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Be living proof of a loving God to a watching world.

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Be living proof of a loving God to a watching world.

    Faith in Sports

    Faith in Sports

    Does faith belong in sports? Yes, says special guest Jason Romano, “If you’re a Christian, your faith belongs everywhere.” Jason Romano is a former ESPN producer, author, and podcast host of Sports Spectrum. In this episode, Jason shares his story of success to significance.

    Jason grew up in the Catholic Church but didn’t have a relationship with God until later in life when his brother got saved and shared the gospel with him. He was drawn to his brother’s attitude toward life and the way he treated people in his life, and this drew him into wanting to know more about Christianity.

    As his faith grew, he found himself feeling unsettled with where he was. He had his dream job working as a producer at ESPN, but he didn’t know how to implement his faith on the job. But even the little changes in his life, people noticed. He stopped using foul language around his peers at work, and though this lead to some teasing, it mostly bought him respect.

    He started to realize his identity was first a follower of Christ, and secondly a sports producer. After speaking at a conference gathering for a group of people who all worked in social media for various ministries, Jason got the tug to strive for something more meaningful in his own work. He began to pray “God, do you want me to stay at ESPN or leave for something else?” Looking back, he sees how God’s hand was in all of his decisions! He began working for Sports Spectrum, a podcast where special guests share their intersections of sports and faith and has felt immense purpose in this job, which is truly a ministry.

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    Dating with Purpose

    Dating with Purpose

    Learn about what a singles ministry really is like on today’s podcast featuring Dan Stiegler, the leader of Abundant Life’s Singles Ministry.

    Dan and his wife Debbie both come from marriages that ended in divorce. There can be misconceptions and controversy surrounding this topic but to make it clear, God hates divorce and the ripple effect it causes. God hates to see families broken up, and the hurt that it causes for a lifetime. But He does not hate the people involved, and there is hope and redemption through the mess.

    The Singles Ministry is designed to be a safe haven for those who find themselves single, to come together in fellowship, listen to speakers, and answer questions as a group. It is not a speed dating environment, it is a casual and Bible-focused time to listen and share with others. When you share your story and your hurt with other singles, you can begin healing in your heart and open up doors for more relationship opportunities too.

    Sometimes dating with purpose starts as not dating at all. Debbie did not have love on her radar when she met Dan, she was just focused on her ministry work and walk with Christ. Dan was looking for love and prayed often for God to make him into the godly man he would want for his future godly wife. Dating as a Christian means being intentional about your personal walk with God and being ready for when the one He has for you comes along.

    Learn more at livingproof.co/singles

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    Raising Godly Girls

    Raising Godly Girls

    Special guest Chelsea Glover has tons of tips for raising godly girls. She is the wife of Pastor Chad Glover and the mother of three daughters. Today’s podcast covers topics from modesty to identity, comparison, and even preparing them for marriage.

    Focusing on the holiness of God is something the Glovers integrate into their parenting. It helps to encourage their daughters to be set apart from the toxic culture in our world, and understand that they are God’s girls, and be held to God’s standard. (Leviticus 20:26) They are reminded to be set apart in all aspects, how they dress, how they talk, and how they carry themselves.

    When it comes to modesty, Chelsea takes her daughters back to Genesis, showing them how God clothed Adam and Eve to cover their shame. We’re reminded of the gospel every time we get dressed in the morning, and how God cares for us to clothe ourselves in Christ’s righteousness. We’re held to a higher standard as Christians, and everything we do in our lives is important to God.

    Chelsea says, a girl's mind is a battlefield, and training her to take every thought captive is crucial when struggling with comparison, and even listening to misinformation and worldly doctrine that may be taught outside of your home.

    Lastly, the Glovers prepare their daughters for marriage by modeling a healthy marriage in their home every day. No one is perfect, but putting on display how they love and care for each other's needs is exactly what a little girl needs to strive for God’s best!

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    Family Discipleship

    Family Discipleship

    As Christians, we are called to a life of ministry, and it all beings in our homes. In today’s podcast, we learn from Bill and Karen Ward, authors and parents of five adult children, as they discuss the importance of family discipleship.

    Having not grown up in spiritually foundational homes, Bill and Karen were driven to create a biblical environment for their own children. As they submitted to God and His way for their family, they found themselves changing into the parents they wanted to be. Karen was called to homeschool all five children, and Bill learned about his purpose as a father, that he is responsible for his family, and for shaping his children to be presentable to Jesus one day.

    The key to good parenting, according to this wise couple, is to be active in your personal walk with God. Having Him deal with your issues so that you don’t adversely affect your children while bringing them up. And when you do mess up, making it clear that you need repentance, and modeling your relationship with God in front of them, so they will see that you are genuine and hopefully choose to walk with Christ for their whole lives as well.

    No family is perfect, and when there is chaos in the home it’s the parent's job to take ownership of the mess. Bill humbly asks for forgiveness from his children when things go wrong at home, and this is something they have kept with them their whole lives. Seeing a parents’ love for Jesus above all things is the best gift you can give your children.

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    Living on Mission

    Living on Mission

    Ever wonder what a missions trip entails or how to get involved? Missions Pastor Bill Gibbs of Abundant Life Church walks us through these questions. He’s been to 27 different countries, has a heart and a passion for missions, and he’s an obedient and faithful servant of God.

    Going on a missions trip can sound intimidating, but you aren’t thrown into a place with anything to do. Usually, you are partnered with a team, and you are meeting each other’s needs. Depending on your strengths, you can work in construction, or teaching, and/or evangelizing. There is plenty of training involved before sending you out into a different country, to prepare you for a different culture, and conversations to have, and expectations. Though you don’t have to go overseas to go on a missions trip, there are plenty of opportunities locally to serve too!

    “Living on mission” is simple, says Gibbs, it’s not all about our intentions, it’s about our submission. Understand that sometimes God does more through us than with us. We may never know the impact of our actions when we serve God in this life, the important thing is to be obedient, and also courageous to speak the truth. Know that the Holy Spirit goes with you, and it’s His power and heart to pursue the lost.



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    Get to know Marcus Penwell

    Get to know Marcus Penwell

    God’s love for us is immeasurable and the fact that He is mighty to save is a miracle in and of itself. Hearing testimonies of how God has saved the lost is always a reason to praise Him and brings immense joy to our hearts as Christians. In this talk, Marcus Penwell, security director at Abundant Life Church in Lee’s Summit, MO tells of his salvation and what God has done in his life since.

    Growing up, Marcus was drawn to the occupation of being a police officer. He followed his childhood dream, but once it was reality, he realized the dark side of the life he had chosen. It wasn’t bad enough that people he would encounter every day would disrespect him, but his girlfriend did not approve of his choice and left him, while also terminating a pregnancy. This drew Marcus to alcohol abuse and a close encounter with an attempt at suicide. But God spared his life, (the first time.)

    A friend from work talked to him about how God has changed his life, and this drew Marcus into who God is, eventually attending a church service and giving his life to Jesus. Since then, God has protected this man’s life not once but three times in miraculous ways while he was working on the force.

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4.9 out of 5
49 Ratings

49 Ratings

Democracy #1 ,


In this world one must educate themselves in the word. This podcast does just that.

Kcinrenrut ,

Fantastic, Easy to Grasp Discussion About Our Faith

If you’re looking for an extra bit of teaching and knowledge to grow your confidence in your Christian faith, this is for you. This is the perfect supplement to Sunday morning teaching.

Muddyboiii ,

Must listen!

As a newer believer it’s so encouraging to hear about the validity of the Old and New Testament. Great show, thanks for your work! Keep it up 👍

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