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They Play Games is a podcast aimed at Gender Non Conforming Bodies within the gaming world, be it gamers or the people behind the games.

It was created so folks were able to share their stories and so others can also hear from them.

They Play Games They Play Games

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They Play Games is a podcast aimed at Gender Non Conforming Bodies within the gaming world, be it gamers or the people behind the games.

It was created so folks were able to share their stories and so others can also hear from them.

    Episode 14: Imposter Syndrome

    Episode 14: Imposter Syndrome

    Happy Black History Month over here in the UK!
    I spoke with Leon (They/Them) about Imposter Syndrome and how it can appear in queer black folks. 
    This was a deep conversation for both of us but we hide it underneath our laughter.  All raw and unedited 👀
    About Leon:
    Leon is a Black, Queer and Non-binary streamer and scriptwriter with an interest in advocacy and highlighting intersectionality and inclusion. They currently are working on a DND liveplay series 'The Last Ascension', and variety content on their Twitch, aswell as other projects...
    Twitter🔗: https://twitter.com/ChochyPlays
    Instagram 🔗: https://www.instagram.com/chochy1000/
    Twitch 🔗: https://www.twitch.tv/chochyplays 

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    Episode 13: Performativity within gaming spaces

    Episode 13: Performativity within gaming spaces

    It's been a while friends but I'm back!
    I had to take some time off for me but I come back with a great episode with a friend 💚
    Today I am joined with Owen Trett (They/Them) From Poncle, the makers of Vampire Survivors, to talk about Performativity within gaming spaces. 
    About Owen
    Owen is the video editor for poncle, currently creating trailers for the award-winning Vampire Survivors! They are relatively new to the industry, with just over two years of experience since joining in 2021, but in that time they have created trailers for games such as Little Orpheus, Zool and Mars Horizon 2. They also create video content for Limit Break, a mentorship program that strives to create opportunities to marginalized groups entering the video games industry.
    🔗 Owen Trett's Twitter https://twitter.com/Owen_Trett 
    🔗 Poncle's Twitter https://twitter.com/poncle_games
    🔗 Limit Break - https://www.limitbreak.co.uk/
    🔗 They Play Podcast - https://www.theyplaypodcast.com/ 

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    Episode 12: Surviving in a Cishet World

    Episode 12: Surviving in a Cishet World

    Welcome back everyone and today we are cosying up with Nic (They/Them) on suvival methods...
    but in true Ladell style, we go off topic :D 
    About Nic!
    They are a small, nonbinary variety streamer who enjoys playing puzzles, platformers, and horror games.  
    They strive to create a warm, inclusive environment for people to relax and be goofy in. They love cats, coffee, and coding.
    You can find them:
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/nict0rii
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/nictorii 

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    Episode 11: Neurodiversity and Gender

    Episode 11: Neurodiversity and Gender

    A podcaster is always on time, never late 🙄
    This, like all my episodes to be fair, was a delightful episode to record and I had so much fun while learning!
    Neurodiversity is a topic that was once shunned, like gender, and is now getting the attention and love it so desperatly needs.  We still face the stigmas around it however I was able to sit down with Phoebe, (She/Her), and discuss how they both interlink with each other.
    About Phoebe (She/Her)
    Phoebe is a neurodivergent transwoman with a strong interest in neuro and gender diversity in the workplace. Once they were was diagnosed with autism and came out as trans, they became hyper-fixated on learning about neurodiverse experiences, gender diverse experiences, and the experiences of people who intersect the two. 
    Phoebe also currently work as an Unreal and AI Programmer at Dragon's Lake Entertainment. 
    Phoebe has an amazing side project, Take A Mo, that aims to provide support for gender diverse and neurodiverse people at work.
    To find more infomation about Take A Mo follow:

    🧠 Website: www.takeamo.co.uk
    🧠 Instagram: www.instagram.com/phoebeattakeamo

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    Episode 10: The life of a freelance writer

    Episode 10: The life of a freelance writer

    An amazing Freelance writer (and Editor in Chief) and a podcaster meet on a hot day in June 👀, laughter ensues.
    Was I in awe talking to Ty? Yes, yes I was.  
    About Ty Galiz-Rowe (He/They)
    Ty (he/they) is the Editor-in-Chief of Uppercut, the internet’s foremost monster fucker, and an all-star himbo. His love for games criticism and developing a space for diverse writers is matched only by his love of Battle Chef Brigade. He spends most of his time on his Switch and being too online. 
    Currently, they are running a kickstarter to help fund uppercut for next year! Support them for pride!
    If you make it to the end, you will hear me getting distracted by a bee 🐝
    🐝 Email: ty@uppercutcrit.com
    🐝 Uppercrut: https://uppercutcrit.com/ 
    🐝 Twitter: https://twitter.com/uppercutcrit
    🐝 Twitter: https://twitter.com/owoathkeeper 
    🐝 How to pitch: https://uppercutcrit.com/write-for-us/ 

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    Episode 9: Challenging Stereotypes

    Episode 9: Challenging Stereotypes

    As we enter pride month, we decided to discuss an important topic for all.  We open up the floor to discuss challenging stereotypes with Rik Pixel (any) who is a producer and a content creator.  
    It is important to note we should be doing this all year round, and not just for the month of June (which is why I empower people through this podcast)
    About Rik Pixel
    "The name's Rik, and I'm a producer in the games industry! I stream on Twitch 4 days a week.  In my community we are a LGBTQA+ friendly space. This means that everyone here from all walks of life are included and accepted exactly for who they are. Any hate speech towards anyone or their identity is discouraged, and not tolerated in any way.  Love is love, and everyone is free to express themselves how they wish in this community!"
    Rik Twitter: https://twitter.com/RikPixel
    Rik Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/RikPixel/
    Rik Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/rikpixel/about

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