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A podcast devoted to the different ways in which inspiring and successful people build routine, ritual, and consistency in their lives.

Wake Up The Sun Matthew Williams

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A podcast devoted to the different ways in which inspiring and successful people build routine, ritual, and consistency in their lives.

    Eric Hinman

    Eric Hinman

    My first meet up with Eric was at the FROPRO gym when he was visiting South Florida. Two mutual friends had connected us through fitness and social media. I received a crash course in a serious training session which left me exhausted and motivated to get better. Over the holidays we were able to train, learn some tips to better myself for the ironman race I had coming up and eat some delicious food at some of our favorite restaurants. 

    We stayed in touch, visited Denver and while he was down here on business we had the chance to chop it up and i got to learn more about how he is able to live a life most would dream of. His daily routine consists of a good nights sleep, epic training sessions that include weight lifting, mountain biking, eating good foods, doing a massive amount of physical & mental recovery by cold plunges, meditation, breathing and the sauna all while being around his closest friends. This dream life was made possible by years of hard work, building small businesses, establishing connections all across the country. 

    You can find him now inspiring others, working with huge companies as a sponsored athlete and competitor. Please find him on insta @erichinman and follow along on an epic journey of living life to the fullest.

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    Marc Nudelberg

    Marc Nudelberg

    A chance meeting with Marc occurred after speaking with his father at a conference at the Boca Raton hotel. Listening to his father speak about him with so much reverence motivated me want to meet Marc to better understand what he was doing in life. At the time of our first meeting he was done coaching at the collegiate level and working for ESPN. We spoke about doing some business together and I could sense while passionate about sports and events that he was not where he was supposed to be.  After following along he and his father began coaching together but this time in the business world.

    He has created an amazing business that married his love for coaching to his passion for business and helping others. He and his father host a daily show at 8am on linked in every single day that gets people fired up and energized even more for the day ahead by having fun conversation, music and support for the community. If you or someone you know is not where they want to be professionally then I highly suggest you reach out to Marc on linkedin or @coachnudel on instagram or www.getontheballtraining.com and have a conversation because he is on the ball and here to serve.

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    Luke Wollet

    Luke Wollet

    High-school, collegiate and professional football athlete were what defined Luke early in his life. He found himself achieving big dreams that almost any young man would wish to achieve in sports. All of that was not enough to fill the void he had which led him to lose everything in his sports career due to drug abuse.  From playing on the New Orleans Saints to living a life with no reason or purpose that was until he got sober.

    His journey from tragedy to triumph began when he turned his life over to God and found a connection with something greater than himself. He saw his future after losing a close friend to drugs and knew what his purpose was moving forward which was to carry the message to other young people that struggle with addiction and finding their way. His unapologetic message of faith, overcoming obstacles, honesty, love and tenacity has been felt in the South Florida community. His journey to share his story and shot at redemption is the ultimate goal and mark he will leave with anyone and everyone willing to listen. 

    Please enjoy the show and if you or a loved one are struggling please reach out to Luke and connect with him @luke_wollet

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    Mark Turnipseed

    Mark Turnipseed

    The power of connection and social media is what brought me to meet Mark. A friend connected us via social media because of Marks tremendous book and story about training for an Ironman. As I had just completed a half ironman, I was intrigued that someone had written a book about and documented their journey. What I came to find out is how much more to the story there was with Mark and all that he overcame in life. His story of overcoming drug addiction, coming out and changing his life led him to become who he is today; a father, writer, model, trainer, chef, activist and much more.

    His method is to keep it simple, clean, and do everything with integrity. It starts with the little things that get accomplished during the day that lead to bigger things in life. Hear about how he left a small dark lonely basement addicted to drugs and surviving a suicide attempt to doing everything with the utmost of integrity.  You can reach him @markaturnipseed on instagram, www.markaturnipseed.com or order his book on amazon entitled My Suicide Race - winning over the trauma of addiction, recovery and coming out.

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    Matt Cardone

    Matt Cardone

    I met Matt through friends several years ago. We reconnected last month and sat down to speak about his meditation practices and growing business. His passion for helping others stems from a battle with addiction and loss to an amazing journey to India which changed the course of his life. Matt creates passion and purpose for others by leading them through an amazing meditation practice of ritual, routine and consistency.

    His morning meditation practice allows for him to set himself up for the rest of the day as in if you win the morning, then you win the day. He goes through several postural alignments of the body, taps into his practice and shares how it is possible for anyone to practice and begin to do the same thing.

    He has many more amazing stories, life experiences and truths to help alleviate unnecessary suffering that he shares more about on the podcast and I hope you enjoy the show. To learn more about and connect with Matt you can visit www.mattcardonemeditation.com or connect on social media @mattcardonemeditation.

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    Montana Globerman

    Montana Globerman

    The entrepreneurial spirit is amazing when let loose to achieve and grow in the passion of doing what you love. Montana Globerman of the Montana Method has changed the game and transformed many lives of women in the South Florida area. Her dedication to...

    • 34 min

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4.9 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

DWsociable ,

Wake up the Sun

Matt has made This a mantra for teh past several years .. I had no doubt that This podcast would be teh next baby ! You are a huge motivator and connector- so proud of you and Chelsea following your dreams & never giving up #boom

Everyone Always says ,

Wake up the Sun baby!!

Matt really helps you win every single day! He consistently brings on amazing guests (including myself 😜😂) and really knows how to ask great questions to get the most out of them. Highly recommend if you’re looking to make every day TRIUMPHANT!!

@downtown215brown ,


This Man (ROSS Mandell) changed my life..with humorous unfailing motivational energy backed with practical steps.
All I can say is listen listen listen and you’ll see

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