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Two Vague is 2 player cooperative conversation program about a topic and how that topic is or could be related to video games or game design.

The Two Vague recipe for an entertaining show:
Step 1: Research
Step 2: Presentation and Discussion
Step 3: Creative Exploration and Buffoonery

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Two Vague is 2 player cooperative conversation program about a topic and how that topic is or could be related to video games or game design.

The Two Vague recipe for an entertaining show:
Step 1: Research
Step 2: Presentation and Discussion
Step 3: Creative Exploration and Buffoonery

    Episode 46 - Translation

    Episode 46 - Translation

    Dr. Tahnee is back in studio to provide her expert opinions on the subject of translation!  Ben may not be a “Spoony Bard” but all of his base do belong to them… as they discuss the intricacies of communicating source language content successfully in a target language.  What does translation success mean or even look like?  Listen in to their discussions and find out! 

    00:00:20 - This week Ben and Tahnee are talking about the word translation!
    00:01:00 - “The Alchemist” is better translated to English than in the original Portuguese? 
    00:04:10 - Tahnee’s thoughts on two books she read that were translated from Japanese 
    00:07:05 - Ben thinks “District B-13” and “Shaolin Soccer” didn’t need language translations
    00:09:10 - How do you translate facial expressions?
    00:12:50 - Interpreting gestures and body language  
    00:15:00 - Tahnee’s Pro Tip: DON’T DO THE OK SIGN IN BRAZIL!
    00:16:55 - Movie titles can be more descriptive in other languages
    00:20:15 - American movie titles in Portuguese, and Ben’s favorite, “Eleven Men and a Secret”
    00:22:50 - “Translator traitor,” “correct” translations, and ways to translate fiction
    00:26:20 - Songs in other languages, and Tahnee asks “Are translators artists?”
    00:30:25 - Food for though on “eating word” translations
    00:32:35 - Ben thinks about math when he hears the word translation?
    00:35:20 - Tahnee has questions about video game translations and localizations 
    00:37:40 - Ben’s opinion on if translators for games need to have video game experience
    00:43:10 - All about the Twilight Zone episode “To Server Man”
    00:46:30 - Spoiler alert… “IT’S A COOKBOOK!”
    00:51:25 - Tahnee shares her video game research with Ben
    00:54:01 - Censorship, profanity, a bit from Netflix’s “The Pentaverate,” and the “Spoony Bard”
    00:57:00 - Ben explains to Tahnee how video games teach you how to play
    01:00:15 - Tahnee’s thoughts on the importance of translating documents
    01:05:10 - Game translation errors, and Tahnee’s expert assessment on “what went wrong”
    01:12:00 - The story or the “I AM ERROR” meme from “The Legend of Zelda 2” 
    01:14:40 - Mango gets vocal to end the show

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    Episode 45 - Questions from my Aunt (Language and Translation)

    Episode 45 - Questions from my Aunt (Language and Translation)

    This week Dr. Tahnee is back to discuss the word translation, but first we call up Aunt Norah!  She has 3 questions that are perfect for our guest’s chosen profession / field of expertise.  Discussion topics include: gender pronouns, learning languages, discriminatory tendencies in AI, and linguist centric humor

    00:00:22 - Many hellos to / from Norah, and Ben’s “hot take” on media reviewers today
    00:02:07 - How are gender non-specific concepts being handled in gendered languages?
    00:07:23 - What happens in the brain when a child learns 2 languages simultaneously?
    00:09:15 - When does it become more difficult to learn new languages?
    00:11:39 - Ben has no book bag, Norah isn’t feeling well … both in German! 
    00:13:25 - When translating a book, who is best suited to “accurately” translate it?
    00:16:15 - Global awareness, translations, time, and changing customs
    00:19:23 - The word translation, and the different meanings in different cultures
    00:22:26 - The work of linguists: haves, has, peruse, Peru, and Peru
    00:24:43 - A discussion about how translation will work in the metaverse
    00:26:57 - The open AI artist DALL-E 2 is currently showing racial and gender biased output
    00:32:37 - The Twitter bot Tay and how she became EVIL!
    00:38:14 - Thinking about computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, and morphology
    00:43:21 - Norah tell a linguist joke, and we say goodbye

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    Episode 44 - Metaverse

    Episode 44 - Metaverse

    The one and only Aunt Norah is in town this week to see her favorite (?) nephew Ben, or perhaps it’s just to record a show about the word metaverse?  Who’s to say?  They do have differing views on what it is and what it could be; however, it’s a very interesting discussion from a generation X-er and a Baby Boomer just trying to make sense of it all.

    00:00:21 - It’s a dry heat, and starting off the show with TWO questions from my Aunt!
    00:01:30 - “What makes NFTs bad for the environment?”
    00:04:05 - “What is augmented reality, and how is different from virtual reality?”
    00:06:30 - Norah starts the metaverse conversation
    00:08:30 - What does a successful metaverse look like?
    00:11:15 - Origin of the Snow Crash book title 
    00:13:35 - Was Norah listening?  You decide!
    00:15:25 - E-Bay experiences, Beanie Babies, and Norah says, “on point!”
    00:19:00 - Auction houses for real art in the metaverse
    00:21:05 - Embedding chips in humans, DNA, and disengaging from VR
    00:27:00 - “Kids, don’t bring your guns to amusement parks,” the word meta, and Don Quixote 
    00:31:00 - In Hebrew meta means dead, and Ben says “the dog’s bollocks”
    00:33:30 - Second Life, and facial expressions, emotes, and “don’t F with me…”
    00:37:35 - Leveraging data mining in the metaverse, and Ben definitely wants those cat ears
    00:40:05 - Unwieldy hardware, and is a conflict-free metaverse possible?
    00:43:00 - Concerns about the development of the metaverse, and the evolution of bullying
    00:47:55 - Will the development of the metaverse make humanity exponentially worse?
    00:50:40 - Will the metaverse ever become the “real” world?
    00:53:20 - The “Benaverse,” game evolution, and will Norah try VR?
    00:57:10 - Ben’s concerns about crime, and Norah thinks the metaverse will alway be pretend
    01:00:00 - “AI means artificial intelligence,” be careful, and favorite nephew… question mark?

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    Episode 43 - Virtual

    Episode 43 - Virtual

    This week Paul joins Ben to discuss the word virtual.  Topics covered include: virtual experiences present and future, programming languages, virtual software environments, pioneers of the home computing industry, pondering the uses of virtual reality in the future, and envisioning improvements to VR hardware.

    00:00:30 - “Jinx, you owe me a coke”
    00:03:01 - “Does technology make us more or less virtuous?”
    00:05:55 - The game Ben can’t remember is Kung Fu Rider 
    00:07:50 - Paul describes some programming languages and concepts for Ben 
    00:12:40 - Ben has questions about object oriented programming for Paul
    00:16:01 - Representing everyday objects as code, databases, and going wireless
    00:19:01 - The effects of VR on the body and brain
    00:24:05 - Ben’s experience with Mass VR in Chicago
    00:29:03 - Semantics of live simulations and virtual ones
    00:32:35 - What can virtual reality contribute to experiences other than games 
    00:37:03 - Experiencing television programs and movies in virtual reality… present and future
    00:41:23 - Thinking about non-entertainment uses for VR
    00:43:07 - Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs’ visions of the future of computers
    00:46:18 - Watch the “Fantastic Voyage” trailer, and what experiences do consumers want
    00:48:28 - Envisioning educational uses for virtual reality
    00:53:01 - Adding other senses to virtual reality, and Ben talks about the movie Brainstorm 
    00:56:46 - Stinky Weasel 2812 and Butt Tickler 87
    00:57:31 - Paul and Ben’s thoughts on what the future holds for virtual experiences
    01:01:25 - “An amplified version of the things that are wrong with us”

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    Episode 42 - Time

    Episode 42 - Time

    Andrew is back in Tucson with Ben this week, and it’s about time… figuratively AND literally!  Andrew shares stories about teaching, inspirations for his novel, his favorite authors, riding the light rail in Portland, and dreaming about acronyms.  Ben talks about Choose Your Own Adventure books, a mildly disappointing reality show, a favorite time loop movie filmed near his home town, and the arcade game “Time Killers.”

    00:00:21 - Ben and Andrew (and maybe Bash and Mango) are this week’s hosts.
    00:03:00 - Time gets funny for Andrew, the perception of time, and Andrew’s new novel 
    00:06:40 - What inspired Andrew to write about the horrible time travelers 
    00:13:50 - “The Beast Beyond Time,” and writing around the pandemic
    00:15:45 - The second coming of Frank Zappa, and public stock manipulation
    00:20:00 - Not familiar with the band, another recess story, and more perception
    00:23:46 - The origin of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, remembering InfoCom games
    00:27:40 - Don’t say “fanny pack” in AU, Andrew’s light rail story, and Prius stigma 
    00:34:20 - Andrew’s spacetime explanation, and not enough hallucinogens
    00:37:20 - A teachable moment for Norah, acronyms, and “Kiss of Death” 
    00:40:37 - Lego Masters and… Domino Masters?
    00:43:07 - Ben’s reality show idea, and a cool short story Andrew read
    00:46:50 - Many spider mans, the Marvel Multiverse, and other time travel movies 
    00:50:04 - Andrew has issues with Christopher Nolan 
    00:54:01 - Groundhog Day movie trivia
    00:58:10 - One time travel themed fighting arcade game history segment
    01:00:47 - TV series Russian Doll, and a discussion on “straight to streaming” projects
    01:04:30 - Time travel in Star Trek, and Andrew’s favorite time travel movie
    01:07:52 - Shut… it… down… and goodbye.

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    Episode 41 - Morality

    Episode 41 - Morality

    Philosophy student Jenna and Generation X-er Ben are talking about the word morality this week, but before they get started on this thought provoking topic… they have a “warmup chat” with Norah.  After the official show introduction Ben and Jenna dive in to the discussion… and it goes to some unexpected places.  Video games mentioned include the GTA franchise, Call of Duty, Dante’s Inferno, the Mass Effect franchise, Fallout 3, and Detroit: Become Human.

    00:00:21 - The Ben, Jenna, and Norah with the (depressing?) morality warmup
    00:01:40 - Alan Turing, Oscar Wilde, ferries, and Staten Island 
    00:06:00 - Morality threshold, scorecards, a literal “Hail Mary”, and moral friction
    00:09:23 - Morels, the Dead Milkmen, and Jenna is bringing the theory 
    00:12:03 - The official start of the show, “only hot girls get IBS,” and Jenna’s college courses 
    00:16:10 - The other side of coin, and looking at things from the marginalized viewpoint 
    00:19:05 - People’s ignorance about feminism, and the shared human experience
    00:22:23 - Truth, emotions, and being open to different perspectives
    00:24:45 - Religion’s impact on morality, “grey areas,” and s’mores   
    00:28:35 - A disagreement about chocolate, marshmallows, and crispy rice treats
    00:31:00 - Jenna does not like Abraham Lincoln in copper form, and Ben’s strip club story
    00:34:20 - The “nudie bucket,” and the morality of the sex / service industry 
    00:37:01 - The difference between ethics and morals, and further discussion about sex work
    00:42:00 - Nel Noddings and the ethics of care, unconscious bias, and the Bechdel test
    00:48:15 - Ben’s oil scenario, and the “fluidity” of people’s morals 
    00:51:36 - Jenna wants to play Dungeons and Dragons, and Ben explains some D&D nuances 
    00:55:02 - Alignment and the “black and white” nature of morality mechanics in games
    01:02:29 - Jenna reflects on law, chaos, and being a member of the LBGTQ+ community  
    01:05:00 - Ben’s Fallout 3 scenario, game narrative, choice, and Detroit: Become Human
    01:12:11 - Jenna is a s’mores advocate and has hope for the future
    01:13:42 - Ben closes the show with a Blue Thunder quote

    • 1 hr 15 min

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