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Firing the synapses of your musical brain.

The Synaptic Podcast Randy Brown

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Firing the synapses of your musical brain.

Customer Reviews

Jakeobs ,

The definition of music variety

Music has been my #1 passion since the mid 1980s and that has always included ALL music genres, so Randy Brown’s podcast is absolutely perfect for me and if you’re at all into variety in your music, you as well. Highly recommended.

szczeblewski ,

good stuff

plays all kinds of music that you would not listen to otherwise and then think that it was good, also will hook you up with new stuff you did not know was even out there!

joeyrocknrollRST ,


Disclaimer: The show's producer review giving a five star review. The thing that I love about Randy's show is that it's true variety. A lot of people claim to listen to everything but here is where you put your money where your mouth is. From U2 to Slayer to Kasey Musgraves to Elvis Costello to Neurosis etc. etc. You get the point so dive in and swim and leave that five star review.

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