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We interview famous Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, and Leaders in Tech. Learn their secrets and see tomorrow's world today.

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We interview famous Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, and Leaders in Tech. Learn their secrets and see tomorrow's world today.

    140 Grit and your Startup with Luke Hohmann

    140 Grit and your Startup with Luke Hohmann

    140 Grit and your Startup with Luke Hohmann

    Founder and CEO of FirstRoot, Inc. Our mission is to create the next generation of impact investors. Our unique go-to-market strategy supports all stakeholders as youth use participatory budgeting to invest real money in their schools. Youth learn the 5 C's of modern education: creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and civics as they experience true agency and stewardship over their futures, learning through their own experiences how money really works.

    We want to get $1K into 1M schools globally and watch what happens when youth control $1B in capital.

    Previously a SAFe® Framework Contributor and Principal Consultant, Luke was Founder and CEO of Conteneo, Inc. (acquired by Scaled Agile, Inc.) where he worked with an extraordinary dev team to create the Weave, Strategy Engine and Knowsy® decision agility platforms.

    The author of four books, numerous articles and cited as an inventor on more than a dozen patents, Luke is an internationally recognized expert in Agile Software Development. Luke co-organized the first Agile conference in 2003, has served on the Board of the Agile Alliance and in partnership with the Scrum Alliance produced the "Collaboration at Scale", the world's largest monthly webinar devoted to helping organizations with 10 or more Scrum teams in 2 or more locations scale agility.

    Luke is a highly sought after speaker has as keynoted such conferences as the Agile Alliance conference, Agile Australia, Lean-Agile Scotland, Agile New Zealand, the Austrian Innovation Forum, the CXPA and the SAFe Summit.

    Luke's is the co-founder of Every Voice Engaged Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit that helps citizens, governments and nonprofit organizations collaboratively solve problems that are unsolvable without civic engagement. EVEF has been a leader in the Participatory Budgeting movement, helping citizens prioritize hundreds of millions of dollars through Budget Games.

    In partnership with The Kettering Foundation (www.kettering.org), Conteneo created Common Ground for Action, the first scalable platform for deliberative decision-making.

    A former United States National Junior Pairs Figure Skating Champion, Luke likes playing with his four kids, his wife’s cooking and long runs in the Santa Cruz mountains. Luke’s an old school Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Instead of building companies to flip, he builds companies that make the world better!

    We talk about

    For the different stages of a company’s growth, how can they collaborate using games to get results?

    How can a company go about finding the right Investment Banker?

    How important is teaching financial literacy?  

    What is project based, learning-by-doing?

    And much more



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    139 Disruptive Technology with Guillaume Jaulerry

    139 Disruptive Technology with Guillaume Jaulerry

    139 Disruptive Technology with Guillaume Jaulerry

    Guillaume Jaulerry is a proven entrepreneur focused on wearable hardware, data security, cybersecurity. Global senior technology leadership experience. Solving security, privacy, and portability of all data for both consumer and enterprise markets. 

    International experience in 3 continents, working in sectors like fashion, auto parts, finance, international trade and manufacturing.


    He started at very young age to play puzzle, having fun building computers in the 90's, gamer with Gameboy/snes and building experience in Company internship. Self-taught and curious, he was passionate in understanding all level of a company from delivering or packing to working in account and exporting/importing product from South Africa or Asia. 


    Multi-faceted entrepreneurs, inventor, bodyboarder, old school skater and fascinated by created a new system in the information field. 


    He wanted to create something unique, that's why he is the Founder and CEO of O, the first mini server into a wearable device to manage and store data.

    We talk about

    Why would one want to manufacture their products in the USA vs overseas?

    Is a four-day workweek the best work strategy for a dynamic startup?

    What is a bigger problem with network security, the software, or the hardware?

    What’s it like growing a startup in stealth mode?

    And much more



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    138 Corporations, Governments, and the People with Samira Khan

    138 Corporations, Governments, and the People with Samira Khan

    138  Corporations, Governments, and the People with Samira Khan


    Samira Khan is a social impact changemaker + intrapreneur passionate about empathy-driven, innovative approaches to advancing societal wellbeing and solving global challenges.— This includes through tech, cross-sector business model innovation, art, education, & engagement.

    She believes that unlocking human potential lies in true empowerment - one amazing way to unleash this potential, for the good of society, is social entrepreneurship + innovation. So, she does all that she can to support those worlds, and is interested in corporate social venturing + venture building, impact VC, & venture philanthropy. I’m especially committed to women, children, youth, marginalized communities, & cross-sector partnerships to address climate change.

    However, we can’t even get support to those entrepreneurs or segments without shifting mindsets and behaviors/actions toward those vulnerable communities, especially amongst corporate changemakers. The key lies in more transparent access to info. and knowledge + the shared narrative written by the individuals & institutions involved. And this includes co-creating solutions, elevating creative voices, and illuminating the intersection of people & planet through cross-pollination of ideas.

    Aspiring to drive greater capital commitments to the SDGs / sustainability and high value solutions that bring human beings closer to their purpose - whatever that may uniquely be. Keen on ethical / well-being tech.

    ~14 years of experience across continents + sectors, w/a commitment to learning & listening, holistic models, & systems change. Focus on Black & Brown communities in the US + Asia / emerging markets.

    Specialties: Strategy development & implementation; interagency coordination / stakeholder engagement & facilitation; market / customer assessments; tech product innovation; CSR / social innovation; impact reporting; customer experience analyses; business development; monitoring, evaluation & learning / impact measurement & mgmt; sentiment analysis; economic pathways + education; gender; JEDI.

    Her personal mission: "Empathy is the most powerful force to rewire hearts & minds for the greater wellbeing of society - without empathy, purpose means nothing and sustainability is impossible."

    We talk about

     Who is driving more of this movement for global impact; the corporations, the governments, the stockholders, the citizens or who and why?

    How can startups benefit from this wave of thought?


    What global changes are we going to be seeing in the years to come?

    How would one go about living a purpose-driven life and creating a world of Changemakers?

    And much more



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    Twitter: @samiraakhan
    Clubhouse: @samirakhan

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    137 Israel and Silicon Valley with Shlomi Kofman

    137 Israel and Silicon Valley with Shlomi Kofman

    137 Israel and Silicon Valley with Shlomi Kofman

    Shlomi Kofman began his term as Israel’s Consul General to the Pacific Northwest in August 2017. Prior to this appointment he served as a Policy Advisor to the Deputy Foreign Ministers at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel.


    Over the course of his 20-year diplomatic career, Kofman has served as Israel’s Deputy Consul General in New York City, Chief of Staff to Ambassadors in Washington D.C., Deputy Ambassador in Thailand and Deputy Consul General in Shanghai. His past domestic Foreign Ministry positions include Director of North American Economic Affairs, Policy Advisor to the Deputy Foreign Minister, Diplomatic Advisor & Director of the International Department in the Parliament and Ministry of National Infrastructure, and the Head of the Northeast Asia sector. Prior to joining the Foreign Ministry, Kofman worked in the high-tech industry representing the Israeli company Orbot in South Korea, as well as a consultant to a leading Israeli company, ECI.

    Kofman holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & East Asian studies from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Master’s from Webster University – Shanghai University of Finance & Economics. He also holds an Associate’s engineering degree.

    Kofman was born in Tbilisi, the capital of the Soviet Republic of Georgia and made Aliya (immigrated) to Israel at the age of nine, after being refused for three years by soviet authorities.

    He has been married for 20 years to Sharon and they have two children, Emma and Jonathan.


    We talk about


    What’s an average day like for a consulate general in Silicon Valley?

    What are the perks or benefits the government has provided to encourage entrepreneurism among the citizens?

    How important are bilateral agreements for economic development?  

    How advanced is the technology in Israel for desalination of water?

    And much more


    Connect with Shlomi Kofman

    The Consul General (embassies.gov.il)

    (7) Shlomi Kofman | LinkedIn

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    136 Selling your Company with Shawn Flynn

    136 Selling your Company with Shawn Flynn

    135 Selling your Company with Shawn Flynn

    Shawn Flynn started as a business owner, founding, and growing a successful company in Beijing China before returning to the US to work with companies ranging from fast growing Silicon Valley startups to established overseas public companies. He brings his international experience working with all stages and sectors of businesses to his role as Principal at a premier middle market investment bank with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, financial restructuring, and valuation.

    Shawn holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UCSD and speaks Mandarin and Spanish (lived abroad for almost 8 years) and he is the host of the award-winning Podcast "The Silicon Valley Podcast"

    You can contact Shawn at


    Podcast https://link.chtbl.com/TheSiliconValleyPodcast


    We talk about

    Why would someone want to work with an Investment Banker to Sell their Business?           

    Why do companies decide to sell their business?

    What are the steps involved, with selling a business?

    How does one go about putting a value on their company?

    And much more...



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    Shawn Flynn’s LinkedIn Account


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    135 Wealth Beyond Your Startup with Marcel Pfister

    135 Wealth Beyond Your Startup with Marcel Pfister

    135 Wealth Beyond Your Startup with Marcel Pfister


    Marcel is Wealth Advisor at Farther, where he advises startup founders and early-stage employees on holistic wealth management solutions. He enjoys being part of his clients’ wealth-creation journey, from starting a business to navigating a potential exit, as well as strategizing the best and most efficient ways to leave a legacy for the next generation. 

    Prior to joining the Farther team, he spent most of his career as an Investment Advisor at Goldman Sachs, advising entrepreneurs, public executives, and non-profit organizations. He started his career as a Financial Analyst at Blackrock. Marcel was born and raised in Germany. At the age of 19, he moved to the United States to attend Drexel University where he obtained a degree in Finance.


    We talk about

    When should one start to talk about wealth management or tax strategist in the Merger or Acquisition process of their company?

    Are there any rumors of regulation changes that might take place in the next year or so...?

    What are some of the biggest tax issues that founder and early employees at a company face?

    What are some ways that an early employee can sell shares in a private company?

    And much more

    Connect with Marcel Pfister




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4.9 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

jxieeducation ,

Incredible Insights, Incredible Podcast, Incredible Team

Shawn and the Silicon Valley Podcast team are true professionals. They provide amazing insights that satiate my curiosities laced with humor and warmth.

The audio quality is superb, the guests are top notch, the interviewer is one of a kind.

Happily subscribed since episode 98!!

LisaIsHereForIt ,

Incredible insights! 💥

It’s obvious Shawn puts extraordinary effort into every single episode of The Silicon Valley Podcast, but what makes this show a true standout is the depth and knowledge of the guests, stories, and tactics. Shawn and his guests share insights that only a true practitioner can unearth. Don't miss it!🙌🏻

megan@podcastingyou ,

Amazing Content!

Shawn does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and informed!

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