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Two Canadian Witches discussing The Wigglian Way.

The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast Sparrow & Mojo

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Two Canadian Witches discussing The Wigglian Way.

    Episode 155

    Episode 155

    Hello hello! Hey there Wigglians! We have a great show for you. This time S.J Tucker joins us for an interview about something entirely new. Mojo and Sooj have a great discussion about her new project. S. J. has produced and narrated an audiobook of Denise Parkinson’s Daughter of the White River, Depression Era Treachery and Vengeance in the Arkansas Delta! As a true crime fan I can tell you I am looking forward to listening to this story. 
    We couldn't have Sooj on the episode without playing her music. This time for ALL the spots. From the Tricky Pixie album Mythcreants we hear Taglio (Mojeo if you like). My favourite has always been Tam Lin from the same release. In addition, from Wonders we have for you Song of the Witches, Sailing Song, and of course Wonders. 
    Sparrow is starting a 30 days of Gratitude practice within the next week.  The program at Positively Present Blog looks like an excellent resource that we can all develop attitudes of gratitude together. You can join us now or later and we will meet at the Facebook group to discuss our insights. You may have to join the page and we will welcome you with open arms. 
    Today, I am thankful that my migraine was short lived yesterday. That makes today a day of productivity.

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    Episode 154. A minisode.

    Episode 154. A minisode.

    Alright, Alright, Alright! 
    Here we are. The Wigglian Way-the minisode. 
    Last you heard, Sparrow was on her way to India. Then nothing. Radio silence in fact. Well, on this episode we address why we haven't been around and what we are planning for the near future. 
    Thank you for listening! 
    It's all about the Love! 

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    Episode 153

    Episode 153

    Welcome back...to the Wigglian Way. We are so happy to share this show with you. Mojo has the opportunity to interview Leslie Hudson. Leslie Hudson sings modern retellings of women’s stories from ancient times to the present. Drawing on myth, folklore, spiritual and cultural traditions, pop culture, family history and a lifetime of personal growth, she gives multi-genred voice to the synaesthetic spectrum of divinities and denizens, mortals and mysteries, the queens and querents who tell Her Stories.
    From Leslie’s album, The Wanderlings Volume 1, we have the good fortune to hear three new songs. First we hear Red Bird, then Sedna of the Sea, an finish the show with Seafoam.
    The blessings keep rolling in. We have so many creative friends and once in awhile they even get the recognition they deserve. One such friend is Jenna Greene. Jenna was nominated for an Emmy, which was the other evening. She didn’t win there but Jenna wins in our hearts. From her album Wings we hear Ravens Call.
    To complete our lineup we hear John Barleycorn by Magicfolk. This tune is a single and you can find it here.
    Talk to you all when I get back from India. Keep spreading the love. We will win.
    Here are Leslie's links! (we put them down here as Leslie was gracious enough to send us all the links)
    Website – lesliehudson.com
    Music – lesliehudson.bandcamp.com
    Facebook – @LeslieHudsonMusic
    Instagram – @lesliehudsonmusic
    Patreon – patreon.com/lesliehudsonmusic
    Twitter – @invisiblepiano
    Kickstarter – kickstarter.com/profile/keepleftatthefork

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    Episode 152

    Episode 152

    Ashley Mortimer-guest
    Malkin Tower
    Leaves' Eyes

    • 1 hr 31 min
    Episode 151

    Episode 151

    Sabina Magliocco guest.

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Episode 150

    Episode 150

    Happy Gregorian New Year! 
    As we embark on our 12th year of podcasting, we want to say, "Hey, where's our Wiccans?". This is the year we take our Wicca back. There is a whole lot of hating going on and we don't like it so we are going to spread the Wicca love. 
    That's not to say we won't be the same welcoming Witches that you've always known. Wigglians have got to be Wigglians. 
    We have music and poetry and storytelling. Our Feature Album/Storyteller is The Second Branch of the Mabinogi, by Damh the Bard. 
    1. Prologue
    2. Ships from the West
    3 Efnysien's Rage and the Cauldron of Rebirth. 
    Affirmation by Jenna Greene for Wild Earth Child. 
    We couldn't start the year without our dear Sooj, who is now Mama to Jesse!  From For the Girl in the Garden we hear one of my favourites, Snake Star Song. 

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BooDood243 ,


Love these guys for their kindness, gentleness and good humor. Seemed to go away for awhile but now back. Missed them very much.

KatrinaRay ,

The best

Absolutely and unequivocally one of the most entertaining teams in the pagan podcasting world.

Smelly Nells ,


This show is really, really boring.

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