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Serge and Shelley share their expertise and opinions from a collective 40+ years in the recruitment profession. The podcast is all things recruitment - from the latest trends, industry news, technology, helpful tips and interviews with some of the biggest globally recognized names in the recruitment industry

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Serge and Shelley share their expertise and opinions from a collective 40+ years in the recruitment profession. The podcast is all things recruitment - from the latest trends, industry news, technology, helpful tips and interviews with some of the biggest globally recognized names in the recruitment industry

    Julie Sowash w/Disability Solutions

    Julie Sowash w/Disability Solutions

    TRF feat Julie Sowash, Executive Director at Disability Solutions

    We finally get to introduce you to Julie Sowash. Dedicating her career to helping people who face barriers to employment by solving the problem on the corporate side.  

    Disability Solutions is a non-profit who has trained over 10,000 Leaders and placed over 7,000 persons with disability. 

    Our big light-bulb moments with Julie

    Recruitment process is a big problem 

    ATS systems are an even bigger problem

    AI’s potential begins with clean data

    Accommodation includes WFH

    4% of Fortune 500 companies include Disability in their DEI strategies

    • 31 min
    Let Them Eat Cake

    Let Them Eat Cake

    Cant eat, can't sleep, nightmares? Recalling your first love and the first break up is something we all experience but that doesn't make it easier to watch someone else go through it. 

    DisruptHR Halifax is in full swing, watch for the exciting lineup of presenters being announced this week. If you’ve never been, it goes like this: 5 minutes, 20 slides, teach me something and make it disruptive.

    Elon Musk’s latest rant is meant to pit us against each other. The laptop class against trades people? How does that connect to the French Revolution? I’m lost…. 

    Even the CIA makes recruiting videos - for spies!

    In The News

    Our friends at Pangologic make some changes and we make a prediction of what will follow.

    Tip of the Week

    ChatGPT won't take your job. Someone who masters ChatGPT is going to take your job! Keep your technical skills sharp!

    Recruiting Insights 

    Recruiting Brainfood’s survey of “What do Recruiters Want” and some interesting results

    We trash a Business Insider article that we see as grasping to tie random facts into some sort of pattern. Amateur hour at BI?

    The ‘Don't Call Me Karen’ series, Uber’s Head of DEI make a bad decision

    • 40 min
    Unleash Interviews: Brian Thompson Co-Founder RecTxt

    Unleash Interviews: Brian Thompson Co-Founder RecTxt

    The Recruitment Flex got the opportunity the meet the guys from RecTxt face to face the first time! We had a great chat with Brian Thompson Co-Founder of RecTxt

    RecTxt has experienced remarkable success with Unleash, enabling them to establish valuable face-to-face connections with numerous clients.

    RecTxt has gained recognition for their user-friendly texting service, which seamlessly integrates with all ATS platforms.

    During a demonstration of their recently soft-launched Smart Draft, we were thoroughly impressed by its flawless integration with ChatGTP.

    Adding to the excitement, RecTxt has introduced personas to enhance the tone of their texts. Initially, Chad and Cheese contributed their AI personas in the first iteration. One can't help but wonder if we will witness the introduction of Serge and Shelley personas in the future.

    Brian, along with his co-founder Bradley Clark, were once competitors in the staffing industry. However, they decided to join forces and establish RecTxt.

    Check them out at rectxt.com

    • 9 min
    DisruptHR & Donairs

    DisruptHR & Donairs

    The CRNG event in Calgary was a huge success. Will van Middendorp did a great job despite some technical challenges. 
    Donairs & DisruptHR Halifax Who knew Halifax was famous for this middle eastern dish? We will be co-hosting the event - June 22 - Get your tickets now

    Industry News

    CareerBuilder is letting the air out of their tires. 60% of their US staff were laid off 

    ZipRecruiter revenue continues to decline - yet they have not announce layoffs

    Indeed on the other hand reported a rise in revenue a whopping 2.7% …. An increase tho!

    Plum.io partners with RoleBot - a marriage made in heaven?

    Tip of The Week

    Recruiter to Recruiter Advice: if you want to ace your next interview, use this:
     ‘Can I tell you a quick story of what I learned in my last role’ 

    Recruiting Insights

    iHire survey of 600 job seekers, the results shocked us. 

    In other survey news, DocuSign commissions a report on the benefits of remote work, then, within days of the report being released, order their staff back to the office. 

    Reading between the lines, Elon Musk finds the best way to say hiring freeze without freaking out shareholders. He dares his Managers to bring hiring requests forward. 

    A great reminder from our friend, James Ellis, stop being generic and be interesting.

    • 35 min
    Unleash Interviews: Ilya Brotzky CEO VanHack

    Unleash Interviews: Ilya Brotzky CEO VanHack

    In our latest installment of the Unleash interview series, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the esteemed Ilya Brotzky, CEO of VanHack, who also happens to be a dear friend of the show.

    VanHack has established itself as a force to be reckoned with, facilitating the successful placement of nearly 2000 talented Software Developers in both Canada and the United States.

    With a personal background that includes immigrating to Canada from the former Soviet Union as a child, Ilya holds a profound understanding of the transformative impact his work has had on countless families.

    As we delved into the discussions at Unleash, the hot topic on everyone's lips was none other than artificial intelligence (AI). Ilya expressed his belief that AI will undoubtedly play a significant role in VanHack's future endeavors.

    The potential for AI and automation to enhance recruitment processes is a captivating prospect. However, the question remains: will it ever fully replace the indispensable human element?

    While AI and automation are poised to revolutionize the industry, Ilya remains hesitant to discount the enduring value of human interaction. There's an intangible magic that comes with personal connection and rapport-building, which may prove challenging to replicate through technology alone. After all, who wouldn't cherish the idealized notion of a dream recruiter's job—sitting on a private island, sipping fruity drinks, and engaging in delightful conversations with candidates all day long?

    • 12 min
    AI Moves In

    AI Moves In

    This week on TRF: DisruptHR Halifax has a great line up for all our Atlantic Canada listeners - this will be such a great event - get your tickets now!

    In the news

    Canada added 41,000 jobs in April - almost all of which are part-time.

    USA job openings drop to the lowest we’ve seen since 2021 at 9.6 MM 

    LinkedIn lays off 3.5% of their workforce and sunsets their product in China call InCareer

    The 4 day work week wins! 93% of Canadian are in favour

    Tip of the Week


    Outbound sourcing just got faster & for $40 a month, why not? NB: If you are doing lots of sourcing - best to get a demo or Rolebot.io too

    Recruiting Insights

    Jobs that AI will make obsolete, data entry and executive secretaries - according to the WEF (World Economic Forum) - just a little out of touch? Someone show let them know the term secretary died in the 1970’s

    The skills gap will level the playing field - it is soft skills like creative thinking, motivation and lifelong learning - skills that have nothing to do with a university degree

    White collar job at hitting the wall - no surprise here. 

    Showing us the receipts - Microsoft announced that 30% of its workforce is women and on top of that 53% of their core US workforce is ethnically diverse.

    MOD Pizza solved their staffing issues by tapping into a diverse talent pool 

    • 33 min

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4 Ratings


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