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The Vegan Revolution podcast

Unapologetically telling humankind that compassion is the better option.

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The Vegan Revolution podcast

Unapologetically telling humankind that compassion is the better option.

    The Vegan Revolution Podcast #210 HOW TO DIE

    The Vegan Revolution Podcast #210 HOW TO DIE

    While reading graffiti I describe my innerstanding of the dying process that everyone seems so afraid of - the clip at the intro is from "becoming Nobody" and was filmed before Ram Dass died and is not in the context of Covid-19! Please leave your thoughts on how to train for death below...

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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Travelozzos ,


New listener here! I love how the Vegan guru covers a variety of topics and is super relatable. I see the Vegan Revolution hasn't released any episodes in the last few months and that makes me a bit sad. I still have quite a few episodes left, but am not at all anticipating the end. Come baaack!!!

Tamara6666 ,

Great podcast

Intelligent & insightful without being pretentious, subversive yet relatable (& the hosts voice is quite soothing as well, he's well spoken & eloquent without being snooty). I have a podcast on iTunes myself & I'm quite picky (& find most podcasts just stupid extensions of the mass media) but this podcast is legit. If you're a vegan & interested in stepping it up into activism (or even if u r just getting into veganism), VR is one of the best...

VeganGnome ,

Quality content coming from an awakened person

Our family loves VR for his realness, authenticity, creativity, appreciation for art, intellect, and enlightened energy. We are supporters and donate to him because everyone deserve to live doing what they are passionate about, and because we can, we give. We give because money is meant to be given to help others, and I believe that if we need help someday, that karma will lean in our favor. Turning ripples of kindness into waves of compassion. This dude is a top notch human.

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