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4.5 out of 5
100 Ratings

100 Ratings

Mickyj123 ,

Long time fan

I’ve been an active listener and fan of this podcast since mid 2015, so basically The Secret Wars era. And I’ve loved every minute of it. From the Sal rants to Robs awesome voice. But ok nothing is perfect.
I’ve recently realized that Rob really has no idea what he’s talking about if it has nothing to do with Marvel Comics and some of DC. Being a long time listener that has rewatched every podcast time and time again, I’ve notice just how much he either flip flops or is just Plan wrong regarding the topic. For instance
The Spider-Man One more day discussion they had. To this day, I feel like Rob started off kinda good, but let his bias and ignorance show the rest of the way ruining his argument. Not to mention how much he bashes Spider-Man, only to somehow now be the biggest Spider-Man fan of all time? It’s painfully abundant. Also no more splooge. You guys had a great thing going when you thanked everyone before or after the podcast.
But what Rob does know and understand... he KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS!

Benny. Benny is an annoying guy. ESPECIALLY WHEN HIS MIC PEAKS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PODCAST AND REFUSES TO FIX IT. And that laugh. Good god, don’t do what I did. It becomes unbearable by the 5 episode. But I will say he knows his stuff most of the time and loves what he does. I don’t hate Benny, however he can make or break an episode.

Joel is a great guy, kinda cringe but fun none the less. Nothing bad to say.

Sal. I love Sal and Tiff. They’re a great dynamic that can analyze comics and art like no one else in the comic book community. I love their input no matter what. And Sals rants are absolutely fantastic. He’s so passionate about comics and art, that it makes you wanna bear more from them.

Faust is pretty cool, would love to see him come back. Haggis explained lol. He has his moments but cool in my book.

Cmonster. Ya know, I wasn’t sure how I felt about her to be honestly. She kinda talked a lot, but she does know her stuff and I respect her opinion. I’m honestly sad to see a severe lack of Cmonster since when was it? Suicide squad?
Also I loved how she put Benny in his place every now and then lol

Sammy! We haven’t seen her in years dear lord. Love her to death, a great addition would love to see more if she ever gets the chance.

So now that I’ve explained every host on the podcast, I still love it to death. Listen every week, even with the weird Decision to make a weekly podcast biweekly. Have relistened thousands of times and love hearing stuff from back then with the knowledge of what’s to come. I have my problems, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing the Weekly Pull Podcast.

ensabahnurRzN ,

Take the mic away from Benny !!

No Rob no reason to hear you know what correction just take Benny’s mic away

Dr Doom Dude ,

Misleading title

Calls itself The Weekly Pull yet only discusses movies and tv shows? Another poseur podcast for normies. Hard pass.

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