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Hi, I'm Meredith, and I'm in your corner. This podcast is designed to help you TRANSFORM from overwhelmed to overjoyed. If nobody else tells you today, YOU ROCK!

The Transformed Teacher The Transformed Teacher

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Hi, I'm Meredith, and I'm in your corner. This podcast is designed to help you TRANSFORM from overwhelmed to overjoyed. If nobody else tells you today, YOU ROCK!

    [EP. 71] How To Release the Old Lies You Keep Telling Yourself

    [EP. 71] How To Release the Old Lies You Keep Telling Yourself

    In this episode, we're talking about why today is the day you must let go of the old lies you keep telling yourself about who you are and what you want out of teaching and out of life.

    Every teacher has a unique voice and something important to say.

    When you tap into your talent and dare to share all your gifts, you TRANSFORM into

    🧑‍🏫 a stronger teacher

    🦋a more confident woman

    🌸a more joyful mom,

    and a beacon in and outside of the classroom.

    ☀️As you step into your fullest, most joyful, most authentic self, you inspire your students and everyone else around you to do the same.

    And the next generation and this worlds need you and your brilliant gifts now more than ever.

    That's why it’s so important to let the negative lies GO.

    Tune in today to dive more deeply into this and share your thoughts & experiences as well.

    If nobody else tells you today, you rock!

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    [EP. 70] "Trusting Your Inner Wisdom" with Jocelyn Aeyung

    [EP. 70] "Trusting Your Inner Wisdom" with Jocelyn Aeyung

    Jocelyn Auyeung is a certified Life Coach, guiding women to live fully in resonance with who they are as they engage with their lives. She believes that every life experience presents a chance for us to awaken to reconnect and align with our true essence, as many spiritual teachers say. We can freely access our liberation, wisdom, peace, power, and joy in this state. Through the coaching, we’re all able to return to resonance within, which will impact the way we engage with our life experiences, challenges, relationships, and work.   Jocelyn has also been an educator in the public school system for 18 years as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and reading interventionist. She’s experienced the trials, joys, and her own awakening through her teaching journey. In her spare time, you’ll find her adventuring and exploring the outdoors with her family with their travel trailer, hiking, journaling, learning new concepts, and reading. Jocelyn’s Personality Type fun facts:  she’s an Enneagram 9, a Projector in Human Design, a Cancer sign, and an ENFJ-A.

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    [Ep. 69] "Nourishing The Whole Educator" with Dr. Katie Raher

    [Ep. 69] "Nourishing The Whole Educator" with Dr. Katie Raher

    Dr. Katie Raher helps educators create sustainable impact without sacrificing their health, happiness, & wholeness. 

    She is the Founder of Constant Love and Learning and an award-winning teacher turned School Psychologist who helps soul-led educators and change-makers cultivate well-being and social-emotional learning within themselves, the children they serve, and their larger systems, so they can sustainably create impact without sacrificing their health, happiness, and wholeness.

    After her own autoimmune diseases and anxiety led to a physical and mental health crash and burn, and an evidence-based, intuitive, supported journey let her back to well-being, Dr. Raher realized that well-being practices that nourish the whole educator – social, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and professional – are the foundation of being able to effectively support children’s resilience and learning and thus the most important kind of professional development there is. Since starting Constant Love and Learning in 2019, she has supported thousands of educators from across the globe through her educator well-being programs, social-emotional learning workshops, consulting and coaching, and fun and simple handouts. She’s also married to a high school math teacher, mama to two highly sensitive kids who are her greatest teachers, a Brené Brown groupie, and a big fan of dance parties in the kitchen or pretty much anywhere.

    In this episode, we chat about what brought Katie to this work and the power of the work she does  to hold sacred space and offer simple strategies to help educators come back to self-trust and self-love.

    Click here to watch live Interview with Katie Raher.

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    [EP. 68] School Leaders Need Self-Care, Too-- with Cassandra Washington

    [EP. 68] School Leaders Need Self-Care, Too-- with Cassandra Washington

    In this episode we hear from Cassandra Washington, a veteran educator, author, instructional coach, and founder of Teach and Take Time for You. For over 26 years, she worked in public education as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal. Cassandra is currently an instructional coach for an educational not-for-profit organization. She is a freelance writer and publisher of two books and two blogs. Cassandra has a B.A. in Political Science, a M.A. in Teaching, and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Educational Leadership. She lives in Northern Illinois. During her free time, Cassandra enjoys photography, travel, hiking, and dancing.

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    [EP. 67] SEL- Beyond the Buzzword--with Tre' Gammage

    [EP. 67] SEL- Beyond the Buzzword--with Tre' Gammage


    “Unfortunately, a lot of schools and educators see SEL as an add-on to curriculum, but the truth is that SEL is to education as the alphabet is to reading; you can't have one without the other,” explains Educator and SEL Expert Tre’ Gammage. @tregammage

    In this episode, Tre’ shares his expertise and guidance for using SEL as an invaluable tool to help you solve problems and find more overall fulfillment in your teaching life.

    As Tre’ reveals, you're using SEL when you:

    ⭐️ create classroom agreements

    ⭐️ set expectations and classroom rules

    ⭐️ use reflection in your classroom

    ⭐️ practice conflict resolution

    ⭐️ positively & productively interact with students

    ⭐️ model how to handle a disagreements and celebratory moments

    Tre Gammage has always had a heart and passion for young people and for service. So grateful he shares some of that with us in this episode.

    Here's how you can connect with Tre':

    Follow Tre' on Instagram

    Follow Tre' on LinkedIn

    Schedule a Solution Call with Tre': https://www.seleducators.com/

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    [Ep. 66] Tech Tools You Can USE--with Emily Eggers

    [Ep. 66] Tech Tools You Can USE--with Emily Eggers

    Emily Eggers has a passion for helping secondary students & teachers create a class of curiosity and fun through technology integration. Her first job teaching was at a hybrid school in Minnesota, and she thought to herself, "No one taught me how to teach online!" Six years later, she's loving it!

    Now, Emily has taken her years of experience and turned it into an easy-to-follow system that any teacher can use to create a digital classroom that excites and engages their students and makes teaching fun again.

    In this episode, she shares some of her best strategies and tools that we can use in the classroom right now.

    Follow Emily on Instagram @teachingfromthecouch or subscribe to her blog and podcast by visiting www.teachingfromthecouch.com

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