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Do you want more joy, fulfillment, and abundance in life than you have right now? Do you long for your life to be extraordinary? We do. Join Kevin Monroe and friends each week for conversations exploring how your life can become more extraordinary. It’s easier than you might imagine.

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Do you want more joy, fulfillment, and abundance in life than you have right now? Do you long for your life to be extraordinary? We do. Join Kevin Monroe and friends each week for conversations exploring how your life can become more extraordinary. It’s easier than you might imagine.

    Reflections and Revelations

    Reflections and Revelations

    Kevin Monroe goes solo in this end-of-year episode of This Extraordinary Life. He reflects on the past 90 days of the podcast and 150 days of the This Extraordinary Life community. 

    You’ll hear him talk about: 

    The joy of being associated with gratitude.

    The fallacy of perfection.

    The serendipitous moments that the year 2020 has instigated.

    A new project under the This Extraordinary Life banner.


    Kevin encourages anyone who is willing to add their take to This Extraordinary Life to call or text him at 404-713-0713, or send their suggestions to kevin@thisextraordinarylife.com 

    Kevin Monroe on LinkedIn | Twitter 

    Reach out to Kevin at 404-713-0713 to find out more about his newest project!

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    Belonging at Work with Paul Haury

    Belonging at Work with Paul Haury

    Today’s guest is Paul Haury, a self-proclaimed Belonging Coach and Evangelist for heart-based leadership in workplace culture and happiness. He is the founder of Heart Based Leading, a coaching and consulting service dedicated to making workplaces happy, healthy, and fun in order to perform better. 

    This week’s theme is about belonging. As most of us spend most of our time at work, our experiences there have the potential to impact all other aspects of our lives. When you belong at your workplace, it improves your quality of life. You go home happy which encourages a happy and healthy home atmosphere; this then enables you to go to work happy and healthy, and the cycle continues. 

    You’ll hear Paul and Kevin Monroe talk about:

    What happens when teamwork, love and the environment work together in harmony.

    The misconceptions surrounding leadership from the heart.

    How belonging is more than just a feeling.

    What true courage is about.

    The full value of belonging.

    Paul stays for the Community Magic segment and shares his experiences with belonging in the This ExtraOrdinary Life community.

    Paul Haury on LinkedIn | Twitter
    Email: paul@heartbasedleading.com 
    Call or text Paul at +206-714-6113

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    The Joy of Synchronicity with Theo Prodromitis

    The Joy of Synchronicity with Theo Prodromitis

    This week’s guest is Theo Prodromitis. Theo is a keynote speaker, Amazon Entrepreneur and Marketing Strategist, and the Author of The Balance Between Hustle and Flow.
    Her work is motivated by philotimo, a Greek personal and cultural imperative that life has a deeper meaning through larger contributions, to honor your God-given gifts by improving the lives of others.  

    This week’s episode is all about balance and energy. Theo and Kevin talk about the different ways energy shows up in our lives and how to balance the different kinds we experience to be happier and more fulfilled, and ultimately able to do more for others. 

    Some of the topics they explored are:

    The importance of family, history and culture - and how they shape us.

    How ideas take work - even inspired ones. Pairing hustle with flow can make all the difference in how you approach things. 

    Presence - being present is the ability to suspend the chatter in your mind. This is a gift you can give to the people you spend time with.

    You are the curator of your own life and can make space for what you want to have in it. This is true for people, projects, energy and emotions. 

    The importance, and sometimes the difficulty, of being kind to yourself, and the micro strategies you can use to do so. 

    This week’s community magic - we have another wonderful thought from Theo

    The Balance Between Hustle and Flow

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    Exploring Emotional Intelligence with Marc Brackett

    Exploring Emotional Intelligence with Marc Brackett

    Today’s guest is Marc Brackett, the Founder and Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and the author of Permission to Feel: Unlocking the Power of Emotions to Help Our Kids, Ourselves, and Our Society Thrive. He is a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Yale University, with a Ph.D. in Personality and Social Psychology. 

    This week’s theme explores emotions. Emotions carry over into every aspect of our lives, from decision-making to relationships and our mental and physical health. Emotions also fuel the creative process. Developing emotional intelligence unlocks untapped potential and has the power to change our whole lives.

    You’ll hear Marc and Kevin Monroe discuss:

    The effect that emotions have on our personal and professional lives.

    Why there is no such thing as a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ emotion.

    There’s no correlation between your inclination to experience strong emotions and your skill in managing them. 

    How community affects the individual.

    Why it’s important to identify which emotions are best suited for different tasks.

    Arlene Mendoza of the This ExtraOrdinary Life community talks about emotional language.

    Marc Brackett on LinkedIn
    Permission to Feel: Unlocking the Power of Emotions to Help Our Kids, Ourselves, and Our Society Thrive

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    The Hospitable Leader with Terry Smith

    The Hospitable Leader with Terry Smith

    Today’s guest is Terry Smith, the lead pastor of The Life Christian Church (TLCC), a nondenominational faith community known for its diversity and robust leadership culture. Terry is the co-founder of the New York CIty Leadership Center, a speaker, and an author. He is a firm advocate for incorporating hospitality into leadership.

    The theme of this week’s episode is hospitality. When we say hospitality, we don’t mean how to set a table; it’s about creating a genuinely welcoming climate in an organization. When you create an environment that is truly welcoming to a diverse group of people, you have amazing potential to combat the difficulties of the world today. 

    You’ll hear Terry and Kevin Monroe talk about:

    How hospitality combats polarization.

    The five welcomes of hospitable leadership.

    Hospitality and belonging.

    How hospitality intersects with diversification and inclusivity.

    What it takes to be hospitable.

    Kat Haste, the resident artist for the Gratitude Challenge, shares what excites her most about creating art that inspires gratitude. 

    Kevin and Kat are proud to announce the unveiling of a new facet of the Gratitude Challenge: the Gratitude Challenge Card Deck! This deck consists of 54 prompts in a lovely gift box sized for your convenience to use anywhere at any time you wish. 

    Terry Smith on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
    The Hospitable Leader: Create Environments Where People and Dreams Can Flourish

    Pre-order the Gratitude Challenge Card Deck

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    The Power of Intention with Lorin Beller

    The Power of Intention with Lorin Beller

    Today’s guest is Lorin Beller, a business and life strategist and the owner of Lorin Beller & Co. Lorin is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and helping them grow their businesses, build powerful partnerships, and become extraordinary leaders. She has been empowering entrepreneurs since 2001, providing exceptional coaching and training to help them achieve their goals. Lorin is also the founder of Change Maker Nation, an intention-driven community committed to making a difference, one intention at a time.

    This week, we explore the theme of intention, a concept that is often misunderstood. Intention is energy: living intentionally shortens the amount of time one gets thrown off course. Choosing to live intentionally gives you more options for how to go about life. It takes practice, and is a conscious choice you have to make every day. 

    You’ll hear her and Kevin Monroe discuss:

    The connection between intentionality and serendipity.

    What success really means.

    The disciplines of focusing on one thing.

    The definition of intention.

    How intentionality impacts your life.

    Kevin Monroe reflects on the impact that the This Extraordinary Life community has had on his life so far.

    Lorin Beller on LinkedIn | Twitter
    LorinBeller.com | ChangeMakerNation.com

    • 55 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
43 Ratings

43 Ratings

Ash.PassionToProfession ,

Such a joyful and insightful Podcast!

Kevin Monroe is an amazing host who has an ability to connect deeply and help others realize their gifts. I have had the previlege of hosting Kevin and found him to be extraordinary! His deep insights on gratitude and how it can shape our thoughts and ultimately lead us to our true purpose are simply profound ! If you are seeking to be the best version of yourself - then this podcast is for you!

wjmjredu ,

A breathe of gratitude

As many may share, how Kevin enters your LinkedIn feed is a mystery but as all would equally share you quickly learn that it was meant to happen.

Each week, I look forward to the Higher Purpose Podcast. Kevin has the unique ability to create an experience that allows the listener to put down their guard & open oneself to receive what’s shared. More importantly, that ability creates these moments of positive learning where you feel both reenergized & relaxed at the end.

Perhaps is it’s background that prepared him for what clearly is his path to connect, to share & to uplift. Maybe it’s just Kevin, one of those rare gems.

His curiosity is inspiring & his insight is comforting. Looking forward to the episodes, guests & learning to come.

Thank you, Kevin!

- Bill

TB_831 ,

Incredibly Insightful!

Thank you for sharing these stories of servant leadership, Kevin! They offer valuable insights into how we can all connect better with each other and our higher purpose!

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