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Today I am Enough is a podcast all about helping you realize that you always have worth, and that you are always enough - no matter what. We will give you weekly 10 minute take aways that will help empower you to internalize that you are enough, and believe it.

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Today I am Enough is a podcast all about helping you realize that you always have worth, and that you are always enough - no matter what. We will give you weekly 10 minute take aways that will help empower you to internalize that you are enough, and believe it.

    Healing After Unexpected Divorce | With Briana Johnson-Hurst

    Healing After Unexpected Divorce | With Briana Johnson-Hurst

    Learning to Heal and Move Forward After Unexpected Divorce

    Start today to become the best version of yourself! Download my free 10 Day "I am Enough" challenge workbook and get guided steps to know how to start to become the version of yourself you've always wanted to become.

    Briana Johnson-Hurst is sharing her very real and very raw story of life after her divorce. First, Briana paints a picture of her beautiful marriage. Her husband suddenly coming down with a very aggressive MS, and how that turned their lives upside down. Briana had to go from her dream job of being with her kids all day to working full time while her husband stayed home.

    They navigated the difficulty of the changes in their lives and had found their rhythm. However, after almost 20 years of marriage her husband decided he wanted to be divorced. Briana was shocked. She tells us about the moment that has stayed with her of the kids being told the news and their begging for it not to happen.

    After the divorce Briana had a new path to navigate. She had to learn to be a single mother and live without someone she loved dearly. She had to learn to grieve her own situation and also help her 5 children grieve as well. It was a difficult path of healing and finding her way again.

    The wonderful ending of the podcast is that Briana shares her continual story of healing which includes being married again and having someone by her side to help her healing continue.

    Make sure you follow Briana and listen to her incredible podcast!InstagramFacebookPodcastFamily Blog

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    Anxiety Creates Empathy | 10 Minute Takeaway

    Anxiety Creates Empathy | 10 Minute Takeaway

    Anxiety give us the opportunity to have empathy.

    If you are striving to become better at loving yourself, grab my FREE 10 Day "I Am Enough" workbook! It is 25 pages, 10 days worth of content that will help you become closer to the person you are striving to be. You'll learn to love yourself and speak kindly to yourself along the way.

    Affirmations are a game changer! I have created 12 FREE affirmations that you can print off and hang around your house so you. can remember your worth and remember that you can take time to speak kindly to yourself.

    Anxiety = Empathy (if you let it)

    Trials are so hard. We often get so enveloped in them that we forget that we can have joy within our trials. Or, sometimes we're so pre-occupied by trying to find the good in our trials that we forget that "having patience is the key to letting those trials work for our good."

    Patience is a word we often thing of when we need to wait nicely. However, a Greek meaning of Patience is "cheerful endurance". To cheerfully endure our trials and let them work in our life is HARD! However, when we allow that to happen we often find empathy and sympathy along the way.

    You see, empathy allows connection. It allows us to better understand one another. Empathy allows us to really understand what someone else is going through and then we can help them. We get the opportunity to help other people in some of their darkest hours, because we were willing to endure our dark hours.

    I promise that if you work on cheerfully enduring your trials, your anxiety and anything else life throws at you, you will be able to strengthen others. You will be given opportunities to really help others through their dark days. Helping each other and making connections is vital in this life.

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    Finding Peace in the Chaos of Anxiety | 10 Minute Takeaway

    Finding Peace in the Chaos of Anxiety | 10 Minute Takeaway

    Today we are talking about how to find peace with the chaos of anxiety.

    Find peace, self love, and joy with my 10 day I am Enough Challenge. It's something you can do at your own pace. You will learn how to have love for yourself and how to take care of yourself.

    Here is where you can find the quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

    The number one thing to help with your anxiety is to try to understand it. Learn what it feels like. Understand where you feel anxiety. Find people that can lift and support you in wahtever way you need help.

    Let's dive deeper into the nervous system. Sammy talked a lot about the nervous system in episode 32. Often we get into "shut down" stage or the "fight or flight" stage. These stages allow a lot of chaos in our lives. Our minds can not function properly in these places.

    When we can learn to connect with our bodies, we can think through getting out of those 2 stages of the nervous system so we can function and do the things we really need to do.

    Breath work is a great way to help anxiety. I love Yoga with Adriene. She has great simple yoga videos, breath work and meditation. Here is her alternating breathing video.

    Accepting that we need to be uncomfortable is what is going to help us move forward more than anything else.

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    Being Vulnerable + Sharing My Story of Anxiety

    Being Vulnerable + Sharing My Story of Anxiety

    Today, I'm opening up, being vulnerable and sharing my anxiety story.

    Talking kindly to ourselves is an essential tool to have and learn. It takes practice though! My FREE 10 day "I Am Enough" Challenge gives you tools that will help you to start being kind to the person who speaks to your the most.

    A couple of years ago, I thought I was just having a really bad allergic reaction to some food. My kids were all in the bed for the night. My husband was at an evening class for his Master's degree. I started to get really worried about what was happening. I didn't know what to do.

    Not knowing what to do, I texted a doctor friend. He gave me some advice and told me what to be on the look out for. Then, I called a friend, who helped and was able to sit with me for a little while until my husband got home.

    However, a few months later, that feeling came back. I knew what was happening though. Then, I realized what had happened to me! I was actually having an anxiety attack.

    Learning what anxiety feels like and where I feel it has been an essential part of being able to keep my anxiety in check. I also take some medication that helps with it too! Always, always remember that reaching out to friends, family and doctors is just taking care of yourself! It's okay to ask for help and to need help.

    Listening to your body and really trying to pin point what's happening will help you be able to control your anxiety. Let people know that you're feeling anxious! They can help!! When we are willing to be vulnerable with other people, our relationships with them can flourish.

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    How to Help + Heal + Overcome Anxiety | with Sammy

    How to Help + Heal + Overcome Anxiety | with Sammy

    Anxiety is something that can creep up in our lives at the most unexpected times. Learning WHY that's happening and using some simple tools will change how we view our own anxieties.

    If you ever feel like you're constantly falling short and never quite enough, join the 10 Day "I am Enough" Challenge today!

    Want to change your mindset? Sign up to get FREE affirmations every single month! Print them off, hang them up, and teach yourself that you matter!

    In today's episode Sammy teaches us some invaluable tools to help anxiety. She also gives us some new knowledge as to why we all experience some form of anxiety.

    First we learn that we paying attention to your body is key. What narrative are you giving to yourself? Are you really telling a true story? We often don't realize that we are telling ourselves a specific story. However, the stories we tell ourselves are not always the truth.

    Besides our internal narrative, learning to pay attention to our breath, movement and nutritious food will make a difference in how our body functions.

    In addition, Sammy shares some amazing insights on the nervous system. The nervous system is a huge component in our anxiety. When we can figure out which stage of the nervous system we are in, we can know how to climb out of the anxiety we are feeling.

    Sammy is a wife, mama to 3 littles, and a yoga and mindfulness instructor. 

    She built her business on the foundational belief that the adversary loves seeing God’s choice daughters living in disarray. Constantly feeling stressed, overwhelmed + not good enough leaves them believing happy is out there somewhere. And if he can keep them distracted long enough looking for it, they will forget they already have it. 

    In an effort to battle this chaos, Sammy uses yoga and mindfulness as tools to help women reset from overwhelm, rewire their chronic stress response, and remember how powerful they are against forces that strive to destroy their peace. 

    She currently lives in Southern Arizona where she teaches yoga + holds annual mindfulness retreats. 

    Follow Sammy on Instagram: @Ohthere.you.are

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    Focus on What You Can Control | 10 Minute Takeaway

    Focus on What You Can Control | 10 Minute Takeaway

    Learning to focus on what you can control - and accepting that it's literally only you - will change your life!

    Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling a lack of purpose? Join the 10 Day "I am Enough" Challenge! You will be rejuvenated, and you will better understand who you are and how wonderful you are!

    Have you signed up to receive the Today I am Enough affirmation cards yet?! These are amazing affirmation cards you can print off and post where ever you need a boost of confidence!

    Where is your focus?

    We direct our focus to the things we want others to be doing - and noticing what they are not doing that we feel like they should be.

    However, learning to direct the focus back to you and what you can do, what you should be doing, and what you can control, will change your outlook. When you can learn to accept what you can control, it will help drastically. You can control 3 things.1. Your own thoughts.2. Your own actions.3. Your own feelings.

    When you can recognize that your thoughts and feeling are very intertwined, you will also realize that your actions are result of those thoughts/feelings.

    For example - I used to be so annoyed that no one was cleaning up breakfast before leaving for school. Dishes were left everywhere, and whatever we'd used was just left. I was so annoyed everyone just expected me to always clean up after them.

    Well, I decided that I'd make more of an effort to get everyone to help pick things up. Then, once most of the kids are out the door, I take time to finish tidying the kitchen. It has made a world of difference! I know it's a small, silly thing, but for me, it mades a huge difference.

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4.4 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Brittmae ,

Thoughtful host — great format

I love listening to Kara and her thoughtful insights and raw experience with mental wellness. I think her format is great (love the quick episodes) and the way she shared her big heart with all who need a pickup or perspective-shift. ❤️

Starforce1101 ,

I LOVE this podcast!

Thank You so much for your amazing insight and sweet look on life.

Seattleguy101 ,


I felt uplifted when I listened to Kara's podcast. She is well versed in self-care, self-compassion and positivity.

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