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Your go-to resource for how to grow your SaaS revenue without a sales team.

The Self-Serve SaaS 'Cast Self-Serve SaaS

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Your go-to resource for how to grow your SaaS revenue without a sales team.

    How ZipMessage Overcame its Growth Plateau (with CEO, Brian Casel)

    How ZipMessage Overcame its Growth Plateau (with CEO, Brian Casel)

    Brian Casel, the CEO of Clarityflow (previously ZipMessage) walks Yohann through his research-first approach to addressing churn, doubling down on a well-performing segment of customers, and blasting through a plateau in revenue growth.

    • 37 min
    Is Engagement a Vanity Metric?

    Is Engagement a Vanity Metric?

    User engagement is often taken to be the actionable link to revenue that teams should focus on. Create more engagement, create more revenue, in a nutshell. This is why growth teams design for multiple logins, Weekly Active Users, or Day Seven Retention. In this episode, your hosts discuss why the logic of “more engagement = more revenue” is flawed, and present four arguments for why you’re missing out on big opportunities by manufacturing engagement.

    00:00 Introduction
    01:20 Why Companies Design for Engagement
    03:23 Argument Against Engagement #1: The Lowest Common Denominator
    08:22 Argument Against Engagement #2: The Opportunity Cost
    14:52 Argument Against Engagement #3: Meaningful Engagement Patterns
    19:43 Argument Against Engagement #4: Strong vs. Weak Correlation

    • 30 min
    What You Can Learn from Churn (with Founder and CPO of Churnkey, Scott Hurff)

    What You Can Learn from Churn (with Founder and CPO of Churnkey, Scott Hurff)

    Scott and Yohann talk about churn — how he approaches it at Churnkey, and how he hopes more companies will approach it in general. As he says, “It’s one of the most underrated sources of information and intelligence.” Creating a cancellation system not only helps customers feel like they’re being heard as you part ways but also gives you precious insight to get ahead of potential cancellations before it’s too late.

    05:48 Why Churnkey Blends Self-Serve and Sales
    09:49 Creating Customer Profiles with Churn Data
    19:17 Using Churn to Refine Value Metrics
    23:35 Applying End-Of-Lifecycle Lessons to the Early Lifecycle
    27:27 Churnkey's North Star Value Metric
    39:15 Key Questions to Ask of Your Churn Data

    For insights from the episode and the full transcript, check out: https://selfservesaas.feather.blog/learn-from-churn

    • 42 min
    Managing the Self-Serve Customer Lifecycle

    Managing the Self-Serve Customer Lifecycle

    If you want your automated sales process to convert users as effectively as a human-led sales process, you need to actively manage it. In this episode, your hosts break down the major stages of the Self-Serve customer lifecycle and discuss what it takes to structure each stage so it sets users up for success in the next.

    00:00 Introduction
    01:13 Managing an Automated Lifecycle
    09:08 Stage One: Setting Up
    11:14 Building Trust by Setting the Right Expectations
    16:27 Stage Two: Finding Value
    19:04 Defining Outcomes and Paths to Outcomes
    24:59 Stage Three: Converting to Customer
    35:23 Stage Four: The Rest of the Lifecycle

    • 46 min
    The Hidden Advantage of Self-Serve

    The Hidden Advantage of Self-Serve

    Many Self-Serve companies operate much like their Sales-Led counterparts, minus a Sales team. In this episode, your hosts discuss how leaning into Self-Serve's differences can turn them into advantages, and how the Self-Serve model opens up opportunities that Sales-Led companies can only dream about.

    00:00 Introduction
    00:27 Self-Serve Companies Still Rely on the Sales Playbook
    06:49 Turning Differences Into Strengths (Leaning Into the Self-Serve Model)
    14:47 Building a Faster Feedback Loop; Asking Better Questions
    21:12 Managing the Self-Serve Sales Process
    27:23 A Quick Summary

    For more insights on the Self-Serve model and the full transcript, check out: https://selfservesaas.feather.blog/hidden-advantages-of-self-serve

    • 28 min
    How Castos Approaches Self-Serve (with CEO Craig Hewitt)

    How Castos Approaches Self-Serve (with CEO Craig Hewitt)

    Craig and Yohann chat about how the Self-Serve system at Castos continues to evolve as the company grows into year six with tens of thousands of active customers. Craig talks about optimizing conversions, experimenting with Enterprise Sales, and using user value as a compass to make better decisions.

    00:00 Introduction
    02:11 Growing Volume vs. Optimizing Conversions
    06:08 Experimenting with Enterprise Sales
    09:07 How Castos' Self-Serve System Evolved
    15:50 Using User Value as a Compass
    18:02 Aligning User and Business Value
    23:39 The Limitations of User Value-based Cohorts

    For excerpts, commentary, and the full transcript check out: https://selfservesaas.feather.blog/self-serve-castos

    • 35 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

JSCorcoran ,

Outcomes that drive user value - love it!!

Finally a podcast that gets to the heart of the matter in UX/CX. How often in UX do we find ourselves doing and creating for the sake of doing and creating, without really looking at the real world impact and outcomes our users and customers are trying to achieve? Do we even understand those outcomes? And I mean really understand them? Do we understand how those help us achieve profitable business objectives? Nope more often it’s - Ready, fire, aim! I love the conversation in this podcast around helping the customer achieve the outcomes they want, outcomes that also bring value to the business. This is what our UX/CX craft actually is. Not just making assets. It’s fostering and crafting a skillful exchange of value - great job guys!!! Also check out Samuels User Onboard website - the teardowns are top notch!

Suze Yalof Schwartz ,

Can’t wait for the next episode!

Seriously the first two were fantastic - I want more please!!! I own an app called unplug and this is exactly what I am looking for!

SAkinyemi ,

Substantive content

I’m currently 6 episodes in. I enjoy the real, intellectual exchange between the hosts. The meat of these conversations lives in the principles shared, the examples given, and the discussion of application. As a product manager, and also speaking for my product designers, we feel better at our jobs for having listened.

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