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Podcast by Mathew Portell

    Episode #78: Dana Brown - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Episode #78: Dana Brown - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    An inner-city community organizer for 25 years, Dana has founded numerous youth leadership programs in elementary, middle, and high schools and in an inner-city Police Division, partnering with the Juvenile Services Team. Mentoring many inner-city children, youth, and families over the decades, Dana has fostered trust with immigrant, reentry, and refugee populations. In 2017, Dr. Felitti introduced Dana to Dr. Anthony R. Pico, (former) Chairman of 26 years with the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians. Now, on the Warrior Spirit Family Leadership Team, we are passionately focused on healing Indigenous families from historical trauma and ACEs. Collaborating with several Tribal Nations in CA and beyond, we are now integrating "truth-telling" in public education and social service sectors.

    Mrs. Brown is the PACEs Science Statewide Facilitator with Learn4Life and along with Craig Beswick and Gabriel Nunez-Soria, has trained thousands of folx around the nation on the Trauma-Resilient Educational Communities (TREC) Model, an 18-month accreditation with public charter schools and social service providers.

    As a community leader, Dana is on several Advisory Councils and Board of Directors with Community Wraparound, Echo Parenting & Education, HOPE Grounds, and Ilheimo Bopachemihn, dba Tribal Oak Tree Foster Family Agency.

    Winning several awards over the years, Mrs. Brown has received many awards over the years, including the Joy McAllister Advocacy Award from Mental Health America in 2014, President Obama's USA Volunteer Presidential Award in 2012 (with San Diego Compassion Project), and the City of San Diego's Human Relations Commission Award in 2009.

    An author, Dana co-wrote Hidden Treasures.

    Anthony Pico is the elected chairman of the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians. He has served as the Viejas tribal chairman for more than 24 years.

    His tribal "rags to riches" story includes his Native American Indian band's rise from abject reservation poverty to tribal ownership of the successful multi-million dollar Viejas Casino and shopping outlet center on the Viejas Indian Reservation, Alpine, Calif.

    Please visit the official Viejas website for information to learn about the sovereign Viejas Tribal Government and Kumeyaay History from a Kumeyaay perspective.

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    Episode #77: Peyton Barsel - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Episode #77: Peyton Barsel - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Peyton Barsel founded a non-profit, ACE Aware, after writing and presenting a bill in the 2019 Nevada legislature requiring teachers be trained to identify and support students who have experienced trauma. Peyton subsequently researched and co-wrote a 30-minute trauma-informed training video with the Department of Education, which all Nevada public school employees must watch annually. ACE Aware distributes the video nationally and raises awareness about the prevalence of childhood trauma.

    Peyton has volunteered for over 5 years as a counselor for children who’ve lost a parent or sibling as the lead facilitator of children ages 8-12. She is studying History and Public Health at Columbia University to one day enter the field of Education Policy and ensure that every child has the equal opportunity at education they deserve.

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    Episode #76: Jen Curt - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Episode #76: Jen Curt - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    As CTIPP’s Director of Government Affairs, Jen is responsible for mobilizing advocates passionate about addressing trauma and working with Congress members, federal agencies, and the White House to advance trauma-informed policies that support healing. Jen has nearly ten years of experience advancing trauma-informed policy and practices through grassroots movement building, advocacy, and policymaking. Most recently, Jen served as a Member of Congress for three years. As Policy Advisor, Jen worked on trauma, environment, appropriations, and financial services policy issues. Jen has a Master of Arts degree in Gender Studies and Public Policy from the George Washington University.

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    Episode #75 - ATN #TSS2023ATN

    Episode #75 - ATN #TSS2023ATN

    The Trauma Informed Educators Network is very excited to be a supporter and sponsor of this year's Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference hosted by the Attachment and Trauma Network! The TSS2023 is the largest gathering of trauma-informed educators in the US and we will be talking about why you should be there!

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    Episode #74: Cendie Stanford - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Episode #74: Cendie Stanford - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Cendie Stanford is a “Triple Eagle” scholar, becoming a first-generation college graduate to earn two Master's Degrees, one BA Degree, and a business certificate from the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. A Texas native & former public school educator, she is extremely passionate about Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) education and trauma awareness. Cendie’s Stanford has lived experiences with childhood adversities, most of which were experienced in zip code 79403. Unaware that her childhood adversities played a role in how she responded to stressors in her career as an educator, relationships, and even parenting, she sought the why.

    With two decades of experience working in the public education sector, Cendie traded in her classroom keys to secure a business license to spread the message of ACEs in corners of the world that needed to hear it most. Living with the consequences of childhood wounds for over four decades, Cendie took a leap of faith to start ACEs Matter as a not-for-profit organization because she believed everyone deserved access to this science. Cendie says, “Seeing adults who are struggling due to the templates from their childhood and seeing children being reared in similar environments motivate her to work harder at this vision for ACEs Matter.”

    Since 2021, Cendie has made several public appearances discussing the impacts of ACEs as a lived experience survivor in underserved and professional communities. Her long-term goals include empowering Title 1 schools and communities with research-backed practices that aid in nurturing the neurons of students, parents, and educators affected by adverse childhood experiences. Cendie serves as a mentor for youth and rising education entrepreneurs. She has also conducted over 10,000 hours of professional development training and over 150 hours of online interviews.

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    Episode #73: Craig Beswick - Trauma Informed Educators Network

    Episode #73: Craig Beswick - Trauma Informed Educators Network

    Mr. Beswick has over 20 years’ experience in education as an educational program director for a social service agency, a charter schoolteacher, Principal, and Assistant Superintendent. Mr. Beswick is the Vice President of School Development for Lifelong Learning, serving as the executive lead for the Trauma Resilient Educational Community model (TREC), related partnerships and outreach, grant fund development, and workforce development. Mr. Beswick started and supported the integration of the TREC model into all schools within the Learn4Life Network, conducting over 300 presentations and training at schools and conferences across the country, including the National Trauma Informed Schools Conference, California Charter School Conference, Jobs for America Graduates National Training Seminar, and the California Workforce Association. Mr. Beswick also serves as the Co-chair of PACES Connection, San Diego Collaborative of Communities, and is a Heart Math Certified Trainer.

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4.7 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

Health_ Coach ,

The power of connecting Trauma informed educators and the amazing change this could do to the world!

It's so important to connect educators to share their ideas but TRAUMA INFORMED EDUCATORS! this is powerful! I love what you are presenting Mathew!

mellomandy74 ,

Thank you

Special thanks to you, Mathew, for being a leader in this journey. Especially loved Dr. Perry’s concentration on specific insight for educators.

CrieveHall26 ,

Real talk

I’ve learned so much hearing experts and people in the work be open and vulnerable. There are so many great stories in this podcast. Thanks!

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