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The audio diary of a perfectly ordinary IT guy working at an extraordinary company..

This Kaiju Life Grig Larson

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The audio diary of a perfectly ordinary IT guy working at an extraordinary company..

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5.0 out of 5
2 Ratings

2 Ratings

Jaxberry ,

Fantastic sci-fi IT

I have to say working in IT I know plenty of these issues. I'm going to be sad when I fully catch up and have to wait as they are short but fully enjoyable entries. Anyone who works or worked in IT can appreciate the troubles mentioned.

Sara Testarossa ,

Highly entertaining spec-fic story, told through short audio-diary entries

I recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys dry humor, speculative fiction, audio diary style narration, stories about odd jobs, semi-realistic absurdity, and/or giant monsters. The more of the above list you enjoy, the more enjoyable this podcast will likely be to you. I enjoy all of the above and am excited every time a new episode comes out (which is weekly).

Grig Larson's writing and the plot of this narrative are clever, creative, and funny. Nobilis Reed does a great job bringing the writing to life and giving it even more character with his narration. To me, each episode really feels like listening to the diary of a fairly regular (albeit well-spoken and humorous) guy with an odd job. The audio diary entries are short (1.5-6 minutes as of this review), and varied. Some are more funny (as in, I barely had a chance to stop laughing from one thing before I was laughing again from another). Others tell interesting bits of history in this alternate world (where Kaiju are responsible for what in our world were "natural disasters"), poking at the ties between politics, disasters, and scientific research. Many deal with the narrator's coworkers, an colorful group of characters, each with their own quirks. One thing I love about this podcast is even what the narrator considers mundane things at his job are interesting, due to the premise, as well as the quality writing and narration. All in all, a great podcast with a lot of nuances to enjoy.

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