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In each episode, Drew Neil demonstrates one of Vim's features, showing how to incorporate it into your workflow.

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In each episode, Drew Neil demonstrates one of Vim's features, showing how to incorporate it into your workflow.

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

todbot ,

The best

Wonderful. Drew, these are so helpful. Well done and thank you.

daithi44 ,

Excellent Podcast.

Excellent series of tutorials for any developer looking to get to know Vim. This podcast offers an exceptionally high level of professionalism and in depth knowledge that really you'd have to pay for anywhere else. If your looking to get into Vim or wonder what makes developers think Vim so special then this is the one and only stop for you. I would disagree with the review below who says its not for newbies.. Take the tutorials in chunks starting with the indentation and white space related podcasts and the tab and window related podcasts and you have enough to be able to set sail.

Groxx ,

Clear, concise, and very useful, but not for complete newbies

Drew does an excellent job narrating what he's doing and why, and speaks extremely clearly. The tutorials move quickly, with almost zero silent time, and very little time simply waiting for him to explain something. If you missed something, just rewind, there's no wasted time in review or extra demonstration in these videos. Keys being pressed are nearly always shown, and extra explanations of commands are carried out with speed and highlights on the important parts.

In a word, "perfect". I have not encountered tutorials this succinct before. They're a welcome change from the typical plodding tutorials with long intros, and time spent setting up examples, and reviews at the end which could be replaced simply by rewinding to the areas you are having trouble with. All the fat is cut away, and you're left with excellence.

The biggest warning / complaint for the podcast: it assumes at least *some* experience with Vim, and is *not* sequential. Each episode is effectively separate from the others, and does not usually build off *any* previous information. As such, if you're unaware of some of the underlying patterns of Vim, some of the commands will be difficult to remember, and it may be hard to extend on the information given. Keep watching / experimenting though, they're not too hard to pick up, and often a later episode will explain a command in greater detail. And there's always the option to RTFM if you're curious.

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