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The Shellsharks Podcast - A show about infosec, technology and life.

The Shellsharks Podcast Shellsharks (@shellsharks)

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The Shellsharks Podcast - A show about infosec, technology and life.

    Mastodon & Cyber-success w/ @rebootkid

    Mastodon & Cyber-success w/ @rebootkid

    Positivity abounds in this edition of The Shellsharks Podcast! @rebootkid (Nate) joins me to discuss the great Infosec Mastodon migration, getting into infosec, mentorship, cybersecurity as a practice and management’s role in combatting burnout.
    Show Notes
    Stars, Boosts & Toots
    ActivityPub rocks!
    Why I Blog. You Should Too!
    SQL Slammer
    What Certification or Training Should I Take?
    Interview w/ Security Engineer, Eva Georgieva
    MFA Prompt Bombing
    Getting Into Information Security
    An Ode to RSS
    Cybersecurity burnout is real

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Privacy Chat w/ Dan Frechtling

    Privacy Chat w/ Dan Frechtling

    Boltive CEO and privacy advocate, Dan Frechtling joins me to discuss all things in the world of Internet privacy!
    Show Notes
    I Said No to Online Cookies. Websites Tracked Me Anyway. | Consumer Reports
    Story of Dan Frechtling & Scott Moore
    Privacy Regulations - GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, CPRA
    Sephora Privacy Settlement
    Global Privacy Control
    The American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA)
    Advanced Data Protection Control (ADPC)
    US Privacy String
    OSINT Sock Puppets
    RuTarget Harvesting Google Data
    Executive Order on Protecting Foreign Intel from Surveilling US Citizens
    Is TikTok safe?
    Deprecation of third-party cookies
    SSO wall of shame
    GDPR enforcement tracker
    Future of Privacy Forum
    TROPT Defining the Privacy tech Landscape Whitepaper
    Three Ways Your Data is Leaking in Advertising and How to Avoid It

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Interview w/ Security Engineer, Eva Georgieva

    Interview w/ Security Engineer, Eva Georgieva

    Join myself (@shellsharks) and Eva Georgieva, security engineer and founder of #hackintocybersec as we discuss getting into infosec, cybersecurity education, women in cyber and more!
    Note: Had some challenges with audio leveling, I apologize for any audio weirdness!
    Show Notes
    Uber Incident
    Eva’s AMA on Reddit
    Hack The Box (Academy)
    TCM Security

    • 59 min
    Threat Hunting w/ Shahar Vaknin of Hunters.ai

    Threat Hunting w/ Shahar Vaknin of Hunters.ai

    Join myself (@shellsharks) and Shahar Vaknin, Axon Team Lead at Hunters.ai as we discuss the world of Threat Hunting!
    Show Notes
    Long Tail Analysis
    The DFIR Report
    2022 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report
    Red Canary 2022 Threat Detection Report
    Twitter Global CERTs/CSIRTs/ISACs list (Twitter is sort of defunct now though)
    Threat Hunting w/ Python (Dragos)
    The Cyber Kill Chain (Lockheed Martin) - shellsharks
    CIS Critical Security Controls
    Practical Threat Hunting Training (Chris Sanders)

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Vuln Research & Exploit Dev w/ VoidSec

    Vuln Research & Exploit Dev w/ VoidSec

    Join myself (@shellsharks) and VoidSec as we discuss Exploit Development and Vulnerability Research!
    Show Notes
    The Shellcoder's Handbook
    Offensive Security | EXP-401 | AWE | OSEE
    Google Project Zero
    PrintDemon (Alex Ionescu & Yarden Shafir)
    VoidSec CVE-2020-1337
    Immunefi - Web3 has huge bounty payouts
    IDA Pro
    Burp Suite Professional
    010 Editor
    The Art of Software Security Assessment
    RET2SYSTEMS Training
    Zero Day Initiative (ZDI)
    CVE North Stars
    secret club
    UpdatedSecurity - Security Forum

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Zero Trust is not 0 or 1

    Zero Trust is not 0 or 1

    Join myself (@shellsharks) and Bobby DeSimone, Founder & CEO of Pomerium as we discuss the Pomerium platform, context-aware access control and all things Zero Trust!
    Show Notes
    Latin meaning of "pomerium"
    Some fun with Latin on Shellsharks - The Enchiridion of Impetus Exemplar
    Jericho Forum, now The Open Group Security Forum
    NIST SP 800-207: Zero Trust Architecture
    M-22-09: Moving the US Government Toward Zero Trust Cybersecurity Principles
    Q&A with Zero Trust Architecture Writers from NIST
    Rego Policy Language
    Open Policy Agent
    Istio Service Mesh
    Open Source Pomerium on GitHub
    2021 Twitter Hack
    OASIS eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML)
    HashiCorp Sentinel Framework
    Awesome Zero trust

    • 55 min

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5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

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Excellent Show!

Great content! Engaging Conversations! Must listen!

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Great show!


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Great show!

It covers a variety of topics, so there’s always something new to listen to and learn about :)

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