real Thing celebrates unique Australian characters.

    #36: Nico's last ride

    #36: Nico's last ride

    After cycling the world, Nicolás Marino set off to cross his adopted homeland using pedal power alone.

    He discovered knowing Australia would require knowing himself.

    In this last episode of The Real Thing we're on our bikes, as lunch cooks in the deep fry.

    • 22 min
    #35: Follow the Lita

    #35: Follow the Lita

    As a teenager, Lita Lewis was expected to set the example for her siblings. So much so, that she wanted out.

    In an adult life far from her home and tribe, she’d battle pride and heartbreak alone.

    By sharing her rebuild of physical and mental health, Lita would have an impact far beyond her two sisters.

    • 20 min
    #34: Shoal Attack!

    #34: Shoal Attack!

    A school of fish help the Australian netball team win a Commonwealth gold medal.

    An introduction to Sum Of All Parts - a podcast that shares extraordinary stories from the world of numbers.

    Subscribe to SOAP: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/sum-of-all-parts/

    • 33 min
    #33: Khadija's stolen itch

    #33: Khadija's stolen itch

    For International Women's Day, a story about feeling incomplete.

    Khadija Gbla’s repressed memory of female genital mutilation would surface during puberty. Being an outsider to a ‘clitero-centric’ culture, was a decision made for her.

    Khadija is up against her mum, her culture, and the health system, as she breaks the silence around FGM.

    • 24 min
    #32: Monkey in Mirani (live from Woodford)

    #32: Monkey in Mirani (live from Woodford)

    The Real Thing perform live at Woodfolk Folk Festival, Queensland.

    In between music and magic tricks, Timothy and Mike risk it all by attempting to tell a story they’ve never heard before - live on stage, with improvised music, script, and sound effects.

    It’s live and unedited and we have no idea how it will end.

    • 15 min
    #31: Picnic Tropicana

    #31: Picnic Tropicana

    It started as an idea in a Darlinghurst cafe and became the world’s largest short film festival.

    Tropfest has helped kickstart generations of Australian film careers throughout its 25 year history.

    While controversy and financial hardship has threatened the event, Tropfest has endured and the picnic continues.

    • 31 min

Customer Reviews

OtherMacGuffin ,

The Real Deal

I've been listening to this for the past few months and it's great to hear cultural stories and history from a background outside my own. I've had very little insight to Australia beforehand but with each episode I gain more understanding and it encourages me to seek out more about the stories they share/uncover.

OzSearching ,

genuinely delightful

My family moved from Australia when I was young but we've always called it home. Now that I have a family of my own, I've found myself searching for that missing connection to community and this podcast has helped provide that by sharing the true blue side of this unique country and people. The stories are original and authentic. I just listened to Balloons for Harper and it moved me to tears.

stormraver ,


This is really fun. Appreciate the stories from the side of the world!

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