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Natasha & RoShawn team up to discuss the hit HBO series, and this time Natasha is totally unspoiled!

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Natasha & RoShawn team up to discuss the hit HBO series, and this time Natasha is totally unspoiled!

    WestWorld S03E08- Crisis Theory

    WestWorld S03E08- Crisis Theory

    It's finally time for the Season 3 finale of WestWorld, and I am feeling a multitude of ways about it.
    On the one hand, there were elements here that I really liked and found interesting. On the other hand, I was left with a sense that the season ended 2/3 of the way through the story. The one thing that saved it was the post-credits stinger, which I nearly missed until RoShawn told me it was there, and I find it odd how many crucial elements have been in stingers instead of in the actual show.
    Anyway, I'm left feeling vaguely unsatisfied, and I want to hear what you all think! Thanks for listening, everyone!

    • 1 hr 52 min
    WestWorld, S03E07- Passed Pawn

    WestWorld, S03E07- Passed Pawn

    Sorry I'm late, everyone!
    I can't believe that this is the penultimate episode of this season. There just seems like so much remains to be wrapped up, and I can't imagine how all that can possibly happen in the finale episode? I don't know what we're doing!
    This episode is when we find out the truth of Caleb's background and what's been done to him. Turns out, he's considered an undesirable, and he along with his old cohort Francis, have been sicced on other undesirables to take them out. It's honestly really f****d up and super efficient. Ugh.
    Thanks so much for listening, and I will see you next week with the finale!

    • 1 hr 51 min
    WestWorld, S03E06- Decoherence

    WestWorld, S03E06- Decoherence

    Hello, hosts and humans, and welcome to the next bananas episode of WestWorld!
    In this one, there's some really wild stuff happening with VR therapy and it really feels like there's something of the poetic in what's happening to William here. He's forced to face himself and the things he's done and the fuckups...and yet. He's f*****g William, and he's too vain and full of his own importance to see the reality of what garbage he truly is, instead deciding that it all comes down to one thing: he's the good guy.
    Meanwhile, Charlotte is out here getting caught by Ciroc, and despite the fact that she seems to be losing faith in Dolores's plan, she still carries out one of the more brutal attacks, by crush Hector's pearl. And honestly, that shit was hard to watch. Poor f*****g Maeve.
    Thanks so much for listening, and I will see you soon with a new episode!

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    WestWorld S03E05- Genre

    WestWorld S03E05- Genre

    I can't believe that we're nearly 2/3 of the way through this season of WestWorld already! I feel like the story is just getting rolling, and the fact that this is an even shorter season than usual makes me a little nervous about the overall arc and how this is all going to be wrapped up.
    This episode is super eventful, and a great deal of the action centers around Liam and the fact that he's still not aware how very little he is in charge of the situation. Liam continues to underestimate Delores, he tries to plant seeds of doubt in Caleb's mind, and he does not understand that the people he's dealing really don't have anything left to lose.
    Thank you so much for listening, everyone, and I hope you're enjoying the show! See you next week!

    • 2 hr 33 min
    WestWorld S03E04- The Mother Of Exiles

    WestWorld S03E04- The Mother Of Exiles

    Sorry I'm late, everyone! It's been a rough decade.
    This episode is one that reveals something I had suspected for a minute, which is that everyone that Delores is working with is also a Delores, and honestly I'm just so jealous and also very very concerned because humanity could not be up against a worse enemy.
    The Man In Black is back, and he's not doing so well. He's wracked with guilt over murdering his daughter, even though he seems to be unwilling to admit to himself that guilt is what he's feeling, and Charlotte is able to trap him so effectively that I can't help but be impressed.
    Thanks so much for listening, and I will see you soon with a new episode!

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    WestWorld- S03E03- Absence Of Field

    WestWorld- S03E03- Absence Of Field

    Sooooo, you'll hear about the problem with this episode when you start listening. More like the absence of sound, amirite?
    There's so much that's lost with the first half being missing, from us looking up what "absence of field" means (it's what they call the lack of stars around a black hole), to my wild theorizing on who is inside Charlotte. Is it more Dolores? Can she do that? Also, I have a theory that Dolores winding up in Caleb's arms is no accident; I think she picked him out based on who the algorithm said was the most desperate.
    Anyway, I'm sorry about the issues this episode, and I will see you next week!

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4.8 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

StebCruz ,

Discover Unspoiled

After listening to HP and The Dresden Files I jumped at the opportunity for more RoShawn and Natasha. I have a deep love for the craziness that is Westworld and have been tickled to hear Natasha discover this amazing show, keep it up ladies I can’t wait for more.

B in Scarsdale ,

The Worst

I have followed 5 or 6 podcasts on the major tv shows of the 21st century and have been impressed and informed by all-the hosts really put some serious effort into their work. And then I discovered Unspoiled. I have no idea what Natasha is doing. She can’t name characters and is generally clueless as to even basic plot points, but boy does she like to talk about herself! This is an insult to intelligent podcasts. Wow, this is some scary stuff.

sambengeorge ,


Ladies please. How can you hope to do this when you don’t even take good notes. I lasted 1 hour. Sorry

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